Leg Daddy Racing Sponsorship Proposal


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Rally Racing is a form of auto racing that takes place on public and private roads using specialty built road-legal cars.

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  • Leg Daddy Racing Sponsorship Proposal

    1. 1. Val Apple Motorsports, Inc.
    2. 2.  On behalf of Val Apple Motorsports and the Leg Daddy Racing rally team we appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to the world of Rally Racing. This presentation is designed to provide a first look into the demographics, fan base, consumer loyalty, and buying power of the Rally Racing fan. In addition to this we have added information about our driver, Dan Brode, and a brief overview of some of the promotional opportunities available through a sponsorship relationship. We feel that every company is truly different and to win your business we need to provide you with a marketing plan that will meet and exceed your objectives, and give you the return on your investment that you expect. After your review of this introduction we look forward to being able to meet to discuss your specific goals and then present you Rally Racing with a custom marketing plan. Please feel free to contact me, directly, with any questions.Very Truly Yours,Val Apple
    3. 3. Team Driver: Dan Brode  Rally Racing is a form of auto racing that takes place on public and private roads using specialty built road-legal cars.  Rally Racing is an individual car racing from point-to-point in a timed segment event, either by speed, or a specificTeam Owner: Val Apple time to reach the check in point. Most events have 20 segments or more.  Rallycross is multiple cars racing at the same time over a course. The X- Games utilizes this format.
    4. 4.  Rally Racing is sanctioned by threeRally America, USRC, and GRC major sanctioning bodies—Rally America, United States Rally Championship, and Global Rally Cross Championship.  Rally America has events from January to October in all types of weather conditions, from Minnesota, to New Jersey, to Oregon.  USRC has events concentrated on the West Coast, and New York.  Global Rally Cross is multiple cars racing at the same time over a course. GRC utilizes existing racing facilities for their events (Texas Motor Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway, New Hampshire Motor Speedway). GRC also sanctions the X- Games.
    5. 5. Leg Daddy Racing Girls  75% of Global Rally Cross audience is male; 25% is female.  66% of fans are between the ages of 16 and 34.  77% watch other sports (53% watch baseball, 43% watch football).  Only 5% watch NASCAR.  Fans are young, educated, and skilled.  They have a high income-earning potential.  Nearly 50% showed an income of over $75,000.  Fans are tech savvy users of the Internet, mobile devices, and games.  They are action sports enthusiasts.
    6. 6. Rally Racing  OPEN PADDOCK-fans can see the drivers, cars, and teams without paying extra.  AUTOGRAPH SESSIONS- every event has an open autograph session for fans.  OPEN VICTORY LANE-fans have the opportunity to be a part of the driver and team post race celebrations.
    7. 7. TV Audience
    8. 8.  X-Games:  1.95 million household reached at the peak times.  66% male, 34% female, 72% Grand Rallye Poster between 18-49.  2011 was the second highest viewed event. Targa Newfoundland:  Canada’s 2nd largest sporting event with over 175,000 in attendance.  Event is broadcast to over 175 countries, with a potential 220 million households.  The Targa Newfoundland Website receives over 12 million hits annually.
    9. 9. Dan Brode at Legathon Event  Dan Brode has driven every form of race car from NASCAR, to Indy Car, Dirt Late Models, & Sports Cars.  Brode is considered one of the “Rising Stars” in motorsports. Dan Brode  D.O.B. March 16, 1985  Height: 6’0” Weight: 160lbs Dan Brode at Legathon Event
    10. 10.  2012:  Sept. 8-15 TARGA Newfoundland, Canada  Sept. 29Las Vegas, NV  Oct. 20 Forestburgh, NY  Nov. 17, Milville, NJ  2013:  May 5, Portland, OR  May 18, Milville, NJVal Apple Motorsports, Inc.  May 25, Charlotte, NC  June 8, Ft. Worth, TX  June 29, X-Games  July 13, Loudon, NH  July 20, Milville, NJ  Aug. 23, Ridgecrest, CA  Sept. 1 TBA  Sept. 7-14 TARGA Newfoundland, Canada  Sept. 28, Las Vegas, NV  Oct. 19, Forestburgh, NY  Nov. 17, Milville, NJ
    11. 11.  Leg Daddy Racing will promote your company’s products and services through:  Dealer promotions  Retail location appearances  At-race promotions and Legathon Dealer Marketing Event giveawaysLeg Daddy Racing Girls
    12. 12. Primo Water Race Car Leg Daddy Race Car
    13. 13. What can the Show Car Transporter Look like?Show Car Transporter
    14. 14. Where can the Sponsor Logos be Located on the Uniform? Uniform
    15. 15.  Primary Sponsor of the No. 37 Val Apple Motorsports/Leg Daddy Racing MINI Cooper for 12 Rally Events, and the Targa Newfoundland. Car colors and graphics scheme to be sponsor’s choice. Rights to use the 37 number, logo and style, as well as team name included.Mini Legathon Logo  26 driver “meet and greets” (two per race) with key clients and guests at the team hauler, tradeshows, and or retail locations surround rally event.  VIP credentials and Pit Passes for the race events.  Racing Public Relations program provided by team.  Team will work with sponsor to generate new business through its relationships with existing companies, new companies, and other business entities.  Team will work with sponsor to sell, promote, and best represent the company and products and services.  Financial Commitment: $xxx for the season. Terms: negotiable
    16. 16. Leg Daddy Racing  Tom Legeman: Commercial Director  Leg Daddy Racing/Val Apple Motorsports  1409 West Green Drive, High Point, NC 27260  Office: 704.454.7775  Cell: 781.844.2041  Email: tom@valapplemotorsports.com  Website: www.legdaddyracing.com