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Business Cluster SWOT Analysis


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Business Cluster SWOT Analysis

  1. 1. Business Cluster Survey February 17, 2014
  2. 2. Participation Data 2013 Business Cluster Survey Data Total Participation Faculty Participation Staff Participation Division CBMC DPET DPOP PACE MOPH Total Division CBMC DPET DPOP PACE MOPH Unit Total 101/175 - 58% 56/100 - 56% 45/75 = 60% Faculty Sent Survey Faculty Participated % Faculty participated 27 8 30% 20 15 75% 8 6 75% 25 17 68% 20 10 50% 100 56 56% Staff Sent Survey 17 14 2 5 15 22 75 Staff Participated 6 10 1 5 5 18 45 % Staff Participated 35% 71% 50% 100% 33% 82% 60%
  3. 3. Business Cluster Overall Strengths • • • Strongly agree/agree responses increased in 8 of 10 survey questions administered Timeliness of responses Overall attitude of business cluster team members Weaknesses • • • Opportunities • • • • Review and update business cluster workflows Reorganize business cluster workflows in Infoporte to make their accessibility more user friendly Implement a formal cross training program Assign a contact to field questions when a business cluster staff member is absent (vacation/sick/etc.) Faculty and staff are not referring to or utilizing business cluster workflows Faculty and staff do not believe workflows are clear or useful Inconsistency among business cluster units Threats • • • Staff back-up when an employee is absent or leaves Staff turnover Limited staff and resources among some cluster units
  4. 4. Business Cluster Overall Action items: 1. Unit directors will review and update, if necessary, all business cluster workflows to ensure accuracy and efficiency of process 2. Kim and Raj will work division EAs to reorganize the workflows in Infoporte to make their accessibility more user-friendly 3. HR will pilot a formal cross-training program with implementation to follow 4. Unit directors will ensure that a contact or mechanism for communication is in place when a staff member is absent or leaves
  5. 5. Human Resources Strengths • • • • • Fully staffed • 82% (78% in 2012) agree/strongly agree HR exhibits good customer service • 85% (87% in 2012) agree/strongly agree that the HR staff is knowledgeable about policies and procedures 75% (72% in 2012) agree/strongly agree that HR staff respond in a timely manner 77% (81% in 2012) agree/strongly agree that they are satisfied with HR services and staff support Opportunities • • • • • • • Require each hiring manager to submit a plan for • recruitment and follow the workflow Host Qualtrics Lunch & Learn Develop hiring manager training including their role in the onboarding process HR Consultants develop “posting/recruitment tips” Infoporte Faculty Leave/TIM pilot • 270/360 assessments to help facilitate training and development learning opportunities Separate orientation for unpaid/EPA/SPA employees Weaknesses Hiring managers understanding their role in supervision/management and onboarding process Staff backup Threats An understanding by School personnel as to the impact that GA/UNC have on the School’s HR workflows (i.e. salary guidelines, ARPT guidelines, Office of Internal Student Scholars, PID/ONYEN process) and the impact that this has on the working relationships within the School. TIM
  6. 6. Human Resources Action items: 1. Implement shared email for backup ( 2. Link HR homepage to website to provide information on updated Policies and Procedures 3. Conduct Lunch & Learn on Policies and Procedures 4. Conduct Lunch & Learn on ARPT for Executive Assistants 5. Conduct Hiring Manager Training
  7. 7. Research Administration Strengths • Research administration staff have a positive and helpful attitude, excellent knowledge and effectively meet the needs of faculty by providing quality and accurate support Weaknesses • • Opportunities • • Possible to support a growth spurt in research funding with the addition of new space and high profile faculty Build on the positive attitude of the cluster staff with further professional training and familiarity with university systems Pre and Post award integration can be improved further The office has new staff that who still have a learning curve ahead of them Threats • • • • Budget situation at the state and federal level is still a constraint New PeopleSoft system may not function optimally in its early stages of implementation Oversight office/OSR is sometimes not responsive and helpful Staff retention
  8. 8. Research Administration Action items: 1. Meet with faculty periodically at division meetings to explain the role of the office and improve understanding of issues faced on the part of faculty and staff 2. Further improve pre and post award integration
  9. 9. Business Operations Strengths • • High 95% response for helpful attitude and support satisfaction No turnover Weaknesses • • Opportunities • • Professional training may lead to improved performance competence Make strategic additions to the staff Not proactive; poor communication No general updates provided to the School Threats • • Move to IRB may cause need to rework current processes Staff face a steep learning curve with the implementation of PeopleSoft
  10. 10. Business Operations Action items: 1. Further interpersonal and professional training for staff 2. Further improve communication amongst cluster staff 3. Improve team-based approach within the business operations team
  11. 11. Purchasing/Procurement Strengths • • High 97% response for helpful attitude and support satisfaction No turnover Weaknesses • • Opportunities • • Make strategic additions to the staff PeopleSoft is similar to ePro and will offer catalog ordering from all University sources Study subject payment process was noted No general updates provided to the School Threats • Move to IRB may cause need to rework current process
  12. 12. Purchasing/Procurement Action items: 1. Build upon staff strengths by continuing to provide training opportunities 2. Conduct periodic meetings with research and administration staff and oversight offices
  13. 13. Information Technology Strengths • • • • • • • • • • Continued personalized service Expanded services (i.e. server consultation set-up) Flexibility in managing requests Technicians continue to expand their skill sets Ability to effectively support two buildings Localized help desk; timely responses to requests Consultation services provided for purchasing and receiving of equipment Effectively manage a complex security environment Meet system administration initiative for the School School representation on campus committee Weaknesses • • • • • • • Opportunities • • • • • • Virtualization, leveraging of new offerings from UNC ITS for software distribution and management Transfer server infrastructure to virtual servers Move servers not appropriate for virtualization to free data center hosted by UNC ITS Collaborate with other Health Affairs schools to meet storage, infrastructure, and other IT needs Create advisory groups for computer and research Take advantage of unstable campus IT environment to provide enterprise level offerings to campus community Efficiency: IT rarely turns down a request Preventative Maintenance: Problems are addressed in isolation Inconsistency of knowledge among staff; all IT staff must be able to perform all functions of the unit Lack of disaster recovery plans No standardized platforms for computers Lack of School-wide IT enforcement body to assist with policy enforcement Lack of advisory committees for computing and research Threats • • • • Unstable campus IT environment causing a lack of dependable centralized campus services Unfunded campus IT mandates Ability to maintain industry level security/computing policies and best practices in an academic setting Support model that encompasses all aspects of IT in the School
  14. 14. Information Technology Action items: 1. Tighten scope of services rendered, give options for requests falling outside of that scope 2. Create faculty/staff advisory groups for IT, IRB policy and research computing 3. Create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan 4. Utilize virtual computing labs software distribution model to assist with standardization
  15. 15. Educational Technology Strengths • • • • Received highest rating for core operations Satisfaction for videoconferencing classes and meetings Satisfaction for resolutions to problems Most videoconference classes and meetings start on time with no problems Weaknesses • • • • Opportunities • • Educate faculty/staff about the differences between • • the departments of Education Technology, Information Technology, and Educational Renaissance Opportunity to better the department’s image by focusing service on PACE faculty and DPET staff (who voiced the most concerned regarding the operations of ET) while maintaining existing level of service to other divisions Department policies are difficult for faculty and staff to find Not clear to faculty/staff why policies are needed Customer service is inconsistent between members of the department Not all staff members within the department have the same knowledge and faculty/staff receive mediocre service if the subject matter expert is unavailable Threats Inconsistency among department staff Lack of resources which causes a lack of communication
  16. 16. Educational Technology Action items: 1. Implement a ticket tracking system that will be used to measure and compare how each member of the team delivers customer service. a. b. Automatic ticket escalation will be applied to tickets from DPET and PACE to ensure that their requests are closely monitored from creation to completion. Simple surveys will be sent to customers automatically after a technician resolves a help request. If a technician receives a poor evaluation, that ticket will be reviewed to see how the technician could improve the customers experience in the future. 2. Publish all policies on the School’s website and link to the department’s ticket portal. a. Each policy will contain a rational as to why it is necessary and when it was put into effect.
  17. 17. Facilities Strengths • • • • • • Knowledgeable and attentive to detail Effectively handle day-to-day functions Response time to repairs/maintenance problems Effectively address environmental issues, safety hazards and violations Effectively plan/coordinate lab set-ups (new and old) Exhibit a “we are here to help” attitude Weaknesses • • Opportunities • • • • Plan and oversee the move of personnel to IRB • Permanent Facilities Coordinator to handle the day- • to-day issues IRB/GMB Increase proactivity in maintenance requests Anticipate safety hazard violations in our buildings and work to have them resolved Concern regarding successor to Facilities Director Three buildings are currently managed by one director with part-time assistance. With the completion of IRB and addition of more laboratories, maintenance and repair issues will increase Threats Volume of projects conducted by researchers Emergencies, safety hazards, lab violations
  18. 18. Facilities Action items: 1. Facilitate the move of faculty, staff, students, and labs to GMB and IRB 2. Set-up labs in compliance with all safety regulations and faculty expectations
  19. 19. Communications Strengths • • • • • • • Negative ratings (strongly disagree and disagree) comprised less than 10% of total responses Overall satisfaction in several categories increased from 2012 survey results John Zhu Creativity High quality work Professionalism and knowledge Timely responses to inquiries Weaknesses • • • • Opportunities • • • Communications office needs to focus its efforts or expand in order to maximize its effectiveness Focus primarily on the one communications initiative within the Strategic Plan Expand resources the communications staff Communications staff will not always do what they are asked Communications staff is too small More outreach to faculty and research centers is needed More help is needed with PhD recruitment Threats • • • • Office offers a wide range of high quality services but has no consistent way of rationing or prioritizing those services Priorities need to be established within the office Loose definition of the roles and purpose of the communications office Divisions/centers creating their own promotional materials that are not high-quality
  20. 20. Communications Action items: 1. Consult with School administration to identify communication priorities 2. Create proposals with options for restructuring or growing the communications office in response to specific needs identified by the survey and School leadership 3. Determine whether it is possible to increase outreach to faculty based on 1 and 2 above for the purposes of: a. b. c. Generating more new releases about research Offering training on interaction with news media and social media, and Creating richer web-based content about faculty
  21. 21. Infoporte Strengths • • • • Weaknesses Percentage increased in respondents usage of 10 of • 14 functions within Infoporte; remained the same in 3; and decreased in 1 • Percentage of faculty/staff not using Infoporte decreased from 23% to 18% • 95% of respondents agree or strongly agree that the Faculty Dashboard is useful 84% of respondents agree or strongly agree that Infoporte meets their needs (increase of 8% over 2012) Opportunities • • • • • Require faculty/staff to submit HR and Finance requests through Infoporte in order for their requests to be processed Faculty Leave Pilot Make a Dashboard available for staff Update and reorganize business cluster workflows in Infoporte to make them more accessible and user-friendly Develop an in-depth training program for all faculty and staff 66% of faculty/staff do not submit HR or Finance requests through Infoporte Faculty/staff do not understand the financial information available in Infoporte 44% of faculty/staff are utilizing Infoporte to access business cluster workflows Threats • • Faculty/staff do not see benefit of using Infoporte versus email Infoporte will change with the implementation of PeopleSoft; faculty/staff may need to be retrained
  22. 22. Infoporte Action items: 1. Develop an in-depth training program for all faculty and staff 2. Require HR and Finance staff to only accept requests through Infoporte (not email or phone) 3. Update and reorganize business cluster workflows in Infoporte to make them more accessible and userfriendly
  23. 23. We are here to help! Percentage of total respondents who strongly agree or agree that the staff exhibit a “we are here to help” attitude in responding to inquiries/requests Business Cluster Overall 94% Human Resources 86% Research Administration 100% Business Operations 99% Purchasing/Procurement 99% Information Technology 98% Educational Technology 94% Facilities 100% Communications 97%