UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy Highlights


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UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy Highlights

  1. 1. side<br />in<br />Highlighting the research enterprise, educational outreach, and health care impact of our institution.<br />
  2. 2. troduction<br />in<br />Our School<br />A recognized leader in progressive pharmacy practice, education, and research<br />
  3. 3. in<br />troduction<br />Our School in Numbers<br />Ranked 2nd among professional pharmacy programs (PharmD) and 2nd in NIH funding (>$24M) in 2010<br />Over 100 faculty members, 600PharmD students, and 110 graduate students<br />Over 200,000 sq ft of research and teaching space (3 buildings; 4th to be completed in 2013) with state-of-the-art video teleconference and distance education technology<br />
  4. 4. in<br />troduction<br />Our Academic Programs<br />PharmD<br />PhD<br />MS<br />The professional degree program in pharmacy, leading to diverse careers across practice settings<br />Graduate degree in pharmaceutical sciences with concentrations in:<br />Medicinal Chemistry &Natural Products<br />Molecular Pharmaceutics <br />Pharmacotherapy & Experimental Therapeutics<br />Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy<br />Preparing pharmacists with the knowledge and skills necessary for assuming leadership positions in health care<br />
  5. 5. tegrated<br />in<br />Our Structure<br />Charting a course for drug discovery and development through education, innovation, and collaboration<br />
  6. 6. in<br />tegrated<br />Our Divisions: From Discovery to Practice<br />Discovery<br />Delivery<br />Disposition<br />Outcomes<br />Practice<br />Medicinal Chemistry & Natural Products<br />Molecular Pharmaceutics<br />Pharmacotherapy & Experimental Therapeutics<br />Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy<br />Pharmacy Practice & Experiential Education<br /><ul><li>Evaluation
  7. 7. Development
  8. 8. Education
  9. 9. Disease Targets
  10. 10. Leads
  11. 11. Formulation
  12. 12. Drug delivery
  13. 13. Disposition
  14. 14. Clinical Safety & Efficacy
  15. 15. Effectiveness of Delivery
  16. 16. Compliance</li></li></ul><li>in<br />tegrated<br />Fostering Drug Discovery & Development<br />Process<br />Drug Discovery<br />Development & Evaluation<br />Care Delivery & Practice<br />Medicinal Chemistry & Natural Products<br />Molecular Pharmaceutics<br />Pharmacotherapy & Experimental Therapeutics<br />Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy<br />Pharmacy Practice & Experiential Education<br />Academic Divisions<br />Centers<br />Center for Integrative Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery<br />Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery<br />Institute for Pharmacogenomics & Individualized Therapy<br />Institute for Drug Safety Sciences<br />External<br />Partnerships<br />Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies, Academic Institutions, Research Institutes, Foundations, & Professional Organizations <br />
  17. 17. novative<br />in<br />Our Research Centers<br />Finding cutting-edge solutions to complex health challenges<br />
  18. 18. in<br />novative<br />Our Research Centers<br />Center for Integrative Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery (CICBDD)<br />Director<br />Stephen Frye<br />An innovative and sustainable scientific force in the creation of new small molecule therapeutics to improve public health and transform the drug discovery paradigm<br />Target Proposals from UNC Faculty<br />“Responsive Collaborations”<br /><ul><li>Small Molecule Probes
  19. 19. Drug Leads
  20. 20. Target Validation</li></ul>CICBDD Staff & Joint Faculty<br />Center-Initiated Projects in Chemical Biology <br />“Prospective Science”<br />
  21. 21. in<br />novative<br />Our Research Centers<br />Center for Integrative Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery (CICBDD)<br />Center Capabilities<br />Assay Development<br />Protein expression and purification, multiple platforms and readouts<br />Compound Screening<br />Up to 100,000 compounds <br />Medicinal Chemistry<br />SAR projects, compound synthesis, internal chemists and access to more as-needed<br />Computational Chemistry<br />Screening set design, virtual screening, and structure-based design<br />Features of the Center<br />Access to biological targets across therapeutic areas<br />Research focus on innovative targets in chromatin biology and epigentics<br />Comprehensive Chemical Biology Center designated by the National Cancer Center (NCI)<br />Leadership with industrial track record of FDA-approved drugs<br />
  22. 22. in<br />novative<br />Our Research Centers<br />Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery (CNDD)<br />Director<br />Russ Mumper<br />Safely and effectively translating new drug and imaging discoveries into clinical trials using nanotechnology with the goal of improving public health<br />Five Critical Areas / Disciplines<br />Chemistry & Biomaterials<br />Institute for Advanced Materials<br />Formulation & Drug Delivery<br />UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy<br />Therapeutic & Diagnostic Targets<br />Carolina Center of Cancer Nano-biotechnology Excellence<br />Nano-toxicology<br />RTP EPA<br />NIEHS<br />Phase I/II Clinical Trials<br />UNC Clinical & Translational Science Awards<br />1<br />2<br />4<br />3<br />5<br />
  23. 23. in<br />novative<br />Our Research Centers<br />Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery (CNDD)<br />Drug Discovery<br />Issues with Molecular Entities<br />Drug Delivery<br />CNDD-Based Solutions<br />Results<br />Application<br /><ul><li>Facilitate in-vitro screening
  24. 24. Stabilize NMEs
  25. 25. Increase cell accumulation
  26. 26. Varied dosage forms and routes of administration in pre-clinical models
  27. 27. Improved pharmacokinetics
  28. 28. Minimize toxicity
  29. 29. Cost-effectiveness
  30. 30. Scalable under GMP
  31. 31. CMC sections of IND</li></ul>Increased Probability of Clinical Success<br />
  32. 32. in<br />novative<br />Our Research Centers<br />The Hamner-UNC Institute for Drug Safety Sciences (IDSS)<br />Director<br />Paul Watkins<br />Integrating clinical medicine with cutting-edge systems biology and in silicomodeling platforms to make drugs safer and advance drug development<br />A Platform for Integrated Drug Safety Research<br />Predictive Safety Assessment<br />In vitro<br />In vivo<br />Clinical<br />Post-marketing Surveillance<br />Computational Systems Modeling<br />
  33. 33. in<br />novative<br />Our Research Centers<br />Institute for Pharmacogenomics & Individualized Therapy (IPIT)<br />Director<br />Howard McLeod<br />A collaboration of investigators, scientists, and clinicians with the unifying goal of expediting the path from basic research discoveries to clinical practice<br /><ul><li>UNC School of Medicine
  34. 34. UNC School of Nursing
  35. 35. UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
  36. 36. Carolina Center for Genome Sciences
  37. 37. Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center</li></li></ul><li>in<br />novative<br />Our Research Centers<br />Institute for Pharmacogenomics & Individualized Therapy (IPIT)<br />Research Areas<br />Associate Directors<br />Federico Innocenti<br />Oncology Research<br />Timothy Wiltshire<br />Pre-clinical PGx<br />Lynn Dressler<br />Policy & Ethics<br />Karen Weck<br />PGx Applied Technology<br />James Evans<br />Clinical PGx<br />Dan Jonas<br />PGx Evidence-based Practices<br /><ul><li>Applied Technology
  38. 38. Clinical Pharmacogenomics
  39. 39. Evidence-based medicine
  40. 40. Medical Decision-making & Outcomes
  41. 41. Pre-clinical Pharmacogenomics
  42. 42. Pharmacoeconomics
  43. 43. Phenotype-driven Therapy
  44. 44. Policy & Ethics</li></li></ul><li>terconnected<br />in<br />Our Relationships<br />Building collaborative partnerships across the Research Triangle and the world<br />
  45. 45. in<br />terconnected<br />Research Enterprise & Partnerships<br />CICBDD<br />Chemistry & Biology<br />UNC Departments of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science<br />Biomanufacturing Research Institute & Technology Enterprise <br />UNC School of Medicine<br />Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center<br />UNC Neuroscience Center<br />Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center<br />North Carolina Center for Nanoscale Materials <br />Institute for Advanced Materials, Nanoscience & Technology <br />UNC Institute for Nanomedicine<br />Carolina Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence<br />Biomedical Research Imaging Center <br />Bryson Center for Human Genetics<br />North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute<br />Research Triangle Park<br />Validate targets, confirm leads<br />CNDD<br />GLP Facility<br />Nanotechnology & Engineering<br />Create stable, lead formulations<br />In Vivo Screening<br />Develop efficacious pre-clinical lead formulations<br />IPIT<br />Genomics & Biology<br />Link molecular genetics to efficacy<br />
  46. 46. in<br />terconnected<br />Our Relationships<br />At UNC<br />Research Triangle Park<br />HamnerInstitutes for Health Sciences<br />US Environmental Protection Agency<br />National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)<br />RTI International<br />Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Companies<br />Carolina Center for Genome Sciences<br />Gillings School of Global Public Health<br />Institute for Advanced Materials, Nanoscience & Technology<br />Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center<br />School of Medicine<br />Area Universities<br />Pharmacy Spin-offs<br />Cirrus<br />NeuroGate<br />Oriel Therapeutics<br />Qualiber<br />Qualyst<br />Synereca Pharmaceuticals<br />Capture Pharmaceuticals<br />Duke University<br />North Carolina Central University<br />North Carolina State University<br />Wake Forest University<br />
  47. 47. spiring<br />in<br />Our People<br />Driving discoveries and mentoring future clinicians and scientists<br />
  48. 48. in<br />spiring<br />Our People · Discovery<br />Functional Proteomics <br />Chemical Biology & Medicinal Chemistry<br />Glycobiology<br />Qisheng<br />Zhang, PhD<br />Stephen <br />Frye, PhD<br />Harold<br />Kohn, PhD<br />Jian <br />Liu, PhD<br />Michael<br />Jarstfer, PhD<br />David <br />Lawrence, PhD<br />Rihe Liu, PhD<br />NIMH-Psychoactive <br />Drug Screening Program<br />Chemoinformatics, <br />Bioinformatics & Computation<br />Structural Biology <br />Protein Dynamics – NMR<br />Natural Products <br />Andrew Lee, PhD<br />Alexander Tropsha, PhD<br />Bryan Roth, MD, PhD<br />KH Lee, PhD<br />
  49. 49. in<br />spiring<br />Our People · Delivery<br />Formulation & Drug Delivery<br />Sam Lai, PhD<br />Michael Jay, PhD<br />Moo Cho, PhD<br />Rudy Juliano, PhD<br />Leaf Huang, PhD<br />Russ Mumper, PhD<br />Radiopharmaceutics<br />& Imaging<br />Michael Jay, PhD<br />Richard <br />Kowalski, PhD<br />
  50. 50. in<br />spiring<br />Our People · Translation<br />Transplant Pharmacotherapy<br />Metabolism/Transport/PK/PD/Pharmacometrics<br />Kim BrouwerPharmD, PhD<br />Mary<br />Paine PhD<br />Dhiren<br />Thakker, PhD<br />Robert<br />Dupuis, PharmD<br />Philip<br />Smith, PhD<br />Julie Dumond, PharmD<br />Adam<br />Persky, PhD<br />Cardiovascular Pharmacology<br />Mechanisms of Hepatotoxicity<br />Craig Lee,<br />PharmD, PhD<br />Kim BrouwerPharmD, PhD<br />Roy Hawke PharmD, PhD<br />Paul Watkins, MD<br />Herbert<br />Patterson, PharmD<br />Jo Ellen Rodgers, PharmD<br />
  51. 51. in<br />spiring<br />Our People · Translation<br />Pharmacogenomics & Cancer Pharmacotherapy<br />Infectious Diseases<br />Pediatric Pharmacotherapy<br />Angela Kashuba, PharmD<br />Julie Dumond, PharmD<br />Howard McLeod, PharmD<br />Tim Wiltshire, <br />PhD<br />Angela Kashuba, PharmD<br />Dhiren<br />Thakker, PhD<br />Christine Walko, PharmD<br />Amanda <br />Corbett, PharmD<br />William Zamboni, PhD, PharmD<br />Russ Mumper, <br />PhD<br />Michael<br />Cohen-Wolkoweitz<br />Lynn<br />Dressler, DrPH<br />Sam Lai, PhD<br />William Zamboni, PhD, PharmD<br />Federico Innocenti, MD, PhD<br />
  52. 52. in<br />spiring<br />Our People · Outcomes<br />Outcomes Research<br />Betsy Sleath, PhD<br />Susan Blalock, MPH, PhD<br />Joel Farley, PhD<br />Lynn Dressler, DrPH<br />Jaya Rao, MD<br />Mary Roth McClurg, PhD<br />
  53. 53. UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy<br />Motivation for Partnership<br />Partnership to Enhance Research Enterprise<br /><ul><li>Major research partners</li></ul> Center for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery <br /> Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery<br /> Institute for Drug Safety Sciences<br />Institute for Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Therapy <br /><ul><li> Partnering on federally-funded grants (public-private partnerships)
  54. 54. Sponsored research (industry-directed)</li></ul>Technology Development & Commercialization<br /><ul><li>Licensing available drug candidates & technologies
  55. 55. Partnering with the School to support start-up companies or with start-ups
  56. 56. Collaboration in developing novel technologies</li></ul>Exchange of Expertise<br /><ul><li>Pharmacy courses available to industry scientists
  57. 57. Faculty available for consulting
  58. 58. Seeking involvement of industry scientists to participate in teaching/training
  59. 59. Jointly sponsored symposia </li></li></ul><li>side<br />in<br />Highlighting the research enterprise, educational outreach, and health care impact of our institution.<br />