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Self motivation to improve


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Self motivation

Published in: Self Improvement
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Self motivation to improve

  1. 1. A man who was defeated 8 times in Election Became the greatest president ever
  2. 2. The Ball boy in 1987 WC Became the God of Cricket
  3. 3. A nun became a mother to all
  4. 4. A cancer survivor became a Champion
  5. 5. Child of a poor African American couple Became the superstar of the millennium
  6. 6. They all were just someone until they believed that they can be more.
  7. 7. They all had a dream like we all do, but they dared to chase it why don’t we?
  8. 8. So have a dream, Dare to chase it, Take a chance, Try, Because there’s one life..
  10. 10. How to Motivate Yourself ???
  11. 11. Have a Dream
  12. 12. Without having a dream you cannot achieve anything
  13. 13. Be Hungry
  14. 14. Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it Have hunger and not just desire.
  15. 15. Make Concrete Plans
  16. 16. Make a realistic goal. Discover your strengths,weaknesses,limits. Action plan should be flexible.
  17. 17. Positive Attitude
  18. 18. Don’t let negative thoughts influence you. Don’t get frustrated or depressed.
  19. 19. Start with a small step…
  20. 20. Take a single step to begin your work. Once you begin it is easier to continue.
  21. 21. Be Consistent and Never Quit
  22. 22. WHY WE LOSE MOTIVATION? Lack of Confidence Lack of Focus Lack of Direction
  23. 23. THANK YOU.