Virendra Singh Chauhan
         ‘Agri. Sciences graduate with 12 plus year’s of vital experience in seeds industry in rura...
segments/concepts/ideas/USP’s/marketing creatives, expertise in exploring/mapping/developing new
retail venture.
5. Developed & designed DRH 748/775 product USP’s & supported PM’s in marketing communication materials.
Vs Chauhan New
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Vs Chauhan New

  1. 1. Virendra Singh Chauhan ‘Agri. Sciences graduate with 12 plus year’s of vital experience in seeds industry in rural India’ Cell: +91-9654333266, e-mail:, Address: B-395, Patel Nagar-II, Ghaziabad-201001, UP Career Objective: Seeking career opportunity in marketing or product management/development/evaluation with leading/emerging agribusiness wherein I can add significant value to the organization through optimum utilization of my KES (knowledge/Experience/Skills) with avenues for learning, personal growth and development . . . Present Assignment: Since 14th Jan 2010 as Marketing Manager with United Phosphorus Ltd (ADVANTA India Ltd), based in Delhi. Accountabilities: • Make strategic marketing plan for the zone in line with sales plan. • Help achieve zone’s sales plan through marketing initiatives and innovations. • Develop and implement Marketing Communication strategy for the zone. • Management of marketing budget for the zone in line with sales budget. • Develop and implement all products related strategy like promotion/PVD/sales campaign etc. • Formulate product pricing, schemes for trade-customers etc • New market/segment identification and development • Liaisons with Govt.dept/agrivarsities,customer surveys, handling complaints etc • Conceptualization of MCM’s, negotiations with vendors and making available all MCMs to regions as required. • Coordination with research/PD Teams, training to TM’s/CSA’s/FPA’s on marketing activities. • Indirectly manage with the team of 6 RMs, 32 Sales TM’s and 2 PD TMs besides 1 MM for vegetable crops. Achievements: • Organized 779 field days in the zone during spring season on coral 432 with huge success. • Made zonal marketing plan for all 3 divisions (AF-FC-VC) in line with business plan. • Organized Coral Masters Meet in Agra wherein top management participated with GOI officials. • Developed unique communications on hybrid rice besides synergy campaigns between FC-VC-AF. • Initiated crop masters programme in all crops and 1st time launch of ABS in vegetable crops. • Initiated PPT programme in zone to test the research products under marketing set up and advance them for zone. • ABS of 375 Mts hybrid Mustard during the ongoing season and poised for 400 Mts hybrid Mustard sales. • Sales of 110 Mts Maize in UP which is the 1st ever highest sales in ADVANTA in UP. Professional Profile:  Target & achievement oriented with an ability to take up challenges & perform in different work environments.  Adept in executing business plans, strategies besides good understanding of operational processes & procedures.  Rich & wide experience in marketing/sales/product development strategies besides product evaluation.  A down to earth, hardcore agribusiness professional having proven track record with capability to inculcate soft skills.  Knowledge of markets with high business potential in North/West/East India for field & vegetable crops.  High degree of commitment, expertise, concept inception & development, leads by setting examples, trainer & mentor for both peers & customers. Efficient at developing & implementing operational systems & procedures.  Proficient in MS Windows, MS Office & MS Outlook besides internet applications. Academics; • B.Sc. Agri & AH with 83% marks/OGPA-9.12/10 from CSA University of Agri. & Tech., Kanpur in 1995; (90-95; session delayed) • Enrolled for MBA-Marketing from IMT-CDL Ghaziabad-3 year’s distance learning program. • Intermediate with 70% marks in 1990 & High School with 60% marks in 1988 from UP Board, Allahabad. • Elective programme in plant breeding & seeds production, ICAR merit scholarship while graduation for 4 years. • Training on pest management at JRF-Vapi while in UPL besides Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) during graduation. Other skills/Abilities/Trainings/Awards/Appreciations; 1. Ability to take initiatives, creative, ability to lead groups/teams, interdependent project completions, excellent interpersonal or soft skills, capability to explore & develop new market (SPM in UP/RPM in Rajasthan)
  2. 2. segments/concepts/ideas/USP’s/marketing creatives, expertise in exploring/mapping/developing new markets/products. 2. Efficient finance management, budgeting, resource management (fixed & operational). Ability to perform under optimum cost. Ability to perform under different work environments & cultures. Good at bridging & building relations. 3. Excellent relationships with trade & farmers in North/East/West India with agribusiness/seeds industry leaders. 4. Appreciation letter from Mr.Balbinder Singh Kalsi, the then President of the DuPont India for the best suggestions for process improvements in marketing/Sales in Pioneer. 5. Appreciation letter from CLT (DuPont & Pioneer India) for outstanding performance in Uttar Pradesh. 6. Attended several training programmes in marketing/sales/product development/agronomy/personal development/MDP’s/LDP’s in Pioneer both India/abroad. Corporate Career; Mahyco Seeds Ltd; June 95-Mar 98 as Field Supervisor (CPT) based in New Delhi. Achievements; 1. Established & operated Crop Performance Testing (CPT) locations in designated territory. 2. Effectively conducted field & Vegetable crops trials in CPT locations with data success rate over 80%. 3. Hired, trained & developed good team to effectively conduct trials in field & vegetable crops at respective locations. PHI Seeds Ltd; April 98-April 03 as Marketing Officer-Western Rajasthan based in Jodhpur. Achievements; 1. Growth of pearl millet business from 11 mt’s in May 99 to 165 mt’s in 2002 with 175 mt’s ABS for 2003. 2. Successfully identified, explored, mapped & developed new markets in western Rajasthan (Nagaur/Barmer). 3. Developed strong distribution network, efficiently managed product issues in summer & rainy pearl millet. 4. Developed & designed PCM’s/MCM’s for the territory/region besides sales campaign programmes. 5. Succeefully conducted farmer linkage programmes like VIPFP, PPFC’s etc. 6. Successfully conducted PAT/SBS/FS/AT/PCT’s in rainy & summer pearl millet besides mustard. 7. Hired, developed & advanced strong team of MDR’s/SCA’s so as to ensure continuous business growth. PHI Seeds Ltd; May 03-March 06 as Regional Agronomist-Uttar Pradesh/Bihar based in Lucknow. Achievements; 1. Growth of business from 3.5 crore to 16.5 crores besides robust platform for future business growth. 2. Successfully lead rainy pearl millet BDP & volume increased from 65 mt to 735 mt’s with high NRV. 3. Successfully initiated, lead, explored, devised & implemented business strategy to develop SPM market in UP from 0- 200 mt’s. 4. Successfully lead hybrid mustard BDP & strategy & sales of hybrid mustard grown to 45 mt’s from almost nil. 5. Successfully lead maize BDP & strategy in UP & maize volume grown from 136 mt to 489 mt’s. 5. Rice business grown from 38 mt to 731 mt during 03-06 (ABS). Expert in statistical software EUROPIS being used in PHI. 6. Successfully conducted all PATs/ATs/TS/SBS/Expo’s in UP in rice, corn, pearl millet, mustard with over 80% significant Data. 7. Conceptualized developed & designed product USP’s & marketing communication materials/creative’s. 8. Hired, developed & advanced strong team of MDR’s/SCA’s who grown up to TM’s both inside/outside. 9. Established concepts like kernel count, HDP’s in maize among farmers besides participation in numerous PDP’s in field. Namdhari Seeds; April 06-September 06 as Product Development Manager-North based in Ludhiana. Achievements: 1. Market survey for field & vegetable crops with detailed report & strategic planning for business growth. 2. Managed 40 LST & 5 RCGM cotton trials in NCZ with team & consequently Namcot 402 approved for sales by DBT. 3. Successfully managed product complaints in water melon, Okra & musk melon besides tomato with input from scientists. 4. Worked with Dr.OP Dutta & Dr.N.Anand in water melon/okra & tomato respectively for a week in Ludhiana/Bangalore. 5. Identified VT20 & NS 585 in tomato for hills & plains from product trials during summer 2006 & conducted 3 PPA’s. 6. Developed & designed product USP’s for Namcot 402 besides planning, organizing & participating in PPA’s. 7. Trained & developed good team for cotton product development including LST’s/RCGM trials. Metahelix Life Sciences (Dhaanya Seeds); October 06-March 07 as Market Development Manager-North based in Lucknow. Achievements: 1. Developed & designed product/market development strategies besides product advancement programmes. 2. Devised product/market development plans (3-5 year’s) for hybrid rice, corn, pearl millet, tomato, okra & hot pepper. 3. Successfully handled maize product issues in Bihar besides market survey for vegetable & field crops. 4. Liaison with dept. of Agri./Horti./Corporate retail formats thereby generated business for over 25 lacs from Triveni
  3. 3. retail venture. 5. Developed & designed DRH 748/775 product USP’s & supported PM’s in marketing communication materials. 6. Planned, organized & participated in over 15 mega PDA’s in hybrid rice during Oct 06 with high conversion rate of farmer’s. 7. Planned & participated in farmer fairs & hybrid rice conference jointly organized by UPCAR & CARD in Lucknow. Metahelix Life Sciences (Dhaanya seeds); April 07-August 09 as Manager-Trials & Agronomy based in Ghaziabad. Achievements; 1. Established & operated 9 strategic MLT locations in key business regions for field, fiber & vegetable crops. 2. Developed, designed & implemented effective trials programmes, reporting systems, processes & procedures. 3. Quality data delivery with over 80% success rate & advancement of 15 new products to next level from MLT’s/ST’s/NT’s. 4. MLT operational costs vs success has been the most optimum with substantial revenues to company from MLT operations. 5. Hired, trained & developed a team of 9 research associates & 7 research assistants to effectively conduct MLT’s. 6. Ensured smooth & timely visits of scientists/management/product managers/LPD/Govt.officials etc. 7. Conducted feasibility surveys for crops/markets/climatic/customer requirements to ensure strategic MLT locations in HBP regions. 8. Liaison with MOA/MOEF/DBT/RCGM committee in New Delhi for export/import besides works related to bt cotton project. 9. Initiated & implemented the MLT programme in the farmer’s fields instead of leased land for all field crops across locations. 10. Explored, identified & ensured long land lease agreements with best facilities for MLT’s with best farmers on optimum costs. Metahelix Life Sciences (Dhaanya Seeds): September 13th 2009-13th Jan 2010 as Regional Sales Manager at Ghaziabad for WUP/UK/MP states Achievements; 1. Organized 378 PPA’s in the region by participation, arranging resources, training & motivation to team (ASO’s/SO’s/MDR’s). 2. Developed strategic business plan with team & set goals of revenues/realization & sales return with team for 2010-11. 3. Traveled to almost all potential markets/dealers/retailers of the region with live fields of pearl millet, rice & maize hybrids. 4. Finalized channel expansion plan with the team before 31st Jan 2010 so as to make path for exponential growth in 2010-11. 5. Finalized peoples restructuring & hiring plan for both full time & temporary with the supervisor before 31st Jan 2010. Personal Details; Date of Birth: 20th July 1972 Permanent address: V.Po.Rautapur, District-Raebareli-229216, UP Marital Status: Married with two children’s. Languages: English & Hindi-Proficient in both languages in terms of read/write/speak. References: Available on requirement.