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Project Achievement: Creating a Visual Aid and Evaluation


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You have written your speech. Now you need to plan your visual aid. Remember to evaluate your product!

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Project Achievement: Creating a Visual Aid and Evaluation

  1. 1. Big 6: Steps 5 and 6:
 Synthesis and Evaluation Project Achievement ! Image URI:
  2. 2. Your Visual Aid Big 6: Step 5-Synthesis
  3. 3. Visual Aid Advice Use a large font for your title Include keywords and bulleted points Don’t include too much on one poster Stick to only a few colors You might use a map, chart, diagram, or graph You will have more than one poster
  4. 4. Visual Aid Advice ! Your visual aid should follow the order of our speech Cut out letters or use stencils Reinforce your poster board Include a border Use the title poster also for your conclusion Practice your speech with your posters
  5. 5. 1. Review your speech 2. Select the information 3. Create headings 4. Select keywords or facts ! Visual Aid Planning
  6. 6. 5. Select your images 6. Sketch a draft 7. Which colors are best? Visual Aid Planning
  7. 7. Your Visual Aid Big 6: Step 6- Evaluation Source:
  8. 8. Evaluate your Visual Aid Did you use a large font for your headings? Did you include keywords or bulleted points? Is it easy to read from a distance? Did you keep it simple? Does the visual support your information? Is it neat?
  9. 9. Your Speech Step 6: Evaluation ! ! ! ! Image URI:
  10. 10. Introduction Checklist Did your introduction start out with a catchy phrase or story? Did you hook your audience? Did you introduce yourself? Did you tell us why you picked this topic? Did you explain what you are going to talk about?
  11. 11. Body Paragraph Checklist Do you have a clear topic sentence? Do you provide three to four sentences that explain your topic? (Definitions, examples, facts) Do you share your information source? Does your final sentence help to restate you topic sentence?
  12. 12. Conclusion Checklist Did you review the main points of your topic? Did you leave your audience with something interesting to remember about your topic? Is your conclusion interesting? Did you thank your audience?
  13. 13. Peer-editing Read your partner’s speech Use the Editing Checklist Use the Project Achievement Rubric