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  1. 1. All information taken from:“A Modern History of Iran,” PBS Newshour, Feb. 11, 2010,
  2. 2. Iran, before 1921, was called Persia. Itwasled by Shahs in the Qajar Dynasty.Then, in 1921, Reza Khan (a military officer)led a rebellion against the Shah and won.He declared himself Shah of Persia.
  3. 3. Eventually, thestudents took over theEmbassy and captured52 U.S. hostages.
  4. 4. U.S. intelligence statedthat Iran had stoppedtrying to develop nuclearweapons in 2003 but wasstill developing uranium(which means it couldrapidly resume itsnuclear program at anytime).
  5. 5. lesbian and gaypeople and membersof religiousminorities includingthe Bahais [areligions sect].”