The Magic of Thinking Big


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This presentation is a summary of the book "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David J. Schwartz.

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The Magic of Thinking Big

  1. 1. LEARNING FROM BOOKS By David J. Schwartz
  2. 2. A wise man will be Master of His Mind A Fool will be Its Slave Publius Syrius *Each slide corresponds to a chapter of the book
  3. 3. Believe you can succeed and you will Success is determined by the size of one’s thinking: people who think big grow big. Strong belief triggers the mind to figuring ways and means to achieve it. A person is a product of his own thoughts.  Think success, don’t think failure  Believe you can succeed and you will  Remind yourself regularly that you are better than you think you are  Believe big: The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief  Never sell yourself short
  4. 4. Cure yourself of excuses: the failure disease The thinking that guides your intelligence is much more important than how much intelligence you may have. Never underestimate your own intelligence and overestimate the intelligence of others. Concentrate on your assets: you attitudes are much more important than your intelligence  Don’t sell yourself short.  Concentrate on developing those qualities in yourself that will make you a winner.  Concentrate on your assets.
  5. 5. Build confidence and destroy fear Action cures fear: there an action we can take to beat any kind of fear. Isolate your fear. Determine exactly what you are afraid of. Make a big effort to put only positive thoughts in your memory. Destroy your negative thoughts before these thoughts become mental monsters. To think confidently you have to act confidently  Take action against fear  Boost positive thoughts and destroy the negative ones  Against shyness and low confidence: make eye contact, walk 25% faster, speak up, smile big  Act confidently
  6. 6. How to think big Probably the greatest human weakness is self-deprecation- that is, selling oneself short. Look at things not as they are, but as they can be. Visualization adds value to everything. We don’t think in words or phrases, but in pictures and images.  Imagine yourself big.  Take distance f problems, difficulties, quarrels… and ask yourself, is this bringing me closer to my objective? is this really important?  Use the big thinker’s vocabulary: words that create pleasant images such as victory, joy, happiness…  Practice being a big thinker
  7. 7. How to think and dream creatively Progress is our most important product: is not so much what you know when you start, is what you learn and to use after what counts the most! Big people monopolize the listening; small people monopolize the talking. Top success is deserved to the: “I can do it better” kind of person. Capacity is a state of mind.  Be progressive in everything you do.  Ask yourself daily: “How can I do better?”  Firmly believe it can be done
  8. 8. You are what you think you arE Practicing uplifting self-praise helps us to gain confidence. You are what you think, think more of yourself and there is more of you. Follow the principle: Sell yourself to yourself Look important: it will help you to think important.  Give yourself a pep talk several times daily  Create a self-praise Mantra for yourself  Think enthusiasm and you will be enthusiastic
  9. 9. Manage your environment: Go first class To recondition yourself for success is the first step to take. Being environment-conscious is key: just as a body diet makes the body, mind diet makes the mind. Develop a defense against destructive critics; accept negative advice only as a challenge to prove that you can do it.  Get plenty of psychological sunshine  Go first class in everything you do  Get your advice from successful people
  10. 10. Make your attitudes your allies Grow the attitude “I am activated”: results come in portion of enthusiasm invested. In everything you do: Life it up. Enthusiasm shows through in everything you do and say. Put service first and money takes care of itself. Showing appreciation you make people feel good.  Always give people more than they expect to get  Put passion in everything you do  Show appreciation at every opportunity
  11. 11. Think right toward people A basic rule: Success depends on the support of other people. Successful people follow a plan for liking people. The person who does the most talking and the person who is the most successful are rarely the same person.  Learn to remember names  Be a comfortable person  Practice courtesy all the time  Cultivate the quality of being interesting
  12. 12. Get the action habit Your goal is to make successful action habitual. The more we practice, the sooner it becomes a habit. The test of a successful person is not the ability to eliminate all problems before he takes action, but rather the ability to find solutions to difficulties when he counters them. The only way to start is to start. Don’t deliberate. Don’t postpone getting started.  Got a good idea? Then take action!  Get the habit of writing down your thoughts and your goals  Just start now!
  13. 13. How to turn defeat into victory The difference between success and failure is found in one’s attitudes toward setbacks, handicaps, discouragements, and other disappointing situations. Expect future obstacles and difficulties and solve them as they arise     Study setbacks to pave your way to success Analyze weaknesses and failures and correct them. Stop blaming luck Remember, there is a good side in every situation: find it.  GET IN GEAR AND GO!
  14. 14. Use goals to help you grow Remember: The important thing is not where you are or where, but where you want to go. We must plan to accomplish something. Having a clear goal in mind and make a map of it will help us to get there.  Get a clear fix on where you want to go  Achieve your goal one step at a time. Regard each task you perform as a step toward your goal.  Invest in yourself: education, mental power, ideas boosters…  Set goals to get things done.
  15. 15. HOW TO THINK AS A LEADER You are not pulled to success, you are lifted by those working beside and below you. Trade minds with the people you want to influence, see the situation from their point of view. Give other people the kind of treatment you would like to receive and you will be rewarded. Your thinking power needs to be addressed, let your mind review the situation by taking some minutes of solitude every day.  Think progress, believe progress, push for progress  Practice praising people  Take time to confer with yourself  Seek improvement & excellence in everything you do
  16. 16. Think big & ENThusiastic Set your goals And TAKE ACTION!