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Resume 2013 sean ekins


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My Resume for 2013

Published in: Business, Technology
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Resume 2013 sean ekins

  1. 1. ResumeSean Ekins M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc.(215) 687-1320 ekinssean@yahoo.com5616 Hilltop Needmore Road, Fuquay Varina, NC 27526 USASummaryA scientific leader with over 17 years of diverse experience in drug discovery from big pharma tomicro-pharma. Scientific guru in ADME-Tox and drug discovery, with particular expertise incomputational and in vitro tools to accelerate research, increase screening efficiency anddecrease compound attrition due to predictable liabilities.Leadership Achievements• Collaboration and external influencing par excellence with industry, academia, and non-profitlabs. On advisory boards for companies, academia, rare disease foundations and softwarecompanies as well as adjunct professor at 3 US universities.• Commercial orientation: Vast experience from pharma and biotech collaborations atidentifying and obtaining opportunities for funding, developing and applying leading edgetechnologies. Multiple patents and applications on methods, systems and compounds. PI on 6NIH grants and contributor to collaborative European Framework and Bill and Melinda GatesFoundation grants. Experienced grant writer and reviewer.• Results orientation: An intellectual and scientific risk taker who delivers beyondexpectations. Specific focus on applying computational and cheminformatics methods as wellas drug discovery data quality in the public domain.• Strategic orientation: Possesses a broad perspective of drug discovery and developmenthaving contributed in early drug discovery and post marketing studies.• Flexible: Able to move into new areas and rapidly contribute e.g. neglected disease andanalysis of tuberculosis and malaria screening data; providing new ideas to get healtheconomics modeling community researchers to share computational models; helping greenchemistry to use mobile applications – Green Solvents, a free iOS app. Helping rare diseaseresearch by co-developing the ODDT free iOS app (focused on rare and neglected diseases)and TB Mobile, a free iOS app for tuberculosis drug discovery.• Prolific communicator with ~200 papers and book chapters (many of which have been verywell cited, Google Scholar h factor = 50, (April 2013)), and given over 130 invited talks atconferences, companies and universities globally. Editor or co-editor of 4 books and Editor ofan 11 book series for Wiley.EducationD.Sc. Science University of Aberdeen,Aberdeen, Scotland2004-2005Graduated July 5th2005Ph.D. Medicine and Therapeutics University of Aberdeen, 1992-19951
  2. 2. (Clinical Pharmacology) Aberdeen, Scotland Graduated 16thOctober 1996M.Sc. Clinical Pharmacology University of Aberdeen,Aberdeen, Scotland1991-1992Graduated 9thJuly1993HND Science (Applied Biology) Nottingham Polytechnic,Nottingham. UK1988-1991Graduated 1991Industrial Job HistoryCollaborations inChemistry,Senior Consultant-Scientific Advisory Group, ComputationalADME/Tox consulting for consumer productscompanies and institutes:Consulting for pharmaceutical companiesincluding:-Longevica pharmaceuticals, Ardelyxpharmaceuticals, Merck, ResverlogixPro bono work for rare disease foundationsJan 2007- presentCollaborative DrugDiscovery Inc,Vice President, ScienceCollaborations DirectorMarch 2012- presentNov 2008-March 2012Snowdon Inc, Director, Discovery Biology Nov 2006 – Oct 2008ACT LLC, Senior Vice President, Computational Biology April 2006 – 2010GeneGo Inc. Vice President, Computational Biology Feb 2004-April 2006ConcurrentPharmaceuticals Inc.,Associate Director, Computational DrugDiscoveryDec 2001-Feb 2004Lilly ResearchLaboratoriesSenior Computational Chemist 1999-Dec 2001Central Research,Pfizer Inc,Research Scientist 1998-1999Lilly ResearchLaboratoriesPostdoctoral Fellow, Drug Disposition Apr 1996-1998Servier Research &DevelopmentIndustrial internship, Drug Disposition 1989-1990, summer1991Academic HistoryAdjunct Professor, Division of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry, UNC Eshelman School ofPharmacy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Sept 2012-present.2
  3. 3. Adjunct Professor, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, University of Medicine and Dentistry NewJersey, July 2007-present.Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University ofMaryland. MD, Jan 2005-present.Scientific Advisory Board MembershipEmiliem, Inc. (Aug 2006-present), Assay depot (Aug 2008-present), Pistoia Alliance (Oct 2011-present), Bimini Inc (Jan 2012-Present), Jonah’s Just Begun (2012-present)Patents issued (13 applications submitted)U.S. Patent no 6564152: Ekins S and Smith BJ, Pharmacophore models for, methods ofscreening for, and identification of the cytochrome P-450 inhibitory potency of neurokinin- 1receptor antagonists.U.S. Patent no 6489094: Ekins S, Kelly KG, Johnson DL, Method and device for drug-druginteraction testing sample preparation.U.S. Patent no 8211882: Wood RD, Welsh WJ, Ekins S, Ai N, Glutamate ReceptorModulators and Therapeutic Agents. July 3. 2012.Publications (over 200 papers and book chapters since 1995)1. Ekins S, Clark AM and Williams AJ, Incorporating Green Chemistry Concepts into MobileApplications and their potential uses, ACS Sustain Chem Eng, 1. 8-13, 2013.2. Ekins S, Reynolds RC, Kim H, Koo M-S, Ekonomidis M, Talaue M, Paget SD, Woolhiser LKLenaerts AJ, Bunin BA, Connell N and Freundlich JS. Bayesian models leveragingbioactivity and cytotoxicity information for drug discovery, Chem Biol, 20: 370-378, 2013.3. Ekins S, Olechno J and Williams AJ, Dispensing processes impact apparent biologicalactivity as determined by computational and statistical analyses, PLOSONE, 8: e62325,2013.4. Ekins S, Waller CL, Bradley MP, Clark AM and Williams AJ, Four disruptive strategies forremoving drug discovery bottlenecks, Drug Discovery Today, 18: 265-271, 2013.5. Ekins S, Reynolds RC, Franzblau SG, Wan B, Freundlich JS and Bunin BA. Enhancing hitidentification in Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug discovery using validated dual-eventBayesian models, PLOS ONE, 8(5): e63240, 2012.6. Ekins S, Polli JE, Swaan PW, Wright SH, Computational Modeling to accelerate theidentification of transporter substrates and inhibitors that affect drug disposition, Clin PharmThera, 92: 661-665, 2012.7. Ekins S, Williams AJ, Krasowski MD and Freundlich JS, In silico repositioning of approveddrugs for rare and neglected diseases, Drug Disc Today, 16: 298-310, 2011.Editorial PositionsAssociate Editor: Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods, since Jan 20013
  4. 4. Editorial Board: Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 2003-2011, Drug Discovery Today,since 2005, Pharmaceutical Research (Editor of Reviews) since 2009, Mutation Research-Reviews since 2009, Chem-bio informatics since 2011Editorial Advisory Board: Pharmaceutical Research, 2006-2008Grant reviewerWellcome Trust (UK), EPA (USA) Computational Toxicology Centers, NSF (USA), ViennaScience and Technology Fund (WWTF, Vienna), FWF – Austrian Science Fund, TranslationalResearch Fund (Vienna), Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC,UK), ZonMw (The Netherlands), NHMRC (Australia). NIH NIGMS special emphasis panel2008/10 ZGM1 MDRS-X CH. PHS 2010-1 SBIR PHASE I TOPIC 108., SBIR 2012 BiologicalChemistry, Biophysics, and Drug Discovery IMST10.NIH Grants2R44GM069124-02 In Silico Assessment of Drug Metabolism and Toxicity, SBIR phase II (principal investigator) Funded (~$750,000 totalcost) from 08/01/05 to 08/01/07.1R43NS061376-01 Targeted Aggregation Inhibitors for the Treatment of Amyloid Diseases,SBIR phase I (principal investigator) Funded ($124,425 total cost) from 10/01/07 to 03/31/20081R43CA130183-01A1 Computer-Aided Design, Synthesis, And Testing Of A Novel Family Of Triazole-Based Anticancer Therapeutics, SBIRphase I (principal investigator) Funded (Total cost $114,818) From 05/01/08 to 10/31/081R43AI078763-01A1 Development of an Inhibitor of Toxoplasma gondii, NIAID AdvancedTechnology SBIR (principal investigator on proposal submitted then replaced upon leavingcompany) Funded (Total cost $638,000)1R41AI088893-01 Identification of novel therapeutics for tuberculosis combiningcheminformatics, diverse databases and logic based pathway analysis, STTR phase I (PrincipalInvestigator) Funded (Total cost $149,382) 07/10/10 – 06/30/111 R43 LM011152-01 Biocomputation across distributed private datasets to enhance drugdiscovery SBIR phase I (Co-Investigator) Funded (Total cost $149,999) 07/01/11-03/31/122R42 AI088893-02 Identification of novel therapeutics for tuberculosis combiningcheminformatics, diverse databases and logic based pathway analysis, STTR phase II(Principal Investigator) Funded (Total cost $999,999) 2012-2014InterestsJazz, modern architecture, collecting modern design and acrylic and watercolor painting.Cycling.British Citizen and US CitizenReferences are available upon request4