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Faster is the New Fast - with Mi Express You can Analyze Location Data Faster


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Map intelligence Mi Express

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Faster is the New Fast - with Mi Express You can Analyze Location Data Faster

  1. 1. MAP INTELLIGENCE Faster is the new Fast, with Map Intelligence Mi Express you can Analyze Location Data Faster Roderick Ross Integeo
  2. 2. Speakers Wendy Victorino ◦ Host, Integeo SE Asia Roderick Ross ◦ Integeo (Australia)
  3. 3. Agenda  Faster is the new Fast  Integeo Mi Express  Demo  Q&A
  4. 4. Attendee Control Panel Submit questions
  5. 5. Faster is the New Fast
  6. 6. Integeo Map Intelligence Leading solution for deriving Location analytics from Business Intelligence Fast ! ..does not require programming and specialist GIS skills Covers all major BI tools OGC compliant so covers major GIS systems in PBBI-MapInfo, GeoServer, Google, ESRI, Open Street Maps, GE Smallworld, Bing
  7. 7. Integeo Background continued Map Intelligence sets benchmark in ready integration of location analysis into reporting BI connectors for all major tools, Cognos, Business Objects, MicroStrategy, Microsoft Reporting Services, OBIEE, Hyperion, BIRT, Qlikview Clear leader in multi BI tool environment support Client Integration Kit to support other tools Support for Microsoft Excel
  8. 8. Spatial Output Output as WMS Supported by Restful API All major map browsers supported, Open Layers, ESRI Flex Viewer, Google Readily able to use map services such as Google Maps, Bing, Open Street Maps The true location analysis hub for BI Maintain independence and flexibility of GIS no specific vendor lock-in
  9. 9. Map Intelligence Architecture
  10. 10. Mi Express – Faster than Fast!  Joint project between Australian Government, Office of Spatial Data Policy (OSP) and Integeo  OSP wanted to leverage Integeo experience In providing user focused location solutions based on end users own data
  11. 11. Mi Express - Background
  12. 12. MyMaps Requirement - OSP Provide easy to use browser based interface for loading end user data to map server Then easy process for generating points from supplied data and theme based on context in data Then publish and share with others Aimed at providing environment for researchers/students to map their own data Use of Open Source stack and OGC standards
  13. 13. Mi Express Integeo builds Mi Express Covers OSP requirements Extends to include chart and tables with map Filter capability on data context Ready update Auto generation of links for publishing and including in webpage
  14. 14. Mi Express Leverages MI Server capability Can sit side by side with other Map Intelligence BI connectors and MI Excel Easy to use but readily extensible for additional capability
  15. 15. Step through process of MI Express
  16. 16. Upload a csv file
  17. 17. Quick Points
  18. 18. Colour points based on a data column
  19. 19. Add Quick Charts
  20. 20. View Map and Charts
  21. 21. Add Quick Tables
  22. 22. View Map and Tables
  23. 23. Tables – Locate a Point
  24. 24. Focus on Specific Data
  25. 25. Focus on Specific Data - Tables and Charts
  26. 26. Focus on Specific Data – an Address
  27. 27. Update an Existing File
  28. 28. Managing Existing Files
  29. 29. Share the Application
  30. 30. Mi Viewers  Standard Map Intelligence Viewer  Map Intelligence MING Viewer  ArcGIS FLEX Viewer  Google Maps Viewer  Google Earth  Near Maps  Vic Maps
  31. 31. Advanced Configurations configuring the settings for your Map Intelligence Server as well as the properties of the underlying map to be used for your analysis. setting the center point and controlling the way your map is initially displayed on opening. configuring the properties of the Mapping Viewer, including units of measurement defining the look and feel of the default Mapping Viewer. creating sophisticated point themes using the Theme Builder.
  32. 32. Mi Express HelpA comprehensive helpsystem to show you how toconfigure maps is includedwithin Mi Express.
  33. 33. Demonstration MapMyData on Mi Express on MI Excel
  34. 34. John Weaver from the Office of Spatial Policy: The Mi Express contribution to the suite of services is the key component of the MapMyData functionality, allowing the user to view their own data within the context of the other data products. This simple to use product allows users to add significant value to their raw data holdings and to share the products MyMaps output with their associates.
  35. 35. Potential applications OSP – Public Education Website Education Sector – easy to use application SaaS – provide hosted solution – low cost Govt/Corporate – ready publication of routinely updated data Locked down desktops – fully browser based solution
  36. 36. Q&A Australia Roderick Ross – Phone +61 2 6161 2962 Singapore - Asia Wendy Victorino - Phone - Phone: +65 63 299 749 Integeo Website ◦ Mi Express ◦ MyMaps