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Discovering Graphic Medicine: Before and Beyond the Leopardskin Librarian and her Second Life Adventures


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A presentation on comics for health literacy and library support for these endeavors, as prepared for a joint meeting of the ACRL Virtual Worlds Interest Group and the ALA Virtual Communities in Libraries MIG.

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Discovering Graphic Medicine: Before and Beyond the Leopardskin Librarian and her Second Life Adventures

  1. 1. Discovering Graphic Medicine: Before and Beyond the Leopardskin Librarian and her Second Life Adventures PF Anderson / Perplexity “Lexi” Peccable ACRL/VWIG Joint Meeting with the ALA Virtual Communities in Libraries MIG January 17, 2016
  2. 2. Once upon a time …A
  3. 3. Once upon a time … … a somewhat interesting, well, slightly interesting woman wrote a book with some friends. It was a big book. A long book. Actually, it was more than one book. Image:
  4. 4. Once upon a time … It was not an interesting book. Not a beautiful book. Not a story book. Not a funny book. Not a spiritual book. Not an important book. Image:
  5. 5. Once upon a time … And that slightly interesting woman didn’t want the BIG, long, multi-volume book to be any of those things, because what it tried to teach WAS important. Image:
  6. 6. Once upon a time … … a woman wrote a book with some friends. It was a bo-o-o-oring book. A boring book to try to help people who would never read it. And that is how this story begins. Image:
  7. 7. The story beginswith imagining a different kind of book, different ways to teach, a different way to tell stories for learning.
  8. 8. Instructional Design SIG ● Cognitive load theory (2009) ● Cognitive literacy ● Advance organizers ○ Graphical organizers ○ Narrative organizers ○ Story grammar ● Storytelling ● Scenario-based elearning ● The “science of surprise”
  9. 9. Digital Storytelling StoryCenter My “StoryCenter Story > The Way to Cajun Country (2011)
  10. 10. Storytelling for Learning “There is consensus in literature that storytelling offers a highly natural and powerful means to convey, learn, and retain information. A variety of educational researchers offer learning theories that support storytelling from a number of perspectives including brain-based learning theories, experiential learning theories, reflective learning theories and transformational learning theories. Several studies are available that underscore the ability of learners to learn, retain and retrieve information when presented in a story format. Furthermore, neuroscience research reports that the human brain is naturally wired to receive and remember every human experience within a structure of a story.” (J. Eck, 2006. <http://www2.uwstout. edu/content/lib/thesis/2006/2006eckj.pdf> ) Images: | head |
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  13. 13. Combining Visual & Narrative Learning Success Story, by Billy Burg http://www.peteburg. com/bill/comics/success.html Images: | | https://openclipart. org/detail/203137/grandma-storytelling
  14. 14. The story continueswith discovering community around these imaginings.
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  21. 21. The struggle Try. Fail. Try. Fail. Watch the experts. Try again. And again.
  22. 22. Foot of the Mountain Digital Storytelling https://etechlib. feast-engaged-learning-through- internships-badges-e-portfolios- storytelling/ Teach Feast 2015: integrative tools for engagement at Michigan http: //www.slideshare. net/umhealthscienceslibraries/teach -feast-2015-integrative-tools-for- engagement-at-michigan Image:
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  28. 28. The breakthroughMaking a story with meaning AND purpose.
  29. 29. Breakthrough The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture https://www. superheroes-impact- pop-culture- smithsonianx-popx1- 1x-0
  30. 30. Breakthrough Inspired by Seshat …
  31. 31. Breakthrough The Leopardskin Librarian is born http: // And she even teaches information lessons & skills along the road!
  32. 32. Breakthrough First, as Stella River, public librarian …
  33. 33. Breakthrough Later, as Madrigal …
  34. 34. Breakthrough I got to be a TA for the second run of “The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture”!
  35. 35. Breakthrough The world of the Leopardskin Librarian grows to include new heros …
  36. 36. Breakthrough … and new villains. And leads to new opportunities …
  37. 37. A new mountainWhen the student becomes a teacher.
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  40. 40. Contact: @pfanderson <> Patricia F. Anderson Perplexity Peccable