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Managing Chaos - Digital Governance


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Presentation from Fronteers 2015, Amsterdam October 8 - Lisa Welchman

Published in: Technology
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Managing Chaos - Digital Governance

  1. 1. @lwelchman Managing Chaos Digital governance is not that hard lisa welchman * @lwelchman
  2. 2. @lwelchman I like to collaborate…and think about collaboration
  3. 3. @lwelchman what’s the difference?
  4. 4. @lwelchman is the difference tools?
  5. 5. @lwelchman is it language?
  6. 6. @lwelchman intent? let’s see where this goes and maybe we’ll get somewhere let’s start with what’s on the page and see where this goes
  7. 7. @lwelchman group size and resource proximity
  8. 8. @lwelchman group size and resource proximity
  9. 9. @lwelchman true if you want to get work done in a big, distributed group, you will need to provide clearer guidance than you would for a small, co-located group
  10. 10. @lwelchman or, stop trying to run your 50,100, or 1000 member digital team like a jazz trio that’s probably not going to work too well
  11. 11. @lwelchman good governance digital governance problems are group size and resource proximity collaboration challenges usually, the collaboration model isn’t appropriate to the group size and proximity of the people contributing
  12. 12. @lwelchman making a governing framework 1. you know who is on the team and what they are doing 2. you know who on the team is supposed to establish the vision and goals and enable the organization to achieve them 3. you know who decides the must do’s and must not do’s for making things 4. you know who decides the specific nature of what you are making
  13. 13. @lwelchman Policy guidance about
  14. 14. @lwelchman this is your team your digital team is the full set of resources required to keep your digital presence functioning for your organization Extended Team Working Groups & Committees Distributed Team Core Team
  15. 15. @lwelchman the 4 things they do 1. make the rules 2. make sure others know how to follow the rules 3. make and manage things that the full team must share 4. measure whether or not the team is doing a good job
  16. 16. @lwelchman the dispersed core breaking the rules with reason…not just because you want to
  17. 17. @lwelchman 3 things 1. is responsible for a silo 2. makes things according to the rules 3. tells the core team things they need to know so that the rules are effective
  18. 18. @lwelchman bridges make sure all the silos are connected top middle bottom
  19. 19. @lwelchman everyone needs help people who don’t work at your organization but still heavily impact your digital presence
  20. 20. @lwelchman in the end • strategy • policy • standards Extended Team Working Groups & Committees Distributed Team Core Team a team that works together
  21. 21. @lwelchman back to the real world “the coast guard has a reputation for encouraging its officers to think on their feet, get the job done …” but with standards National Public Radio, USA
  22. 22. @lwelchman really distributed collaboration “… I made my own conductor track, filming it in complete silence, hearing the music only in my head. Then I watched the video and played in the piano accompaniment part to my conductor track. Then I offered the sheet music as a free download. As singers began posting their individual tracks…. from Eric Whitacre’s blog
  23. 23. @lwelchman Links to audio  Collaboration of two - Lisa singing Gershwin & Gershwin’s ‘I Got Rhythm’  Collaboration of three - Kenny Barron Autumn Leaves  Collaboration of many - Brandenburg Concerto # 2  Really, really distributed collaboration - Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir – ‘Lux Aurumque’
  24. 24. @lwelchman thank you  @lwelchman  Book at: 