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The Magic of Thinking Big


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Group Assignment

Published in: Education
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The Magic of Thinking Big

  1. 1. The magic of thinking BIG
  2. 2. About The author: • Born on March 23, 1927 in US • Taught at Georgia State University • Prominent Self Help Coach • Authored “the magic of thinking Big” and other motivational books
  3. 3. “Not many people believe that they can move mountains..
  4. 4. “..So, as a result, not many do.” - DAVID J. SCHWARTZ
  5. 5. thinkBIG.
  6. 6. Build confidence in yourself. Actions reduce FEAR, SO ACT.
  7. 7. Take small steps at first. Sit in the front everywhere you go, practice eye contact, walk 25 % faster, practice speaking up, smile big, use positive words.
  8. 8. Think and DREAM creatively. Believe that it can be done And then the Mind GETS A WAY to get it done.
  9. 9. Be open to new ideas and be progressive. Stimulate yourself with diverse ideas from diverse people
  10. 10. "The price tag you put on yourself, is probably the same price tag that the world will put on you."
  11. 11. Dress up. Think your work is important. Think enthusiastically. Ask yourself if you are the type of manager that a subordinate would respect and follow?
  12. 12. Manage your environment because it is food for your mind.
  13. 13. People who tell you that it cannot be done are usually unsuccessful people.
  14. 14. Make your attitudes your allies. Live it up. Broadcast good news. Do better work than others expect.
  15. 15. Remember people’s name. Take initiatives to BUILD FRIENDSHIP. Talk less. Listen.
  16. 16. Get the ACTION HABIT. Nothing happens just by thinking. START now
  17. 17. Do not worry about problems. You can handle them as they come.
  18. 18. Turn defeat into VICTORY. Defeat is a state of mind
  19. 19. Think that there is a way If it does not work, then back off and start afresh. Think that there is a WAY. If it does not work, then back off and start afresh
  20. 20. Use GOALS to help you grow. The important thing is not where you were or Where you are but where you want to go.
  21. 21. Know where you want to go. VISUALIZE your future
  22. 22. Achieving success requires the help of others
  23. 23. Trade minds with people you want to influence. What would I think if I were that person?”
  24. 24. Be human, and put people first.
  25. 25. Think big enough to see that if you put service first, money takes care of itself.
  26. 26. Presented by: Dushyant Purani (PGP30040) Rohit Singh (PGP30165) Rahul Gupta (PGP30266) Rohit Sharma (PGP30278) Surbhi Gupta (PGP30288) Submitted to Prof. Sameer Mathur as a part of the Personal Branding coursework, IIM Lucknow