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Twitter and microblogging phenomenon


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The first lecture in 2013 from the TeQuotes Lecture Series (US Consulate General in Yekaterinburg)

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Twitter and microblogging phenomenon

  1. 1. TeQuotes Lecture SeriesUS Consulate General in Yekaterinburg2013 Image courtesy: sharing-digg/
  2. 2. • Would you like to let your friends know about your day? Image courtesy: latest-surround-sound-system/
  3. 3. • Ask your question• Mention your friend• Give credit• Follow someone• Mark Tweet as Favo-rite or ReTweet
  4. 4. • “Your Discover tab displays the top Trends and Tweets on Twitter. Tweets shown here are personalized for you based on: • Your connections • Your location and language settings • Recent spikes in a topic’s popularity”
  5. 5. Image courtesy:
  6. 6. • Asking questions• Putting important information forward• Using #Hashtags• Link to other social media sites• Provide catchy headings• Initiate new conversations• Retweet relevant content• Post pictures• Organize live-broadcasts• Go with the flow
  7. 7. • Show your tweets in Facebook• Connect your social media accounts to work together and reinforce the message Image courtesy: CTW
  8. 8. •Questions?