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Community Involvement: So Many Options!


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Published in: Education
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Community Involvement: So Many Options!

  1. 1. community involvement so many options! sarah ziebell information resource officer u.s. embassy moscow @sarahjziebell
  2. 2. formal volunteering• clubs• religious organizations• schools• service organizations• government initiatives – peace corps – americorps – teach for america
  3. 3. informal volunteering• individual decision• could involve anything from bringing an elderly neighbor a hot meal to participating in a disaster response effort online
  4. 4. community involvement – u.s.• about 63 million adults volunteer each year – 8.1 billion hours – $173 billion• new annual volunteer day: “giving tuesday” (tuesday after thanksgiving)• most popular states for volunteering – utah – iowa – minnesota – nebraska – south dakota
  5. 5. making adifference
  6. 6. volunteer vacations• disaster response (haiti, katrina)• “missions”• gap year
  7. 7. community involvement mattersto u.s. universities and employers• “giving back” is very engrained in american culture• component of evaluation of suitability for college, jobs• leading a volunteer effort is especially notable
  8. 8. community service as rehabilitation
  9. 9. virtual volunteering• telementoring• teletutoring• virtual internships• united nations online volunteering
  10. 10. online activism• kony 2012 • one of the most-viewed videos of all time on youtube and vimeo • 18-29 year-olds overwhelmingly more likely to have heard about kony than elders and to have viewed video online • 66% of twitter traffic from march 5-12 supported the anti-kony campaign• stop online piracy act (sopa), 2011 • internet users and activists worked together to defeat sopa through internet blackout, blogs, videos, discussions organized largely by youth.• bank of america, 2011 • 75,000 people signed petition by 22-year-old on to protest bank of america’s $5 debit card fee, resulting in boa reversing its decision• occupy movement, 2011 • raised us $454,000 during its first month of activity, mostly from online donors.