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Slideshare online toolbox


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Slideshare online toolbox

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Slideshare online toolbox

  1. 1. 1Challenge the future Teaching Online Toolbox A quick tour, all tools shown in the screenshots can be used for online education.
  2. 2. 2Challenge the future Read/Watch
  3. 3. 3Challenge the future Blackboard items Add text, images or show a video in your course
  4. 4. 4Challenge the future Weblecture With Blackboard Collaborate Students can easily go trough slides, repeat or skip them.
  5. 5. 5Challenge the future Knowledge clips Short recordings with to the point explanations on topics.
  6. 6. 6Challenge the future Webinar With Blackboard Collaborate Webinars offer the possibility to present, discuss, chat and poll real- time.
  7. 7. 7Challenge the future Screencapture With MyCollegerama
  8. 8. 8Challenge the future Individual/to do
  9. 9. 9Challenge the future Blackboard tests In a Blackboard course or organization
  10. 10. 10Challenge the future Maple T.A. assignment Practice mathematics online
  11. 11. 11Challenge the future Blackboard Survey Via a Blackboard course
  12. 12. 12Challenge the future Blackboard Assignment Via a Blackboard course
  13. 13. 13Challenge the future Blackboard SafeAssignment Via a Blackboard course Checking for plagiarism is possible within Blackboar d
  14. 14. 14Challenge the future Blackboard Journals Via a Blackboard course
  15. 15. 15Challenge the future Blackboard Self and Peer Assessment Via a Blackboard course
  16. 16. 16Challenge the future Social interaction
  17. 17. 17Challenge the future Blackboard discussions and rating Posting, replying and rating is possible within the discussion board.
  18. 18. 18Challenge the future Blackboard blogs A blog can be a helpful tool to share learning- experiences
  19. 19. 19Challenge the future Chat Using Blackboard IM Get in touch with your students
  20. 20. 20Challenge the future Polls
  21. 21. 21Challenge the future Collaboration
  22. 22. 22Challenge the future Videoconferencing Collaborate online, real-time
  23. 23. 23Challenge the future Screensharing Work together, real-time Give feedback, real-time
  24. 24. 24Challenge the future Online presentations Present, discuss, chat, real-time
  25. 25. 25Challenge the future Wiki