The magic of thinking big


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Dr. Khalid I. Al-Anaysha Al-Dossary

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  • Well done. To the point, short sweet and right on the mark
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  • The magic of thinking big

    1. 1. The MAGIC ofTHINKING BIG
    2. 2. 2OUTLINE1. Believe You Can Succeed and You Will2. Cure Yourself of Excusitis, The Failure Disease3. Build Confidence and Destroy Fear4. How to Think Big5. How to Think and Dream Creatively6. You Are What You Think You Are7. Manage Your Environment: Go First Class8. Make Your Attitudes Your Allies9. Think Right Toward People10. Get the Action Habit11. How to Turn Defeat Into Victory12. Use Goals to Help You Grow13. How to Think Like a Leader
    3. 3. 31. Believe You Can Succeed and You Will• Launch Yourself to Success with the Power of Belief• Win Success by Believing You Can Succeed• Defeat Disbelief and the Negative Power It Creates• Get Big Results by Believing Big• Make Your Mind Produce Positive Thoughts• Develop the Power of Belief• Plan A Concrete Success-Building Program
    4. 4. 4• Vaccinate Yourself Against Excusitis, the Failure Disease• Learn the Secret That Lies in Your Attitude Towards Health• Take Four Positive Steps to Lick Health Excusitis Refuse to talk about your health Refuse to worry about your health Be genuinely grateful that your health is as good as it is. Remind yourself often, “It’s better to wear out than rust out.” Life is yours toenjoy• Discover Why Your thinking Power Is Ore Important Than MereIntelligence• Use Your Mind for Thinking – Not Simply as a Warehouse for Facts• Master Three Easy Ways to Cure Intelligence Excusitis• Overcome the Problem of Age – Being “Too Young,” or “Too Old”• Conquer Luck Excusitis and Attract Good Luck to you.2. Cure Yourself of Excusitis,The Failure Disease
    5. 5. 53. Build Confidence and Destroy Fear• Use the Action Technique to Cure Fear and Build Confidence• Manage your Memory so as to Increase Your Store of Confidence• Overcome Your Fear of Other People• Increase Self-Confidence by Satisfying your Own Conscience• Think Confidently by Acting Confidently• Learn the Five Positive Steps to Build Confidence and Destroy Fear Action cures fear Make a supreme effort to put only positive thoughts in your memory bank Put people in Proper Perspective. Practice doing what your conscience tells you is right. Make everything about you say, “I’m confident, really confident.” Practicethese little techniques in your day-to-day activities.a) Be a “front seater”b) Make eye contactc) Walk 25 per cent fasterd) Speak upe) Smile big.
    6. 6. 64. How to Think Big• Discover That Success Is Measure by the Size of your Thinking• Measure Your True Size and find Out What Assets you Have• Think as Big As You Really Are• Develop the Big Thinker’s Vocabulary with These Four Specific Steps Use big, positive, cheerful words/phrases to describe how you feel. Use bright, cheerful, favorable words and phrases to describe other people Use positive language to encourage others. Use positive words to outline plans to others.• Think Big by Visualizing What Can Be done in the Future• Add Value to Things, to People, and to Yourself• Get the “Thinking Big” View of Your Job• Think Above Trivialities and Concentrate on What’s Important• Test Yourself – Find Out How Big your thinking Really Is
    7. 7. 75. How to Think and Dream Creatively• Use Creative Thinking to Find New and Better Ways to Get Things Done• Develop Creative Power by Believing It Can Be Done• Fight Mind-Freezing Traditional Thinking• Do More and Do It Better by Turning on Your Creative Power• Use the Three Keys to Strengthening Creativity by Opening Your Earsand Your mind• Stretch your thinking and Stimulate Your Mind• Harness and Develop your Ideas – The Fruit of your Thinking
    8. 8. 86. You Are What You Think You Are• Look Important, Because It Helps you Think Important• Become Important by Thinking Your Work Is Important• Build Your Own “Sell Yourself On Yourself” Commercial• Upgrade Your Thinking – Think Like Important People Think
    9. 9. 97. Manage Your Environment:Go First Class• Make Your Environment Work for You• Prevent Small People fro Holding You Back• Manage Your Work Environment• Get Plenty of Psychological Sunshine During Leisure Hours• Go First Class in Everything You Do
    10. 10. 108. Make Your Attitudes Your Allies• Grow the Attitudes That Will Help You Win What You Want• Get Activated; Get Enthusiastic• Develop the Power of Real Enthusiasm• Grow the “You-Are-Important” Attitude• Make More Money by Getting the “Put-Service-First” Attitude
    11. 11. 119. Think Right Toward People• Win Support of Other People by Thinking Right Toward Them• Become More Likeable by Making Yourself “Lighter to Lift”• Take the Initiative in Building Friendships• Master the Technique of Thinking Only Good Thoughts About People• Win Friends by Practicing Conversation Generosity• Think Big, Even When You Lose or Receive a Setback
    12. 12. 1210. Get the Action Habit• Get the Action Habit – you Don’t Need to Wait Until Conditions ArePerfect• Make Up Your Mind to Do Something About Your Ideas• Use Action to Cure Fear and Gain Confidence• Discover the Secret of Mind Action• Capitalize on the Magic of NOW• Strengthen yourself by Getting the “Speak Up” Habit• Develop Initiative, A Special Kind of Action
    13. 13. 1311. How to turn Defeat Into Victory• Discover That Defeat is Nothing More Than a State of Mind• Salvage Something from Every Setback• Use the Force of Constructive Self-Criticism• Achieve Positive Results through Persistence and Experimentation• Whip Discouragement by Finding the Good Side to Every Situation
    14. 14. 1412. Use Goals to Help You Grow• Get a Clear Fix on Where You Want to Go in Life• Use This Plan to Build Your 10-Year Goal• Avoid the Five-Success-Murdering Weapons• Multiply Your Energy by Setting Definite Goals• Set Goals That will Help You Get Things Done and Live Longer• Accomplish Your Goals With This 30-Day Improvement Guide• Invest In Yourself for Future Profit
    15. 15. 1513. How to Think Like A Leader• Learn the 4 Rules of Leadership:1. Trade minds with the people you want to influence2. Think: what is the human way to handle this?3. Think progress, believe in progress, push for progress.4. Take time out to confer with yourself.• Develop Your Power to Trade Minds with the People You Want toInfluence• Put the “Be-Human” Approach to Work for You• Think Progress, Believe in Progress, Push for Progress• Test Yourself to Learn Whether You Are a Progressive Thinker• Tap Your Supreme Thinking Power• Use the Magic of Thinking Big in Life’s Most Crucial Situations
    16. 16. 16Thank you