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Social media for photographers


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A simple easy to use guide on how to use Social Media for your Photography Business.
by Social Media Strategist and Trainer
Fred Felton.

Published in: Art & Photos, Technology, Business
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Social media for photographers

  1. 1. @fredfeltonTweet About The Talk Using The Hashtag #SonyPhotoTalkSOCIAL MEDIAFOR PHOTOGRAPHERS
  2. 2. Welcome Everyone My Name is Fred Felton I am a Social Media Strategist and Speaker at Falconscove – A Digital Media Agency We do talks workshops and training on social media and we manage various brands using social media I am also a photographer You can follow me on Twitter @fredfelton How many of you are on Twitter or Facebook?
  3. 3. Aim High
  4. 4. What Is Social Media? Would you agree that Social Media is something new? Yes? Has it been around for ages? Sitting around the fire Radio Shows – Squad Cars Tv Shows – Lost Cellphones today
  5. 5. Big Social Media Networks Twitter Facebook Instagram Youtube Linkedin Google + Pinterest FourSquare BBM A Blog – blogger, tumblr, wordpress
  6. 6. So Many Choices
  7. 7. Twitter A micro-blog messaging site You have 140 characters to Tweet Has well over 500 million users 2012 Superbowl – 10 000 tweets per second That’s a lot of potential buyers for your photo It’s one of the big 3 social network sites You sign up using a email address and all your activity from Twitter will be sent to that email address
  8. 8. Twitter - tips You get a username so choose either your name or something that identifies you as a photographer eg @bobphotograper or @bobphoto or @yourname or @bobphotog In your bio put that you are a photographer and the photography you do and put your website down where people can buy your photography Start following people and photographers Build up relationships
  9. 9. Add the icons to yourwebsite or blog
  10. 10. Twitter – what to do Tweet about where you live Tweet about your schedule how you take photos When your next photography book comes out Tweet your gallery launches You can also add # hashtags so use things like #photographer or #photo so people identify you as a photographer then if someone searches for photographers or photos your tweets come up, #followsa huge community of South Africans Retweet RT interesting tweets
  11. 11. Twitter - 101 Tweet pics of your photos using twitpic or instagram Use to share websites or links and you can see who reads them Use tools like tweetdeck, hootsuite, ubersocial, crowdboost er and marketmetsuite all great to see who chats to you.
  12. 12. Share Your Pics Online
  13. 13. Twitter lingo #FF – Follow Friday every Friday tell people about a nice tweep to build them up DM – a direct message that you or someone sends can only be seen by the people who send it Tweetup – a great way to meet people from twitter for coffee and who knows they might want to buy some of your photography The more followers you have the more potential fans you have, the aim is to build up a tribe Nicky Minaj – Every tweet is a lead As twitter says – Join the conversation 
  14. 14. Useful Tweeps To Follow @dlrphotography @panascape @za5 @photo_network @LATimesPhotos @Life @NatGeo
  15. 15. The Power Of Your Tweet
  16. 16. Facebook It’s approaching 1 billion users The most used soc network site So u need to be on it Create a personal account Create a fan page for your photography business Post status updates Network like crazy Join other photography pages and groups Aim is to build up a huge group of fans who will hopefully buy your photography
  17. 17. Facebook - tips You can add events So you could add gallery launches and send them to your friends and everyone on facebook can also see them You can have ads which people can see Respond to people that chat to you or post messages to you Put up pics of your exhibits Put up links to where people can buy your photos Promote your fan page on your emails and all stationery
  18. 18. Useful Facebook Pages PhotographyTalk PhotoComment South African Photographers Hub No Pages For Your Clubs? Let me know if you need any built Would be a fantastic networking opportunity for all of you who are in Photo Clubs
  19. 19. Do you have this on yourbusiness card?
  20. 20. Linkedin More of a business networking site Also useful to be on Build up a profile Join as many photography groups as you can and network on the groups Loads of advice for photographers there and loads of places where you can tell people about your photo’s Add people and network with big business and Ad Agencies as well You can also add events on it as well
  21. 21. Youtube 3 billion views a day – May 2011 Build a profile on your page Load slideshows of your photography on it Insert link to where people can buy it Loads of videos there on photoshop and camera technique
  22. 22. If you don’t put it out therenobody will know about you
  23. 23. Email Signature - Wisestamp Another valuable tool is all those emails you use. Add a app called Wisestamp to your emails and you can add links, images and so much more all about your photos, your twitter and facebook pages and so much more See every email you send as a possible photo sale if someone sees the signature they might just buy your photo or ask you to do a shoot
  24. 24. The Other SM Networks Google + - similar to the others worth a look Foursquare – allows you to check in at various venues BBM – allows you to communicate with your clients Ubersocial – allows you to use your mobile phone to tweet and send messages to facebook Pinterest – allows you to pin pictures, repin, like Flickr – allows you to put up pictures Photo Stock Sites – like Shutterstock, iStock
  25. 25. Never underestimate thepower of social media
  26. 26. The benefits of Social Media You can go to your art exhibit Or before you go you can tweet that you are going and also load the event to Facebook and Linkedin If you do that the chances are more and more people will come by to see it Off to the Bot Gardens Exhibit tomorrow my photos are on display there come by and say hi Durban – an example of a tweet
  27. 27. Instagram The benefits of Instagram Has many filters to make your images even better Benefits from social sharing on twitter and facebook and email Recently bought by Facebook for $1 billion Us Dollars
  28. 28. Thank you My contact details You can follow me on Twitter @fredfelton Web – Blog – Email –
  29. 29. Questions ? ? ? Credits Google Tinypay Apple Wikipedia Linkedin Twitter Facebook Youtube Wisestamp