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  • Record a lesson while you will be goneStart posting lessons on Blackboard for practiceDo only 1 lesson or 1 unit to start
  • Flipped

    1. 1. “K” IS FOR KNOW “W” IS FOR WANT TO KNOW On a post it note, write  On a post it note, write down something you down something you want already know about the flip to know about the flip model model Post it under the “K”  Post it under the W outside outside
    2. 2.  The flip model is not  The flip model is not universal. It will look about the videos. The different for each video is just a small teacher, grade level, part of the lesson. and subject.  The main aspect of the In other words, there is flip model is how you no ONE correct way to as the teacher utilize flip your classroom! your extra time in class to benefit your students!
    3. 3.  http://knewton.marketing.s3.amazonaws.co m/images/infographics/flipped-classroom.jpg
    4. 4.  Opportunity to replay Opportunity to see missed lectures or assignments Opportunity for more involvement Opportunity to prep for college Opportunity for real world application In other words….
    5. 5.  Once it is done, it is done! Time to do what you want with the curriculum Minimizes classroom disruptions because students are engaged No more of…
    6. 6.  You should see a  Read the article you are number on your desk. given and make a Sit with the other poster with the people that have the following: same number.  Summary of the article  Your group’s reflections/thoughts
    7. 7.  Pick a member of your group to be the “group expert” The group expert stays behind while everyone else in the group rotates to a new table Pay attention! You might be the NEXT group expert Continue rotating until back at your table
    8. 8. •Step 1: Start Small! Jump off the side of the poolfirst before you try the high dive!
    9. 9. •Involve the students in your decision makingprocess….Sell it to them!
    10. 10. Step 3:•Take atechnologysurvey
    11. 11. Step 4:•Think aboutclassroommanagementand structurebefore youstart! (Havestudents signa contract
    12. 12. • Use the library computers during tutoring•Burn DVDs and check them out (Takes time upfront, but then they are done!)•Check out technology to keep in your classroomduring flipped units•Be understanding and flexible!
    13. 13.  We are fortunate that our district has an abundance of technology available to teachers. You can record on:  Ladibugs  Mobis  Mimios  Ipads
    14. 14.  Let’s finish our KWL chart! On a post it note, please write something you learned or plan to use in your classroom and place it under the “L” outside. Thank you for coming!!!