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Comic creation as an innovative library role


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Slides for a lightning round talk presented at Comics and Medicine, Seattle, also known as Graphic Medicine Conference, 2017. The project presented was by PF Anderson, Elise Wescom, Kai Donovan, and Ruth Carlos, and originally published in the December 2016 issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR).

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Comic creation as an innovative library role

  1. 1. Comic Creation as an Innovative Library Role: PF Anderson, MILS; Elise Wescom, BFA; Kai Donovan, MA; & Ruth Carlos, MD, MS University of Michigan — Ann Arbor Process, Resources, Publishing (and What About Peer Review?)
  2. 2. Step 1: Be There, or Be Square Step 2: Cooking 101 Lib Guide: Graphic Medicine:
  3. 3. Step 4: Invitation to a Pot Luck!Step 3: Read (and Write?) Recipe(s) “We have a special issue in December for patient engagement. We just got an illustrator. I proposed a comic book guide to difficult conversations . Would you be willing to write the text (with me or with others) for the illustrator?”
  4. 4. Step 5: Assemble Your Tools Step 6: Assemble Your Ingredients (Team) Criteria: Cost, capability, compatibility, sturdiness, flexibility, portability, but most of all, can I draw on the monitor with my pen?
  5. 5. Step 7: Mix Things Up Step 8: Bake Your Brains Image source: Oven <> Brain <>
  6. 6. Step 9: Taste Test (Cook/Creators) Step 10: Taste Test (Diner/Viewer) Hunh?
  7. 7. Step 11: Revise the Recipe Step 12: Taste Test(Again) (& Again) Layout? Frame? Gutter? Caption? Shading? Arrows?!?
  8. 8. Step 13: Serve It Up! Step 14: And? did you like it?