Mythology or energy science


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Mythology or energy science

  1. 1. Mythology or energy science? From the chamber of secrets
  2. 2. A sail transfers energy upstream in the wind. By creating friction the sail causes energy to transfer into the sail as heat, and then back into the wind, still as heat (effectively transferring the energy upstream). Also the sail focuses wind energy, making it possible to focus energy up or cross stream directly as kinetic energy.
  3. 3. A flag in the convection current is a source of friction.The friction of the flag will cause an energy transfer and conversion. Some kinetic energy of the flowing air will become heat once again. The heat will cause the air to expand, and the normal convection will occur. The heat of the overall convection system is still more intense than a flags heat, so the system retains its general flow. This WILL alter the convection current overall, but will also have the effect of increasing the heat, and slowing the dispersion of energy from the area. The energy is, in effect, “pulled back”. The heat then contributes to the normal heat, resulting in more powerful convection, and more intense friction.
  4. 4. An urban area loses heat through convection As the air warms, it becomes lighter and rises off the city. In a city with a central high point, the air makes an airflow pattern as depicted.
  5. 5. If placed strategically in the urban area, sails would slow the loss of energy from the urban environment.
  6. 6. The area normally loses significant amounts of energy to the atmosphere. By creating a delay, the area would contain much more energy than without the sails.
  7. 7. As this energy increases in magnitude, there would become a clear center of energy.
  8. 8. With enough energy, Combustion!
  9. 9. As the energy “mass” increases in size, it’s center will be higher in the sky. So, as the sailors skillfully increase the available urban energy, the center bright spot will rise.
  10. 10. This could be where this song came from: A STAR, RISING IN THE EAST!
  11. 11. Why raise the star? • Wind could drive ventilation and transportation. • A well built urban area could have a circular sail road powered by this shape of convection if the wind were powerful enough. • This would be like a city-wide highway with 24 hour powered transit. • Ventilation would allow for increased population density in more ways than one. Rooms can hold more breathers at once, and urban areas can remain clear of pollutants like human sh*t! (and disease!)
  12. 12. Why don’t WE make one? Dub Railroad movie poster 1 (draft) urban heat index power company