Enhance Productivity using SharePoint


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Enhance the usage of SharePoint using Tools that are Free, Paid or Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) features.

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  • Good evening everyone, hope you all had a good day. I promise to keep my presentation short and sweet.
  • I started meddling with SharePoint when my previous company engaged the first SharePoint 2010 project in year 2010. I am also a fan of System Center Suite of products and vast experience with .NET development.
  • Today I am going to cover two major point. What’s productivity? How do you define productivity? Do you have a part to play in enabling better productivity within your organization or within your team?Secondly, I am going to share with you all the Top 4 tools that I have used to helped my organization and team to enable better productivity. I will be sharing with the kind of problem that I have encountered in the organization and feedback that is collated from the colleagues. From there, I helped to source for ways to help fill the gap and to better enable higher productivity for the team.
  • This is the raw definition that I have pluck out from the internet.
  • To me, I feel that, Productivity is…To align the end-user activities with the needs of the business. It is like how you want your users to use the tools that have been designed for them to meet with the day-to-day needs. One of the business objectives for Organization who have deployed SharePoint and see value in SharePoint would definitely be wanting to fully utilized SharePoint.Last but not least, it is to streamline internal business processes so that to create a kind of uniform standard across all business units.
  • Let’s go into the problem scenario Case number 1.
  • In my organization, we have a SharePoint 2010 environment being deployed across the whole of Asia-Pacific region. So each business unit (BU) for each country will have a Team Site that is created for collaboration and sharing of information.As of now, the SharePoint site is mainly used as a Centralized Library for storage of files for the team as we are transiting from the traditional File Server to fully utilizing SharePoint.The two major problem that we faced is that, usually when the employees want to disseminate information such as a word document, the employee will send the document as an email attachment to the rest of the intended recipient. There after, after modification by other team member, the revised copy will then be send back to the same group of users. This causes a big problem such as increase in email storage space and also it is very hard to find the latest copy. I believe that you will definitely be in such a situation where one sends the latest copy with the subject in the email, “latest copy”. Lastly, one of the major problem to be solved is to enhance the usage of SharePoint instead of purely using Email exchanges.
  • I proposed Harmon.ie for Outlook initially is because it is a good tool that comes free. It is a great tool that enabled a small department like mine to do some pilot testing. Harmon.ie for outlook Integrate directly into Outlook client and sit just at the right hand size of the Outlook client as shown. User will be able to search for files directly from the Harmon.ie client to the SharePoint environment. In the screen shot, we can see, one of the feature that is worth considering is the preview of the document without even downloading the document.
  • As mentioned previously, one of the advantage is to be able to preview document directly within the Outlook client pulling off data from SharePoint without the need to download the physical copy.Next advantage which is one of the primarily reason that I have chosen to use Harmon.ie is the ability to drag document from SharePoint directly into message creation as email attachment. When the email is being disseminated internally, a link to the SharePoint document is being sent instead of the physical copy of the document. With this, it will help to achieve some form of standards so that we will not overload email with huge and repeated attachments. On top of that, there will always be one copy that exists instead of finding the “latest” copy in the mailbox. Harmon.ie for Outlook also enhance the way we search document, one simple example will be, you do not have to navigate to the SharePoint site to find document and search the document library. All you have to do is to access it from one single application. Lastly, one of the feature that we have used extensively is the ability to perform “check-in” and “check-out” of document. It is vital for the users to have such feature because this will reduce the needs for user to toggle between multiple screen just to accomplish a single task. Sometimes, when user edit the document through the Outlook client then it will be easier to be able to check-in the file directly and sent for approval based on whether Workflow is being enabled. With this, this help to reduce a step for the user rather than needing to navigate to the SharePoint site and then perform the check-in of the same document.
  • Some of the advantages of harmon.ie which is the primary reason why I have chosen Harmon.ie.
  • Number 2 problem that my organization have faced is during project implementation, there are a group of employees who get involved with the project and alias with the client / end-users. However, when more employees are being added to the project or when the project are transitioning from the Project Team to Operation Team, we often see miscommunication or lost of information. There are times when promises are being committed or agreed in written email and only resides between the individual employee and the end-user. Therefore, causing a little of dispute later on which make work a little hard to accomplished by the operation team.Therefore, there must be a way for email communication pertaining to the project to be kept in the archive.
  • In order to cater to such scenario, we used SharePoint Site Mailbox to tackle this problem.
  • Third problem that we have faced is within the organization, we have many System Engineers that are employed for various project purposes. However, most of the System Engineers who possesses Microsoft skillset will be nominated to be part of the team that support the Microsoft Premier Services that is provided to our client. One of the problem is that different Engineers are working on different projects and will have their own schedule such as period where they will be on leave or time-off. Therefore, one problem is to keep track of everyone schedule. On top of that, not all employee would prefer not to share their calendar due to privacy.
  • Problem number 4 for this evening is as such. In my organization, we have employees who are part of the pre-sales team and works on tender proposal. So lots of files are being shared within the team that is working on the tender or proposal inclusive of employees not within the Sales team. Therefore from time to time, employees are required to obtain the files needed for references so that they can understand more on the project scope and requirements. At the same time, project proposal are required to be updated by multiple parties and vetted through by various stake holders. One of the major problem that they face is that they have to download the files manually, one file at a time and sometime it contains a lot of references documents. On top of that, needing to download the proposal each time there is a new changes is a dragful thing to do and one would need to keep track of when the file is being modified.
  • Enhance Productivity using SharePoint

    1. 1. Enhance Productivity with SharePoint
    2. 2. Who am I? Milton Goh, Developer/System Engineer, Microsoft Solutions at Dimension Data (Singapore)  Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC) - TechNet  Worked with SharePoint since 2010  First in Singapore to deploy SharePoint (2010) on Amazon AWS Twitter - @miltongoh | Blog – miltongoh.com | Email – milton@nerdytwo.com
    3. 3. My Experiences SharePoint 2007/2010 Development SharePoint Infrastructure Design for SharePoint 2010 in Amazon AWS System Center Product Suite and Private Cloud .NET Development
    4. 4. What will be covered? • What’s productivity? Do I have a part in it? • 4 Tools that helped my organization and my team
    5. 5. Define Productivity Productivity is the ratio of output to inputs in production; it is a measure of the efficiency of production. Source - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Productivity
    6. 6. What’s Productivity? • Align end-user activities with the needs of business • Fully utilized SharePoint • Streamline internal business processes
    7. 7. Do I have a part in it? • YES! If… – You are being forced to. – You want the better out of the organization and yourself. • NO! If… – You are not willing to (but you may regret it later)
    8. 8. Problem Scenario – (1) • Have an existing environment running SharePoint 2010. • Each department have a SharePoint Team Site and files have been gradually placed in SharePoint Library. • Want to solve the problem of email attachment. • Want to enhance the usage of SharePoint for sharing of documents.
    9. 9. harmon.ie for Outlook Source: http://harmon.ie/integrate-sharepoint-outlook
    10. 10. Features • Preview document directly from SharePoint without the need to download. • Drag document from SharePoint directly as email attachment. All users are accessing the one copy that is located in SharePoint. • Easily find document in SharePoint via Outlook. • Perform “Check-in” & “Check-out” via Outlook.
    11. 11. Advantages • Prevent data leakage • No fear in high email storage requirements • Integrate SharePoint into the common day-to-day tool • Drives SharePoint adoption • Eliminates document chaos
    12. 12. Pricing & Licensing • Comes with two editions. – Free Edition • Limited to 100 users per organization • Read, write and upload capabilities to Office 365 and SharePoint – Enterprise Edition • Include all features in “Free” edition and enterprise features – Centralized deployment – Provisioning and Support • Price at USD 4/month per user (Annual Commitment)
    13. 13. Problem Scenario – (2) • During project implementation, emails exchanged with clients are kept with project implementation team only. No visibility to team member that come onboard later. • When there isn’t a proper email archiving, some of the mails that are project related are lost track and usually contain important information such as agreed scopes.
    14. 14. SharePoint Site Mailbox Q: What are SharePoint Site Mailboxes? A: It is just a Mailbox that brings Exchange emails and SharePoint documents together.
    15. 15. Features • Emails and document presented together • Add the site mailbox as a recipient in email thread • Drag and drop multiple document from site mailbox into email • Open SharePoint site directly from Outlook • Forwarding a document from site mailbox
    16. 16. SharePoint Site Mailbox
    17. 17. SharePoint Site Mailbox
    18. 18. SharePoint Site Mailbox
    19. 19. Pricing & Licensing • It’s FREE! • If you have Office 365, start using it! Available for the following subscription,– – – – Small Business Premium Midsize Business Enterprise E1 Enterprise E3 • For on-premises, just make sure you have Exchange installation.
    20. 20. Problem Scenario – (3) • Operation Support Team consists of many members . • Each member have different reporting manager. • Hard to keep track of leave status or out-of-office status. • Wish to maintain privacy by not sharing individual calendar.
    21. 21. SharePoint Calendar List • Integrate with Outlook client via SharePoint site.
    22. 22. SharePoint Calendar List • Shared calendar will not affect changes you made in the main calendar. • Able to SharePoint calendar directly from Outlook client.
    23. 23. Advantages • • • • Out of the Box (OOTB) feature It’s FREE Easy to setup Inherit SharePoint site permission or define your own permission
    24. 24. Problem Scenario – (4) • Certain group of employees are required to access certain files offline. • These files are project tender scope and other related documents. • Project proposal are being updated by multiple personnel.
    25. 25. Colligo Briefcase • Two-way Sync • Offline viewing and editing along with full SharePoint features • Ensure content are up to date Source: http://www.colligo.com/products/sharepoint/colligo-briefcase-for-windows/
    26. 26. Colligo Briefcase • Drag-and-drop between Windows and SharePoint • Access SharePoint from Windows Explorer • Perform “check-in” and “check-out” Source: http://www.colligo.com/products/sharepoint/colligo-briefcase-for-windows/
    27. 27. Pricing & Licensing • Comes with two editions. – Colligo Briefcase Lite • Restricted to 1-way Sync (Ensure local content are up-to-date) • For personal and non-commercial use only – Colligo Briefcase • 2-ways Sync • Price at USD 110 per licensed user
    28. 28. Questions? Comments? Something to Share?
    29. 29. References  Harmon.ie for Outlook  http://harmon.ie/integrate-sharepoint-outlook  SharePoint Site Mailboxes  http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2012/08/22/site-mailboxes-in-the-newoffice.aspx  http://www.miltongoh.com/?p=3251  SharePoint Team Calendar  http://www.miltongoh.com/?p=2681  Colligo Briefcase  http://www.colligo.com/products/sharepoint/colligo-briefcase-for-windows/
    30. 30. Thank YOU! Have you join SharePoint User Group Singapore Facebook page yet? https://www.facebook.com/groups/sgsharepoint/