Flipping Classrooms for Deeper Learning

Professional Learning Wrangler at Design Learn Empower Pty. Ltd.
Jul. 12, 2015

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Flipping Classrooms for Deeper Learning

  1. Flipping Classrooms for Deeper Learning
  2. The Why…
  3. Flipping helps struggling students Flipping helps students of all abilities to excel Flipping allows students to pause and rewind their teachers Flipping increases student-teacher interaction Flipping allows teachers to know their students better Flipping allows for real differentiation Flipping changes classroom management Why it makes sense…
  4. “One of the hardest things we had to do when switching to the flipped and ultimately the flipped- mastery model was to give control of the learning over to the students.” – Jon Burgmann and Aaron sams
  5. The What…
  6. Flipped Learning is… the interaction and the meaningful learning activities that occur during the face-to-face time. A means to INCREASE interaction and personalized contact time between students and teachers. An environment where students take responsibility for their own learning. A classroom where the teacher is not the "sage on the stage", but the "guide on the side". A blending of direct instruction with constructivist learning. A classroom where students who are absent due to illness or extra-curricular activities such as athletics or field-trips, don't get left behind. A class where content is permanently archived for review or remediation. A class where all students are engaged in their learning. A place where all students can get a personalized education.
  7. Flipped Learning is not… A synonym for online videos. About replacing teachers with videos. An online course. Students working without structure. Students spending the entire class staring at a computer screen. Students working in isolation.
  8. The How…
  9. The Flipping Flow… Curate Create Communicate Continue
  10. Curate
  11. Curate… Time is short, use what’s out there YouTube Vimeo Khan Academy CK12 Schmoop ABC Splash Scootle Phet Simulations KLA Specific repositories
  12. Create
  13. Create… How to make videos your students will love: 1. Keep it short - 10-15mins 2. Animate your voice 3. Create your video with another teacher. Like a conversation 4. Add humour - a running joke... 5. Don't waste your student's time. Keep to the topic 6. Add annotations (use a digital pen if possible) 7. Add call outs - eg steps or flow 8. Zoom in and out. Keep them focused 9. Keep it copyright friendly
  14. Create… The four steps to tutorial creation: plan the lesson record the video edit the video publish the video
  15. Create… Tools to make tutorials Office Mix (Windows) Screenflick (Mac) Explain Everything (iPad) NearPod PearDeck Powtoon Movlee Haiku Deck PowerPoint
  16. Communicate
  17. Communicate… How will you get the content to students? Blendspace Edmodo OneNote Google Classroom Weebly Smore BeenPod Tackk Livebinder
  18. Communicate… How will you know where they are up to? Office Mix (windows) NearPod PearDeck Socrative Forms / Excel Survey Discussion Threads
  19. Continue
  20. Continue… Continue the learning at school Plickers Kahoot FlipQuiz Questioning Strategies Differentiation Strategies ALARM
  21. So, what will your Flipped Classroom look like?