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Flipping the Classroom Presentation Slides


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Flipping the Classroom Presentation Slides

  1. 1. Flipping the Classroom: Pedagogy Meets TechnologyRobert Gonzales Chemistry Teacher William Kiker Math Teacher The Academy for Global Studies at Austin High School Austin, TX
  2. 2. Do Now:  Take one of the video guides on your table. We may need to share!  Answer the questions as you watch: “What the Kids are Saying”
  3. 3. Do Now:  What advantages/disadvantages did you note about the “flipped classroom” model?  How is the “flipped classroom” model different than the traditional model?
  4. 4. “Flipping the Classroom” What I What I Need Know to Know Conceptually vs. Logistically
  5. 5. Setting the Intention  There are many reasons for coming to this session!  What’s yours?
  6. 6. Head in theClouds…  Linear thinking vs. Cloud thinking
  7. 7. One of Many Definitions…Flipping the Classroom: (v) changing theinstructional approach to provide appropriateresources for students at home in order tocapitalize on critical thinking opportunities onlyavailable within the social construct of theclassroom. 
  8. 8. Mythinformation aboutFlipping the Classroom
  9. 9. A flipped classroom isinherently better than a traditional classroom.
  10. 10. Flipping yourclassroom will make you a better teacher.
  11. 11. My videos need to beprofessional and perfect when launched.
  12. 12. I can just record mylecture and put it online for students to watch.
  13. 13. Video lessons are the best way to present new material.
  14. 14. Brainstorming:Think/Pair/Share:  What is a lesson that you teach that just CANNOT be substituted by a video? Why?  In preparation for that lesson, is there something that students can do independently to be more successful during the lesson?
  15. 15. If I flip my classroom, I will have to repeat myself less.
  16. 16. Video lessons for homework means more independent student work in class.
  17. 17. I have to be atechnological wizard to flip my classroom.
  18. 18. If I flip my classroom, students will experience sudden and dramatic increases in mastery.
  19. 19. I don’t have time to flip my classroom.
  20. 20. If I were to flip…The Next Steps:  Create a To-Do List of things that you would need to do or have done in order to implement this technique next year.  Take a few minutes on your own and then share with your table.
  21. 21. Technology Inventory  What type of technology is appropriate for my specific content?   Document camera   Camcorder with tripod   Tablet (for capturing writing on computer)   Screencasting software   Video editing software   iPhone/iPad apps
  22. 22. How do I get started? (without flipping out)  Resources and example videos are available at this presentation’s website: