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Social Media Strategies for Non-Profits


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A webinar on Social Media Strategies for Non-Profits given by Juliann Grant on September 29, 2011 for Progressive Audio Business Conferences (PBAC).

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Social Media Strategies for Non-Profits

  1. 1. SocialNetworkingStrategies:What’s Best forYour Nonprofit?September 30, 2011 Juliann GrantTelesian Technology
  2. 2. What we’ll cover today• Current non-profit challenges/trends in social networking• Setting a Strategy – Listening – Cause curation – Multi-channel efforts – Landing pages• Social Networking Tools – Management of profiles – Donation management, events – Crowdsourcing Tools• Social success stories
  3. 3. Non-profit challenges
  4. 4. Non-profit challenges • A strategy • Resources •
  5. 5. Social network usage FourSquare • 9 of 10 NP’s have presence 4 •Avg community size grew 161% Flickr • 2400in 2010 to 6300 in 2010 •1 in 3 NP’s have presence •NonProfit types: •Growth down slightly in •International (97%) 2010, biggest growth was 38% 19 •Environmental and Animal in 2009 Welfare (91%) •Avg follower base grew to 1822 57 89 •Arts & Culture (89%) •Education (88%) Facebook Twitter 47 33 LinkedIn• Presence remained stable YouTube•Community size grew 504%to 1196 members •Avg community size grew 165% to 1196 members (up from 450 in 2010) •Most prevalent NP types:Source: •Professional •Education
  6. 6. You are not alone…
  7. 7. Setting a Strategy
  8. 8. Social media building blocks Engage/GListening Participate Share a Community enerate Story Building Buzz
  9. 9. Major challenge:Lack of marketing integration
  10. 10. Remember where social networking fits• Organization Goals – Build brand awareness – Identify new fundraising opportunities – Put a human face on your brand – Deepen supporter relationships• Organize a Strategy – Why, who, what, when, where, how• Schedule programs and tactics – Identify programs and supporting content – Plan to get the message out
  11. 11. Developing a strategy• Be listening• Be a good cause curator• Build engagement experiences• Find influencers• Other components• Landing page strategies• Hash tags and tags• Flow your campaigns
  12. 12. Be listening• Listening means find who is talking about things that matter to you – Find your audience – where you need to be • Start pulling RSS feeds on information you find valuable –, – Use descriptive keywords from a supporter/cause point of view • Identify what is being talked about and how • Selectively add “friends/followers” to social network profiles
  13. 13. Be a good cause curator Difference between beinga short order cook and an executive chef
  14. 14. Build engagement experiences• New donors – Focus on educating on the cause • Why this is important NOW • Build confidence in your organization • How their participation will help• Existing donors – Share a vision as being part of your community • Build exclusivity of being part of something • Find ways to deepen their involvement
  15. 15. Find influencersBloggersTwitter’ersOther FB CharitiesPartner charities
  16. 16. Other components• Blog – Human voice – Can be a team blog, adds more points of view – If not your own, find a blogger locally or that shares your cause• Integration points with marketing and web site – Web site media page for sharing blogs and social media profiles – Targeted landing pages • Donation thank you pages • Campaign pages • Event pages
  17. 17. Landing Page Strategies• Customize each landing page• Good SEO will have unique page titles and descriptions• Add a Thank You Video –• Add social sharing widgets – Facebook Page and Twitter streams, Like buttons• Ask for mobile phone numbers• Tells a visitor what action you want them to take
  18. 18. Facebook welcome pages
  19. 19. Use tags and #hashtags• Use on Twitter, Photo, Video Tags• Does not require registration but check for usage – –• Create unique topics and use for tracking conversations – Events, Programs, Contests – Around a cause/issue – Geography – General terms ex. Poverty, youth – Create a body of knowledge #UnitedWay – Archive when necessary
  20. 20. Flow your campaigns Major EventOutcome Messaging Content Promotion Measurement goals Internal- External/Use Pitch Web site Driven Visits/traffic r Generated Promotion Social Social Fans/Followe Offer Blog posts Event listings Traditional Bloggers networks networks rs Outcome Donations/O Video Facebook Mailing Facebook desired utcomes Landing page YouTube Email Flickr Flyer/Invites LinkedIn Web Site YouTube Pictures Flickr Contest/Tick ets
  21. 21. Remember… Engagement requires effort• Consistent blogging (20 posts or more)• Pay attention to social network cultures – What works on one network doesn’t work well to the next• Tweak social network posts as needed – Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn – Don’t auto-post everywhere all the time• Comment on other blogs/Facebook Pages• Recognize others in your posts
  22. 22. Now ask yourself• Where else can I share/distribute this content?• Am I making it easy to share this content? – Do you have social media share buttons everywhere?• How can I incent my supporters to share this content?• Have I asked them to share this content?• Is this content/info noticeable on our web site?• Is it clear what we are asking people to do?
  23. 23. Social Networking Tools
  24. 24. Listening tools• Search for keywords• Search by #hashtag• Monitor trends/sentim ent• Create feeds in a Reader or in an tool like Hootsuite• Consider automated tools
  25. 25. Other Listening Tools
  26. 26. Profile Management: Hootsuite-Multiple Twitter profiles-Facebook(personal and Pages)-LinkedIn-WordPress-FourSquare-Teams-Analytics
  27. 27. Attract SupportersLive tweeting an event: Participate in a TweetChat: Tweetchat schedule: • Great for finding like-minded people to follow • NPTalk: 2-3pm CT Wed • • Fundchat: Wed 12 pm EST
  28. 28. Survey tools for Crowdsourcing
  29. 29. Tips for Crowdsourcing • Include a short personal message about a survey/poll/event within the tweet. • Include an incentive such as “win a gift card” etc. • Use popular hashtags related to your survey/poll/event. • Try to send the tweet at peak Twitter times for maximum exposure. • Don’t be afraid to Tweet more than once. • Use a link shortening service such at to shorten your survey/ poll link and track the clicks. • Ask for a Retweet from your followers. • Send a final reminder tweet such as, “poll ends today, results to follow”. crowdsourcing-and-simple-market-research
  30. 30. Track What People Like
  31. 31. Video Platforms: Needed or not?You Tube Vimeo BrightCoveFree Basic free package limited Not free – starts at – 1 upload a week $99/mo - $499 $9.99/mo/$60/yarPart of Google 500 MB/week 40 G/50 videosAnalytics Analytics AnalyticsCommercials Basic player customization YouTube SyncAccessibility challenges Some development tools Basic player customizationSomewhat branded Faster viewing uploads
  32. 32. Online fundraising
  33. 33. Online fundraising tools
  34. 34. Online fundraising tools
  35. 35. Online fundraising tools
  36. 36. Other resources
  37. 37. Events• Run an media alert on the event (at least 30 days in advance)• Add events on LinkedIn, other sites
  38. 38. Social Success Stories
  39. 39. Day of Caring:United Way of Nashua NH Goals: Build visibility for the volunteers Grow Facebook Fan Base Engagement through comments and photo sharing
  40. 40. The Humane Society• 700,000 Facebook fans and 55,000 Twitter followers• Keys to success: – Keep people on Facebook when possible – Replicate ask programs from web site on FB page – Using compelling photographs, video and other forms of mediums on Facebook pages – Share short, digestible stories – Invite stories from fans – Engage before asking for anything – Cross pollinate programs for best results
  41. 41. The power of a tweet: Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project• Started from a single tweet: – “Why don’t we provide tote bags to food pantries?”• Pittsburgh Foundation saw it, contacted the person to find out how to send tote bags• Made contacts at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank• Program has collected hundreds of tote bags•
  42. 42. Charity:Water
  43. 43. Takeaways• Don’t be afraid to make a mistake!• Social fundraising has yet to mature• Stay educated, learn from others• Stay committed!• Remember it’s about relationships, not donors
  44. 44. Resources• Beth Kanter:• Non-Profit Technology Network:• Non-Profit Tech 2.0:• FirstGiving Blog:• Network for Good:• Non-Profit Brand Institute:• Mashable:
  45. 45. Q&A Thank you for your time Contact Me: Juliann Grant Blog: Twitter: Facebook: