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Social action presentation


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Social action presentation

  1. 1. Social Action Presentation --HomelessnessMembers: Shanshan, Jay, May, Charisma
  2. 2. Agenda• Basic Research (Charisma)• Social Analysis (Shanshan)• Social Action (Jay & May) • Conclusion (Jay)
  3. 3. Basic Research By : Charisma
  4. 4. • What is your issue, why is it important? Our issue is regarding homelessness. It is important to us since it affects our living experiences and the world at large.• How does your social location affect your involvement/interest? Living in a very growing Toronto culture and a large number of emigrants attracted to the City and increasing the usage of resources such as food, shelter, living space let alone other health resources it can add up in the contribution of poverty to our city.
  5. 5. What is the historical background of the issue–It is believed origin of homelessness is traced back in 1640, when the English “hobos” were listed as outcast individuals and police were after them. They were found in every corner of colonial towns. e.g Philadelphia in American
  6. 6. What organizations, institutions and/or groups are working on the issue – what are they doing and is it effective? – In Canada so far, has improved its homelessness status, but more needs to be done, we have institutions like: • Welfare, which offer financial plans. .aspx • Red Cross • • Salvation Army •
  7. 7. –These financial planners are doing construct minimum payment so that those without jobs can have financial security as well as shelter. They also help with materialistic items such as clothes, house hold materials, and other items used for hygiene purposes. Anyone can donate clothes, foods, and learning materials.–Not sure where to start! » <>
  8. 8. Social Analysis By : Shanshan
  9. 9. Definition of Homelessness• Homelessness describes the condition of people without a regular living place.
  10. 10. The Root Causes• Economic Recessiona. Lost the jobsb. No incomes
  11. 11. The Root Causes• Lack of Affordable Housing
  12. 12. The Root Causes• Addiction (Drug, Sex, Alcohol, etc.)
  13. 13. Effects on the Society• High Government Cost• Crime Rate Increase (more than 600 attacks against homeless people)
  14. 14. Let’s Watch a Video …• re=fvwrel
  15. 15. Social Action By : May & Jay
  16. 16. Join the organization group Covenant House – Toronto
  17. 17. services• Crisis care• Onsite Health Care• In-house High school• Job Centre• Community Support• Outreach• Rights of Passage• Runaway Prevention Awareness• Mental Health• Pastoral Support
  18. 18. How to help• Make a donation• Volunteer• Donate items• Host a fundraiser• Corporate Partner• School Fundraising
  19. 19. Five Days for the Homeless• 5 Days for the homeless• Five Days for the Homeless is a charity campaign founded in 2005 by students from the School of Business at the University of Alberta. It is a 5 day campaign in which university students live "homeless" on their campus to raise money and awareness for a local charity.
  20. 20. Social Action for Homelessness
  21. 21. Thanks for Watching