Tweet Talk: Social Media & ROI Metrics 101


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Social media for nonprofits presentation for Christian K-12 school administrators

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Tweet Talk: Social Media & ROI Metrics 101

  1. 1. #TweetTalkSocial Media &ROI Metrics 101Robyn Lyn Florian( Assistant VP for UniversityCommunicationsRachel Peckham( Director of Online LeadGeneration
  2. 2. By the year 2016, the growth of mobile social network users is expected to reach 1.7 billion users, a 210% increase from 2011. Marketers need to be aware of this growth and begin to build a strong foundationfor an effective mobile social engagement strategy … now. ~ eMarketer
  3. 3. #TweetTalk Organizational Social Media• Effective & efficient social media management (SMM) system• Social Resources to facilitate creative conversation campus-wide via various SM channels• Content Marketing• Icing on the Cake: Measurement & Analytics (Metrics)
  4. 4. #TweetTalk Organizational Social Media: SMM System• Hootsuite – Free, Pro ($5.99/mo + add. users & reports) & Enterprise ($1499/mo + add. Users & reports)• SproutSocial – Small Biz ($39/mo for 20 channels + users), Deluxe ($59/mo for 40 channels + users) & Premium ($899/mo for unlimited channels & 10 users)• Hubspot – Basic (starts at $200/mo-$700/mo, depending on # of contacts), Professional (starts at $400/mo-$3,000/mo, depending on # of contacts) & Enterprise (starts at $700/mo-$5000/mo, depending on # of contacts)• Spredfast – $2,000/mo*• Shoutlet – $12,000-$30,000/yr, depending *estimated introductory numbers
  5. 5. #TweetTalk Organizational Social Media: SMM System• Listening – monitoring organization, interaction, events (hashtags), distinctives (key words),industry, competition• Publishing – automate, team assignments, schedule posts (Facebook posts on M-W-F, Twitter on Tu-Th, reply immediately)• Measurement – Google Analytics, Facebook insights, Twitter KPI; most engaging content, best day/time to publish for your audience
  6. 6. HootsuiteFree ORPro ($5.99/mo)• Unlimited social profiles• Team members• ReportingBe a pro … Get Pro. 
  7. 7. #TweetTalk Organizational Social Media: SMM SystemSetting Up Hootsuite Pro• Organize by channel or by stream – personal preference, but schools with a large number of accounts should consider by stream• Set Up “Listening” Streams• Adding YouTube & Flicker + Stream > Apps > Install Suggeston: Create Multimedia Tab and add one or both streams under one tab.• Lists (alumni, faculty/staff, students)• Schedule Posts• Assign Responses to team users
  8. 8. #TweetTalk Organizational Social Media: SMM SystemBest Practices• Do not mix personal and organizational accounts.• Utilize only reliable, trustworthy employees and use leveled user roles.• Never share passwords.Other Apps• Google+ - Can filter by circles to segment posts and other activity• LinkedIn has introduced company pages to a select group, but will release them in future.
  9. 9. #TweetTalkOrganizational Social Media: Social Resources The days of controlling the message at the administrative level must give way to framing the message and equipping organizational colleagues for multi-level distribution.• Staff Champion – Inspires and motivates organizational adoption of social media. – Communicates energy and organizational personality via social media. – Assigns content development and response responsibilities. – Knowledgeable about various social media channels, and stays abreast of new opportunities and changes in the industry – Maintains a social media “idea bank” per channel (Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc.) ~ consider content curation – Conducts staff training (Social Media Mondays lunches, internal brief email inspiration, best practices, classes & webinars)
  10. 10. #TweetTalkOrganizational Social Media: Social ResourcesAnother Time Management Structure:70% - What’s most important now – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,Flickr20% - What’s around the corner – Google+, Foursquare, Tumblr(Gowalla gone, bought by facebook. Instagram just bought byfacebook as well.) RESERVE Google+ shortcode at - What’s possible in the future – Pinterest*, stake your claim onthe name* Investment depends on industry. Retail industry – GO!  Credit TBA
  11. 11. #TweetTalkOrganizational Social Media: Social Resources• Technology – Mobile devises advisable for immediacy in response – Computers – Social media accounts – Video production equipment (or outsource)• Additional Staff – The most important, compelling content at our schools will come from our academic departments. Establish departmental coordinators for social media team.
  12. 12. #TweetTalkOrganizational Social Media: Content Marketing• Exposure – Brand Reach, i.e. Impressions, Visits, Follows, Likes• Influence – Mentions, i.e. Sharing, Retweets• Engagement – Actions, i.e. Click Thrus, Responses, Lead Gen• Conversion – Sales, i.e. Revenue, Attendance• Retention – Repeat Engagement & Revenue social-sales-professional/
  13. 13. #TweetTalkOrganizational Social Media: Content MarketingBy Preferred Channel Focus for 2012 1. Facebook (more B2C) 1. YouTube (knocking Facebook 2. Twitter (more B2B) off the top) – High ROI, but 3. LinkedIn (more B2B) more expensive 4. Blogs 2. Facebook – Best focus for people just getting started 5. YouTube/Video 3. Twitter – Good customer service 6. Google+ channel 7. Photo Sharing (Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram) Google+ - in part due to the Google empire, value in Google search ~ Most Used SM Tools, Social Media Examiner Report 2011 Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram ~ “Top 3” Areas of Focus for 2012, Social Media Examiner Report 2011
  14. 14. #TweetTalkOrganizational Social Media: Content MarketingNew Facebook Timeline• Cover Pic – 850 px X 315 px preferred, at least 399 px wide – Multiple photos or one good image – No calls to action, “Like This” or “Share This,”, discount/pricing or contact info• Keep profile pic as company logo for icon – 180 px X 180 px• Pin posts (contests, key content)• Highlight posts (click star, post widens across both columns)• Milestones (add past organizational info)• Admin Panel / Facebook Insights• New apps – Four show on page, including photos (doesn’t move), change apps, app photos (111 px X 74 px), change to call to action
  15. 15. #TweetTalkOrganizational Social Media: Content MarketingBy Distinctives• Identify organizational distinctives. SAU – “Michigan’s largest Evangelical Christian university,” “critical participation,” “global initiatives,” “social justice”• Share these distinctives with colleagues in a memorable way (on a coffee tumbler? laminated card?)• Seek and prioritize mission-driven stories than reinforce key distinctives.
  16. 16. #TweetTalkOrganizational Social Media: Content MarketingUtilize “writing for the web” best practices• Scannable Text (use bold text for headings and sub-heads)• Above-the-Fold coordination of content• Bullet-point Lists• 50% less text than traditional print• Split longer articles up into multi-page series of articles• Links to off-site resources should open in a new window so they don’t leave your site. Links to on-site content should open in same window.
  17. 17. #TweetTalkOrganizational Social Media: Content Marketing• One Voice/Personality – Personality (think cocktail party, without the alcohol, of course ), Authenticity & One Voice• Content Publishing Map – Use a content calendar to schedule production and posting of social media posts throughout the week – Requires quality, intentionally-framed content plus time- and event- responsive content• Outsourcing: – Initial design and development – Annual or bi-annual consulting on strategies, analytics, content and up-to- date information
  18. 18. #TweetTalkOrganizational Social Media: Content Marketing5 Love Languages of Community Engagement• Words of affirmation: How you say things in the social space is very important. [Encourage, support, value others.]• Quality time: Reply to comments on posts and walls. Spend quality time in the spaces that are important to your community.• Receiving gifts: It doesnt have to be a big gift, but it should be special, i.e. offer timeline cover photos for people to put on their timeline.• Acts of service: [Provide valuable, helpful content.]• Physical touch: How can we create a personality so that our audience feels they know us? ~ Adapted from “Dont Be Afraid of Community Engagement” by Robin Smail, DisruptiveTechnologist at Penn State University, #edugurusummit based on 5 Love Languages by Gary Smalley
  19. 19. #TweetTalk Social Media Resources: Content• Hootsuite Blog• Mashable: Social Media• Social Media Examiner• SalesForces’ Radian6 (free resources)• HubSpot Marketing Resources (free webinars)
  20. 20. #TweetTalk Social Media Resources: Content101 Social Media Tactics forNonprofits: A Field Guide
  21. 21. #TweetTalkThe Icing on the Cake: Social Metrics
  22. 22. #TweetTalk The Icing on the Cake: Social Metrics• How do you know your social media strategy is working?• Take your content to the next level by applying social analytics.
  23. 23. #TweetTalk The Icing on the Cake: Social MetricsIn and of themselves, theydon’t mean much,BUTWhen you chart theirhistory, they can be apowerful tool to measureyour performance!
  24. 24. #TweetTalk Social Metrics: Beginning Metrics• Retweets The number of retweets you had this month is great, but chart your retweets over time to measure the success of your strategy.• Likes By the same token, charting your Facebook page or post likes over the course of time can help to see what kind of content is most effective, and tracking the progression of “friends” can tell you your reputation.
  25. 25. #TweetTalkSocial Metrics: Align Your Analytics With Your Business Objectives to Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)So what’s your objective in social media?• Dialog• Promote Advocacy• Support• Innovation
  26. 26. #TweetTalkSocial Metrics: Align Your Analytics With Your Business Objectives to Develop KPI’sDialog• Engagement• Reach
  27. 27. #TweetTalkSocial Metrics: Align Your Analytics With Your Business Objectives to Develop KPI’sPromote Advocacy• Influence• Impact
  28. 28. Klout measures your socialinfluence online.My goal is to increase the topics Iam influential about to include moremarketing/information science.This particular score is because Ido more personal things onFacebook and am moving a moreprofessional presence to Twitter.
  29. 29. #TweetTalk Social Metrics: Align Your Analytics With Your Business Objectives to Develop KPI’sSupport• Repeat Contact Rate (Total contacts / Total issues)• Resolution Time (average in a spreadsheet)• Satisfaction Score (survey after resolution)This will be more effective with paid CRM and knowledgebasesolutions. However, you can start tracking support issues seenthrough social media and log the process with a spreadsheet.
  30. 30. #TweetTalkSocial Metrics: Align Your Analytics With Your Business Objectives to Develop KPI’sInnovation• Topic Trends
  31. 31. #TweetTalk Social MetricsNow get out there and publish!• Conceive your campaign.• Write/design your creative.• Publish landing pages.• Create tracking code using Google URL Builder.• Use the appended URL when you publish to social media channels for web traffic metrics.• Use the techniques from this presentation to measure your social presence.
  32. 32. #TweetTalk Social Media Resources: Metrics• Social Marketing Analytics social-marketing-analytics• Occam’s Razor: Best Social Media Metrics conversation-amplification-applause-economic-value/• The Brand Builder• “The 10 Social Media Metrics Your Company Should Monitor
  33. 33. #TweetTalk Social Media Resources: Metrics Social Media ROI Web Analytics 2.0 Media-ROI-Measuring-Organization/dp/078974741 3