quantum information quantum mechanics information hilbert space qubit set theory axiom of choice heidegger entanglement general relativity einstein minkowski space peano arithmetic language quantum computer periodic table special & general relativity axiom of induction time metaphor choice metamathematics goedel separable complex hilbert space creation religion science counterfactual history category theory standard model axiom of (transfinite) induction pseudo-riemannian space information symmetry quantum mechanics and information foundation of mathematics arithmetic phenomenological and transcendental reduction principle of universal mathematizability hilbert mathematics gödel mathematics epoche axiom of transfinite induction phenomenology eidetic probability theory descartes ontological quanta free will free will theorems husserl nietzsche reality representation ontology energy matter foundation of mathemtics mamardashvili schroedinger logic incompleteness quantum imformation epr hilbert hidden parameters linnaeus foucault leibniz einstein’s “mach’s principle” dark matter vs dark energy dark matter modal history history as intention historical subjectivity historical reduction historical phenomenon historical objectivity hermeneutical circle historiography the totality qubit space (qubit hilbert space) physical and mathematical transcendentalism hilbert arithmetic classical and quantum information bit and qubit turing machine dualism fermat's last theorem special relativity poincare conjecture quantum chemistry emmy noether’s theorems of conservation poincare's conjecture four-color theorem square of oppositions being entanglement & gravity creativity theology soul computer science analogy analogia entis formal ontology zero-level language seniology sign saussure japanese four-colourd theorem square of opposition discrete motion louis de broglie bergson cinematograph continuous motion alternative history philosophy and methodology of history lagrange representation hamilton representation lagrange representation of mechanics hamilton representation of mechanics negative probability complex probability special and general relativity philosophy of probability philosophy of chemistry магически реализъм радичков godel theorems husserl's phenomenology philosophy of mathematics destruction aristotle axiom of chhoice superhuman human evolution language nietzsche intention extension attention intension informantion action randomness schizophrenia nash equilibrium technical action communicative action space reality and ontology representation and metaphor quantum mecha completeness general relat parsimony mach's principle quantum me occasionalism history “dazeit” quantum semiotics granular semiotics zadeh rieger quantu fock space einstein field equation quantum correlations enta bell's inequalities kairos historical time long run skeptik liar choice. (quantum) information as the quantity of a choice from infinity information as a binnary series coherent state as an equivalent of a statistical e quantum mechanics as a theory of quantum informati kolmogorov information cybernetics schroedinger equation quantum inf universal logic meaning semiotics scientific language atom quantum conway kochen specker substance mass husserl. cassirer philosophical anthropogenesis cassirer the standard model mass at rest the big bang abstraction measurement entanglement. gödel quantum m "symbol and consciousness" many-worlds interpretation aharonov - bom effect gravity conservation of action cyclic mechanics conservation of information quantum gravity skolemian relativity skolem skolem's relativity skolem's paradox gбdеl karl popper john bell entangement princeton pythagoreanism bohr godel orthodoxy the ussr bell neumann
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