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the end of the beginning - devopsdays Denver 2017


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devops punctuated equilibriums and extinction events

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the end of the beginning - devopsdays Denver 2017

  1. 1. devops the end of the beginning Andrew Clay Shafer
  2. 2. Andrew Clay Shafer
  3. 3. Andrew Clay Shafer @littleidea
  4. 4. Andrew Clay Shafer @littleidea
  5. 5. Andrew Clay Shafer @littleidea
  6. 6. @littleidea
  7. 7. Agile Infrastructure @littleidea’s greatest hits compilation Change Management There Is No Talent Shortage leading a learning organization
  8. 8. Pareto Inefficient Nash Equilibria Rule Everything Around Me PINE REAM
  9. 9. where are we? how did we get here?
  10. 10. Operations is the secret sauce
  11. 11. everyone wants the devops
  12. 12. we’ve been saying this stuff for 10 years now
  13. 13. Are things getting better? Are things more confusing? probably most def Are things done changing? LOL
  14. 14. devops • developers and operations can and should work together • system administration evolving to look more like software development • evolving together as global community sharing solutions
  15. 15. devops - calms • culture • automation • lean • metrics • sharing the five pillars
  16. 16. optimizing human performance and experience operating software… and humans with software…
  17. 17. you can either easily manage complex systems at scale… or you can’t
  18. 18. I’ve been using that same slide for the better part of a decade
  19. 19. everyone wants the devops Well actually…
  20. 20. what they really want • scalability • availability • reliability • operability • usability • all for free • without changing anything
  21. 21. Evolution
  22. 22. Punctuated Equilibrium evolutionary gradualism is virtually non-existent in the fossil record
  23. 23. Evolution in the fossil record comes in sudden jumps and extinction events
  24. 24. Nash Equilibria til death do us part you lose if you keep playing the same way
  25. 25. let’s talk about organisms
  26. 26. Humans have identified 11 major separate organ systems in humans
  27. 27. systems of systems
  28. 28. an undifferentiated mass of cells also called ‘a tumor’
  29. 29. scale breaks everything
  30. 30. – a very humble ant “I can lift 50 times my own body weight.”
  31. 31. – average elephant “I spend 12-18 hours eating 200-600 pounds of food per day.”
  32. 32. but what about an elephant sized ant, hmmm?
  33. 33. Physics gets in the way
  34. 34. square-cube law: when an scaling a physical object, the new surface area is proportional to the square of the multiplier and the new volume is proportional to the cube of the multiplier.
  35. 35. an elephant sized ant would require hurricane strength winds to get enough oxygen and would most likely die immediately as the internal organs crushed each other on the first attempted movement
  36. 36. maybe ants aren’t the best source for elephant advice
  37. 37. what is the organizational equivalent of square-cube law?
  38. 38. devops, continuous delivery, microservices…
  39. 39. These things are all one…
  40. 40. continuously devops microservices or die trying
  41. 41. Sharing is Caring
  42. 42. devops as she is spoken at scale at Google™ not that Google is the best at every possible thing, but where is your book?
  43. 43. Homework • Embracing Risk • Service Level Objectives • Eliminating Toil
  44. 44. Google is an organization that changes
  45. 45. You haven’t learned anything until you change your behavior
  46. 46. the patterns proven successful building and operating highly available systems with predictable scaling and failure characteristics
  47. 47. Happy devops are all alike; every unhappy devops is unhappy in its own way. — Leon Tolstoy
  48. 48. devops - calms is a blunt object • culture • automation • lean • metrics • sharing
  49. 49. We desperately need to be able to understand and act on CALMS at different scales with respect to our interconnected social technical systems
  50. 50. Organisational learning as a dynamic process (Crossan et al., 1999)
  51. 51.
  52. 52. no one originally set out to do devops, continuous delivery, microservices, these were natural consequences don’t fixate on the words, fixate on the outcomes
  53. 53. The problem isn’t technical. The problem isn’t people. The problem is socio-technical. We have to solve both together.
  54. 54. In Conclusion • the game is still changing • lots of options to change, extinction is one • things are not as confusing as some would make them • you haven’t learned anything until you change your behavior • there are good examples • change is opportunity • I believe in us
  55. 55. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. — No evidence Darwin ever said this
  56. 56. what happens next? change
  57. 57. The End of the Beginning @littleidea
  58. 58. We are uncovering better ways of developing software, by doing it and helping others do it