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Noble Purpose: How to Win the Hearts and Minds of Your Employees


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Sales Leadership Expert Lisa Earle McLeod's Program at the Health Industry Distributors Executive Conference, Pointe Vedra FL, March 12, 2013.

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Noble Purpose: How to Win the Hearts and Minds of Your Employees

  1. 1. Leading with Noble PurposeLisa Earle McLeod
  2. 2. Lisa Earle McLeod
  3. 3. Your interactionsdetermine yoursuccess or failure.In everything.
  4. 4. Knowledgeis not enough
  5. 5. Skills are not enough
  6. 6. Agenda• Why purpose drives growth• Purpose and morale• Defining your noble purpose• Shaping your narrative• The power of storytelling• The duality of senior leadership
  7. 7. Connection & Meaning
  8. 8. Workforce Complexity Culture Workplace Changes
  9. 9. Workforce - Ambivalent70% disengagement* *Gallup Research
  10. 10. Complexity
  11. 11. PurposeText
  12. 12. The Business Case• Purpose and value driven organizations outperform the market by 15:1—and outperform comparison companies by 6:1• Organizations who center their business on improving people s lives have a growth rate triple that of their competitors.• Salespeople who strive to make a difference to their customers outsell salespeople who are primarily focused on their own sales goals.
  13. 13. Purpose drives growthOrganizations who center theirbusiness on improving people’slives have a growth rate triplethat of their competitors.
  14. 14. Purpose improves moralePeople are driven by autonomy,mastery and purpose. It makeswork more meaningful.
  15. 15. Purpose drives salesSalespeople who strive to makea difference to their customersoutsell salespeople who areprimarily focused on on salestargets and money.
  16. 16. The internal conversationbecomes the externalconversation.
  17. 17. What Makes the Top 2% More Successful?
  18. 18. Top 2%10,000 hours observation
  19. 19. One in nine Americanworks in salesBut so do the other eight
  20. 20. Your NSP• What impact do you have on customers?• How are you different from your competitors?• On your best day, what do you love about your job?
  21. 21. Impact on customers1.2.3.
  22. 22. Why you’re different1.2.3.
  23. 23. What gets you excited.*1.2.3. *about your job
  24. 24. Sample NSP’s• We help people build a better world. (Meridian Systems)• We make transportation safer, faster, and more reliable. (Graham-White Manufacturing)• We help small businesses be more successful. (CMIT Solutions)• We help people create financial success. (Capital G Bank)• We turn employees into leaders. (getAbstract)• We unclog the wheels of justice. (Orange County Superior Court)• We help organize our clients’ information and make it universally accessible and useful (Google)• We help leaders drive revenue and do work that makes them proud. (McLeod & More, Inc.)• We bring health and hope into the lives of patients. (Sunovion)
  25. 25. Alignment
  26. 26. Organizational Cost
  27. 27. Process ProfitProducts Promotion People
  28. 28. Profit ProcessProducts Promotion People
  29. 29. Process Profit Products Promotion People
  30. 30. Process Profit PromotionProducts People
  31. 31. Process ProfitProducts Promotion People
  32. 32. Process ProfitProducts Promotion People
  33. 33. Process Profit ? NSPProducts Promotion People
  34. 34. Purpose = Focus
  35. 35. Common signs of purpose erosion• Internal metrics become more important than external metrics• Silos emerge as groups focus on their specific targets• Internal discussions are always quantitative and rarely qualitative• Managers talk about industry leadership versus customer impact• Beating the competition takes precedence over serving customers• Products become commoditized• Internal competition increases at the expense of the collective purpose
  36. 36. Where is your internal dialogue?Company- focused Purpose-inspired• Internals metrics • Consumer impact• Internal objectives and • Customer/consumer deliverables experience• Coaching to the numbers • Coaching to customer outcomes• More quantitative • Quantitative and qualitative conversations conversations How will this improve our How will this improve life for our revenue and profit? customers?
  37. 37. ENGAGE MENT
  38. 38. Leadership
  39. 39. The way people interpret information determines how they react to it. Leaders influenceinterpretation
  40. 40. Context Framing Content
  41. 41. Mindset Matters
  42. 42. GoodPerformers Company focused Have a planThink about productsWant to be successful Like their jobs
  43. 43. The Top 2%Superstars Company AND customer focused Plan AND flexible Think customer first, then productCreate success for everyone Love their jobs!
  44. 44. The realdifferencebetween goodand greatMastering themental game
  45. 45. Mindset Matters
  46. 46. Content 7%Mindset 93% Mindset Content
  47. 47. Your Inner Dialogue
  48. 48. Five Superstar Mindsets1. Embrace “AND”2. Sit with uncertainty3. Think backwards4. Create success5. Show up with LOVE
  49. 49. Sit with uncertainty
  50. 50. Your Brain On Fear
  51. 51. 10 Second 10 SecondGame-ChangerGame-ChangerBreatheThink • My agenda AND their agenda • I have a plan AND I’m flexibleFeel • Ignite positive emotions 62
  52. 52. Check List
  53. 53. Reignite Purpose: Elevating the Narrative• Internal Language• Marketing• Leadership interactions• Metrics• Concrete examples• Quantitative• Qualitative• Stories
  54. 54. The Business Case
  55. 55. Purpose Drives CultureCustomer’s voice front & centerSustains people during times of challenge and change
  56. 56. Consulting - Strategy - Keynotes - Workshops