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Great Scott! - Future Trends and Issues in Volunteer Management.


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Rob Jackson delivered a workshop at AVM 2016 exploring the world of volunteer management. Using themes from the Back to the Future series of films, Rob explored what the future trends and challeneges would be for those leading and supporting volunteers.

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Great Scott! - Future Trends and Issues in Volunteer Management.

  1. 1. Great Scott! - Future trends and issues in Volunteer Management AVM conference London 19 October 2016
  2. 2. Who am I? • Worked in volunteering movement for 22 years • Formerly Director of Development & Innovation at Volunteering England • Co-Author of From The Top Down UK (Energize Inc. 2015) • Co-author of The Complete Volunteer Management Handbook (DSC, 2012) • The “Voice of Volunteering” blogger for Third Sector Online
  3. 3. The next 80 mins • A peek 12-18 months into the future • Q&A • What do you think?
  4. 4. A peek into the future
  5. 5. Self lacing shoes
  6. 6. Personalisation • Volunteering that moulds to the individual • Integrated supporter focused journeys • Volunteer led models of engagement • Empowerment not control • Volunteers as a way of personalising services
  7. 7. Virtual reality
  8. 8. Social media & tech • Microvolunteering and virtual volunteering • Social media communications • Social media recruitment (Generation Z) • Systems to reduce bureaucracy - the self managing volunteer?
  9. 9. Employee volunteering • Three day offer won’t happen • Demand for skills oriented roles will increase significantly • Traditional team challenges will die out • High level strategic engagement will increase
  10. 10. Time to return to 2016
  11. 11. What do you think?
  12. 12. Discussion • What issue do YOU think will be important for Volunteer Managers in the next 12-18 months? • Agree one change you think Volunteer Managers need to make to be future ready • Feedback (briefly!)
  13. 13. Getting in touch +44 (0)7557 419 074 @robjconsulting www.robjacksonconsulting.blogspot. com