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What's new in 4.8.7 - Document Management


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We have updated Synergy Practice Management Document Management module with improved search and storage access, re-styled Documents tab and improvements to controlled and uncontrolled documents. This is document management for architecture, engineering and design businesses at its best.

We have also redesigned the Outlook plugin, created a a new file preview useful for PDFs, emails and other documents, and developed a new email send wizard (and loads more).

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What's new in 4.8.7 - Document Management

  1. 1. What’s New Synergy 4.8.7 Release Document Management – Major Update
  2. 2. Document Management What is Document Management? • Store all your documents in a central location. • Import documents into the controlled library to enable versioning.* • File emails to Synergy using the Outlook plugin.* • Separate Synergy folder locations can be created for • • Contacts • Document Management Projects Contract Admin How do I get Document Management? • Uncontrolled documents is enabled for Foundation and Enterprise. • Controlled documents and the Outlook plugin are enabled on request (training required*). • Join the next online training webinar to be trained on Document Management and have this module enabled in Synergy Enterprise. Tip: *Controlled documents and the Outlook plugin are Enterprise features. Uncontrolled documents can be used by both Foundation and Enterprise clients.
  3. 3. Document Management Project Documents • Store all your project documents in a central location. • New style makes it faster to find your project files. • Select a project folder to view the saved files. Document Management Tip: Controlled documents is an add-on module for Synergy Enterprise clients.
  4. 4. Document Management Project Documents – Uncontrolled • Fewer toolbar options are shown if ‘controlled’ documents is not enabled on your Synergy license. • Foundation and Enterprise clients have access to uncontrolled documents by default. Document Management Tip: Synergy Enterprise clients can join the next online training webinar to get Controlled Documents enabled in their Synergy license.
  5. 5. Document Management Project Documents - Controlled • Version control for project documents. • Roll back to a previous version when incorrect changes are made. • Extra toolbar buttons are available for controlled files. Document Management Tip: Details about these features will be in the Document Management online training webinar.
  6. 6. Document Management Project Documents Move documents into libraries by multi selecting rows in the list and: • Import documents to Controlled from Uncontrolled. • Export documents to Uncontrolled from Controlled. Document Management Tip: Multi select list rows is only used with these two documents features. *Enterprise Document Management clients only.
  7. 7. Document Management Filter Documents • Top toolbar button enables the filtering options. • Explorer panel filters on the left limit what files are shown. • List filters have advanced options to limit what is shown based on file modified date, file name, file type, or email sender/recipients. Document Management Tip: Filter the documents listed within the selected project folder in the controlled and uncontrolled libraries.
  8. 8. Document Management Search Documents • • Cancel the search if too many results are found. • Click ‘Clear’ to return to the project folders view. • Uncontrolled - file name is searched. • Document Management Search by keywords in Project documents. Controlled - file name, body and email recipients is searched.
  9. 9. Document Management Preview Documents • • View the file without having to open it with ‘view’. • PDF, docx, images, and email preview available. • Document Management Quickly find the file you are looking for using preview Other file extensions will display ‘no previewer available’.
  10. 10. Document Management Project Image • • Document Management Select an image in the Project Documents tab. Project image shown on the General Tab.
  11. 11. Document Management Controlled Documents Tracking • • Send reminders to users to ‘Request check-in’ of a controlled file. • Document Management Check which users are editing files (checked out) and which are being reviewed (read only). System administrators can force a check-in of a file using ‘Delete’. The checked-out file and changes are deleted, rolling back to the previous version.
  12. 12. Document Management Archive Controlled Documents • Available to System Administrators only. • Works with project status of ‘Complete’ or ‘Unsuccessful’. • Creates a separate zip file for every Controlled document that contains each version of the document stored in Synergy. • Zip file is placed back in the Project directory for archiving, allowing you to free up server disk space. Document Management Tip: This action cannot be reversed. Only use on completed or finished projects.
  13. 13. Document Management Email Documents • Highlight a document and click the ‘Send’ toolbar button. • Tell Synergy how to create the new email message by selecting: • An email template to auto create the email subject and body. • (Optional) A Sub Project to use this email template type. • Who the email will be sent to - project contacts and staff. Document Management Tip: Documents can only be attached to the email message if the file is smaller than the maximum file size setting on your email server.
  14. 14. Document Management Contact Documents • Use Contact Documents to store all client emails, statements and client marketing materials in a central location. • Documents tab is available in each contact giving all clients access to Uncontrolled Contact Documents. • Controlled Documents are available to Enterprise clients with the Document Management module enabled on their license. • Contact folders are auto created when: • Document Management An email if first filed to the contact from Outlook. • The contact record is first opened from the list. Tip: Contact folders are created in the Synergy shared folder. Define the automatic folder structure used in Admin Tools  Project folders.
  15. 15. Document Management Contract Admin Documents • Use Contract Admin documents to store all the information sent to clients in a central location. • Documents tab is available in each contract giving all clients access to Uncontrolled Contract Admin Documents. • Controlled Documents are available to Enterprise clients with the Document Management module enabled on their license. • Contract Admin folders are auto created when: • An email if first filed to a contract from Outlook. • The contract is first opened from the list. Document Management Tip: The folder structure used is setup in Admin Tools  Project folders.
  16. 16. Document Management Global Controlled Documents • Search for a keyword in controlled files across all projects, contacts and in Contract Admin. • Parent shows the Project Title – Number, Contact Name, or Contract Title – Number. • Double click the parent column and open the project, contact or contract. • Knowledge managers would also use this to: • Document Management Force a check-in for any Synergy controlled files. • Remove the read-only (local copy flags) for controlled files.
  17. 17. Document Management Outlook plug-in • Available for Enterprise clients only. • New ‘Total Synergy’ toolbar replaces the ‘Add-in’ toolbar. • More locations for placement of the Synergy explorer panel. • Drag and drop to file emails to projects or contacts folders. Document Management Tip: Microsoft Outlook versions 2013, 2010 and 2007 are supported.
  18. 18. Document Management Save emails to Synergy • Select multiple emails in Outlook to file to Synergy. • Save to controlled or uncontrolled libraries. • Attachments can be saved separately to the library. • Save the emails to folders in: • • Contacts • Document Management Projects Contract Admin
  19. 19. Document Management Settings for saving emails to Synergy • Found in the Total Synergy Outlook toolbar. • Default settings applied when filing emails to Synergy. • Strip attachment settings cannot be used if filing emails from a Gmail or Outlook/Hotmail type account where email sync’s occur. Document Management Tip: Attachments can be saved as separate files or just included in the original email, even when the strip attachments option is off.
  20. 20. Questions? Call the Synergy Support Team on +61 2 8197 9000 Click here to find out more about Document Management