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Sue Jones and Chris Huffee - Join Sue and Chris as they provide an overview of some of the leading networking tools for managers of volunteers; including how to make the most of the dedicated Volunteer Management weekly tweet chat and discussion known as Thoughtful Thursdays #ttvolmgrs The session will cover why it is important to connect, learn and share on-line and to help make this meaningful and relevant to your role.

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Connecting Sharing Learning - VM Movement

  1. 1. CONNECTING, LEARNING, SHARING on-line networking for managers of volunteers With Chris and Sue @vmmovement
  2. 2. De-mystifying tech Making tech more understandable & relevant Learning & development Using tech to network & connect
  3. 3. Who are VMmovement? oWe are a group of Volunteer Managers who are passionate about our profession oVMmovement is all about connecting professionals to share experiences and learn from one another Also… oEmpowering and supporting Volunteer Managers to develop and believe in themselves and become leaders in their field We aim to do this by… oChallenging, sharing and inspiring people to change the way they think about volunteer management and volunteer involvement
  4. 4. This session is about… •Why it’s important to connect, learn and share using on-line tools •Getting involved in Thoughtful Thursdays •Focusing on some of the networking tools to support you in your role
  5. 5. Make a shift from… oReading oObserving oUnderstanding To… oResponding oDoing oParticipating
  6. 6. “Without work like this – nurturing talent in our field to not only do their jobs, but actively engage in the wider profession of leading volunteers – we risk stagnation and reliance on a few so-called experts to drive us forward.” Rob Jackson, Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd Writer, speaker, trainer on Volunteer Management
  7. 7. “From about 500 years ago, humans began to link up globally through shipping, through trains, through telegraph, through the Internet, until now we seem to form a single global brain of almost seven billion individuals. And that brain is learning at warp speed...”
  8. 8. “What tools?” sulting/news-and-articles/ UKVPMs kills/volunteering/
  9. 9. Connecting •we feel part of something •we gain reassurance •we find interesting people Learning •we discover new ways of working •we reflect on what we already know •we move forward, we progress, we understand Sharing •we realise we don’t need to re-invent stuff •we get to listen and to ask questions •we appreciate we are our own greatest resource
  10. 10. What will you do next to find your voice and to connect, learn and share? @vmmovement