Instant puran mix


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This PDF doc describes steps involved in Puran Instant Mix Preparation

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Instant puran mix

  1. 1. Puran Instant MixHome and Health Section Vigyan Ashram Pabal, District Pune
  2. 2. Featured ProductProduct Name – Puran Instant Mix Features of product• Protein rich diet• Easy to prepare in less time• Lasts Longer
  3. 3. Puran• Puran is used in dish Puran Poli which is eaten on most of festival occasions all over Maharashtra , Gujarat , South Indian states
  4. 4. IngredientsMain ingredients used are- Bengal Gram dal called Harbara dal in Marathi(Pulses)- Jaggery/Sugar- Elaichi and other flavoursPulses are rich in proteins like niacin and methionine
  5. 5. Process of Puran mix PreparationProcess of puran is quite tedious and time consuming - Cereals/Pulses are boiled - Jaggery/Sugar is added to pulses and cooked - This mixture is grinded in grinderThe mixture obtained is called PuranImages for preparation are given in next slides
  6. 6. • Take ingredients required as mentioned in previous slide Dal,Jaggery,Sugar,
  7. 7. Puran Making Process• Following is the image for Puran obtained after cooking and grinding
  8. 8. Dehydration• In this process, water is taken out from the PuranThe mixture obtained is subjected to dryers for a duration depending on quantity
  9. 9. Instant Puran Mix• After dehydration , the product is ready to be packed-This product can last for more than 3 months easily
  10. 10. Ingredients of Puran Mix• Pulses/Bengal Gram Dal 1 kg• Sugar 400 gms• Jaggery 800 gms• Elaichi etc flavouring contents
  11. 11. Images for Puran Instant Mix• Following is the image of Packed Puran mix Instant the Product from Vigyan Ashram
  12. 12. How to use Puran MixUsage - It is very simple to useJust add 60 ml of warm water to 100 grams of Puran MixThat’s it and the mixture is ready to use
  13. 13. Business Scope• There is demand of instant food mix especially in urban areas• Lot of scope because - Reduces time consumption . - Can be stored
  14. 14. Related Videos and LinksPlease click here for video on Puran Mix
  15. 15. For More Details Please visit Vigyan Ashram A/P Pabal , Taluka Shirur Dist Pune , 412403Contact No: 91-2138-292326Email :-