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Totalitarianism in china


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Published in: News & Politics
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Totalitarianism in china

  2. 2. Chinese government often uses the subversion of state power and the protection of state secret clauses in their law system to imprison those who are critical of the government. 1. Police Terror
  3. 3. Political education in the People's Republic of China--a variety of education methods whose aim is to have the citizens identify with and support the Chinese Communist Party’s policies. The most intrusive and thorough is “thought reform, “reeducation” or “transformation.”Thought reform often takes place in a prison or labor camp, and may involve threats or other coercive measures to convince the target to reshape his or her ideological or political identity. The least intrusive, form of political education is propaganda 2. Indoctrination
  4. 4. Indoctrination camps
  5. 5. Censorship in the People's Republic of China is implemented by Communist Party of China. Censored subjects include democracy, theTiananmen Square protests of 1989, ethnic independence movements, corruption, police brutality, anarchism, disparity of wealth, food safety, news sources that report on these issues, religious content, and much more. The State controls all Media, Education, and Communication Censorship
  6. 6. State Control and Censorship
  7. 7. State Control and Censorship
  8. 8. The Chinese Communist Party does not tolerate religion. Only those religious groups that support the Chinese Communist Party are allowed to exist.These institutions are made up of “puppet” religious leaders that promote the Communist Party. Religious leaders who do not follow the Chinese Communist Party are imprisoned or sent to labor camps. Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims are all persecuted. During the Cultural Revolution places of worship and religious idols were destroyed. Religious Persecution
  9. 9. Religious Persecution
  10. 10. All education was state sponsored. The state determined the curriculum and promoted the communist cause. Youth groups were also state sponsored. During the Cultural Revolution the youth group the “Red Guard” enforced Mao’sCommunist agenda and promoted the Communist cause. Education