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February 2010 Issue: Navy Career News from January 1-15, 2010 Compiled & Digested for You

    20 Career                 ...
r-     e-Wise #8
         Care                    Career Tools You Should Know & Use (Acronyms)
CNO & MCPON onboard
                                                             USS Nimitz with Career
      Providing St...
10 Career Ideas to
Help You Succeed                                    by NCC (AW/SCW) Astro, CVW-11
            T READ
     NAVA perlink
20+ Navy                                                                                                                  ...
ou Can Use Now
      Education Tools Y Bookmark Them in Your Favorites
  3. ETA: Electronic Tuition Assistance            ...
                                                           YOU SHOU
    CAR EE R T             ...
PRT & Awards Tools
                                   Bookmark Them in Your Favorites
 7. Physical Readiness Information M...
                                                                                                     Them in Your...
Transitioning & Must have Tools: NPC & NKO
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  E-1 to E4
                           CREO 1
                            for E5                                   ...
Book Summary #9
Courage to be Rich by Suze Orman
                                     Chapter 1. The Courage To Look Withi...
Navy Reading Book Summary #10
Leadership by Rudy Giuliani
Everyone's Accountable, All the Time
Giuliani had a two-word sig...
Reflect, Then Decide
Giuliani makes an interesting point about decision making: don't rush. Faced with any important decis...
                              USS NIMITZ      New Career Information From
            JANUARY                               FEBRUARY                                     MARCH...
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Career wise february 2010


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Career wise february 2010

  1. 1. February 2010 Issue: Navy Career News from January 1-15, 2010 Compiled & Digested for You 20 Career Start Tools You Your 2010 Must Use Right with Now 10 Ideas FEBRUARY 2010 The Barbwire Team Vol. 43-GREEN 43- 20 &10 Career Tools & Ideas for 2010 Become a Better Sailor. Read all about Career Tools in Green Shaded blocks. Note from NPC: Zone C PTS Results SRB Request Must be Submitted 35- In June, Perform to Serve (PTS) was expanded to include 120 days Prior to Reenlistment Zone C (10-14 years of service). Zone C PTS has allowed Navy officials provided a status update for the Selective focusing on performance while addressing our most Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) program Jan. 8 notifying Sailors critical manning needs. As of the November PTS Zone C that some SRB awards may be discontinued as manning cycle, 1,323 Sailors have been offered reenlistment levels in critical skills are met. quotas in rate, and 16 Sailors will be converted to other more critical ratings. The PTS process identified 98 Sailors As reenlistment goals for particular skills are achieved, SRB to be separated at their current EAOS. Of these Sailors, award levels for those skills will be removed from the plan, 31 submitted their PTS application indicating that they but no earlier than 30 days following the release of a did not desire to reenlist. Of the remaining 67 Sailors NAVADMIN announcing award levels, according to desiring to reenlist, 66 Sailors are E-5 and below and NAVADMIN 006/10. SRBs enhance the Navy's ability to size, either did not pick a rating for conversion or had shape and stabilize manning by using a monetary performance evaluations (to include promotion incentive to encourage Sailors with critical skills and recommendations) ranked below their peers. The experience to stay Navy. It is a market-based incentive remaining Sailor to be separated is an E-6 with three PFA and award levels are strategically adjusted as retention failures in a four year period. All of these Sailors' needs dictate. performance factors were manually reviewed, and none Sailors & counselors must refamiliarize with the program, had an EP in either of their last two periodic evaluations. which was revised last year, as announced in NAVADMIN 006/09. Counselors must submit SRB reenlistment requests PTS's objective is to keep a balanced force in terms of for eligible Sailors 35-120 days prior to the requested seniority/paygrade/skill and is focused on keeping reenlistment date. SRB requests submitted less than 35 quality Sailors in the force while meeting End Strength days in advance without substantial justification will not be Targets. The PTS algorithm considers critical NECs, accepted. Sailors can reenlist for SRB no more than 90 paygrade, evaluations, if the Sailor PNA'd their last exam, days prior to their end of active obligated service (EAOS). and proximity to the Sailor's EAOS. Navy's challenge now Exceptions to this policy as well as complete SRB guidance is to assist these Sailors in their transition from active are listed in OPNAVINST1160.8A. Commands should refer service. Sailors over six years active service who request to NAVADMIN 250/09 for the most recent list of SRB eligible to reenlist and are denied reenlistment are eligible for ratings and award levels. involuntary separation pay if they meet the requirements of the DoD Financial Management Regulation Vol 7 and OPNAVINST 1900.4. Sailors who will be separating are YN & PS New Qualification Standards encouraged to continue their naval service with commensurate benefits by affiliating with the Navy Selected Reserve (SELRES). Opportunies continue to exist The Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) for the in the blue to green program and Sailors are Yeoman (YN) & Personnel Support (PS) rating was released encouraged to take full advantage of the Post 9/11 GI in December 2009. For the latest information, link to the Bill. YN / PS page on Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) at Together we will continue to make progress based on our guiding principles of retaining our best Sailors, focusing on performance, continuing to attract and Congratulations to VFA-86 CCC for recruit our nation's best and brightest, and promote being selected as squadron’s SOY stability and predictability in our manning policies. Career Thought of the Month: “If I had six hours to cut down a tree, I would spend four of them sharpening my axe.” - Abraham Lincoln Released date of February 2010: January 15 onboard USS Nimitz by the CVW-11 CCC Headquarters
  2. 2. r- e-Wise #8 er-Puzzle- Care Career Tools You Should Know & Use (Acronyms) THIS FEBRUARY 2010 FITREPS/Evals due: 28 - O-2 (All) Duh? Midterm Counseling due: None Answers on Boards convening: 2 - Active O-6 Staff (PERS 8) Page 15 8 - Active O-5 Line (PERS 8) 8 - Active O-4 Line Cont. (PERS 8) 17 - Test Pilot #1 (PERS 434) 18 - CNRC Career Recruiter Force 23 - Reserve O-6 Staff (PERS 8) 23 - Reserve O-5 Staff (PERS 8) Is your EAOS within 12 months & undecided? Attend the AIRWING Bi- Monthly Pre-Sep Class to be held again on 22 January, 1330-1630 at RELMIN Classroom. Attend this brief and then decide if you are staying Navy or join the Civilian world. Contact your CCC to register & details about other 2010 February available class. (This CVW-11 Career Wise 2 prep-class 2648 can also be a one-on-one counseling, required Courtesy of prior to taking the regular TAP or Navy Times prior to separating from the Navy)
  3. 3. CNO & MCPON VISITS NIMITZ NC1(AW/SW) Craig is the Command Career Counselor of VFA-86 (a CVW-11 squadron) chosen as the command’s SOY with MCPON West on his recent USS Nimitz visit. “I am committed to ensuring that we, as a Navy, are going to be one of the best places for a young person to start their career. We must all think and Men can do jointly what they cannot do singly work as an organization to attract, and the union of hearts and minds, the recruit, and retain our Nation’s best concentration of power, becomes almost and brightest now and in the future.” – omnipotent. --Daniel Webster ADMIRAL Gary Roughead, Chief of Over 30 Airwing & Nimitz Sailors Naval Operations Reenlisted with CNO. Pictures includes Command Career Counselors & Squadron / Staff Personnel who reenlisted. @ r Fair aree reer aC a a y is rest C ffice yD ea E ver our n lor’s O y se C oun 2010 February CVW-11 Career Wise 3 More Career Counselor /MCPON / CNO Photos on Next Pages
  4. 4. CNO & MCPON onboard USS Nimitz with Career Providing Steps to Success. Counselors in Action Simple Career Advice since 2005 Career Wise. CVW-11 Career Wise Sailor Grows. 2010 January Sailor Knows. 13 Email to: to subscribe or make suggestions to Career Wise NCC Ingram, MCPON, NC1 Buquo, NC1 Moore, NCCS Cheshier,NCC Astro, NC1 Wallace NC1 Wallace NC1 Craig, NCC Ingram, NC1 Moore, & NC1 Lewis More Career Photos on next & previous page NCC Astro, NC1 Buquo, NC1 Craig, NC1 Jordan, NC1 Lewis, NC1 Nicholson, MA1 Robbins, NC1 Wilson Nicholson, 2010 February CVW-11 Career Wise 4
  5. 5. 10 Career Ideas to Help You Succeed by NCC (AW/SCW) Astro, CVW-11 CVW- •Get A Mentor. They can assist you in ways you may not be aware of and they can give you some of the unwritten rules for success. •Use all the Navy Career Tools. Navy is definitely going online with many of the services that can help you have a squared away career. Check all 20 of them identified in this Career Wise edition. •Develop a Plan. Find out what is your short and long term plan and write it down. This will give you a visual map to attain your goal. •Set up a Career Development Board (CDB). This will create an accountability of what you need to do by having your LPO, LCPO, CMC & CCC be aware of how far you have been and where you are going in the future. •Use Tuition Assistance or NCPACE to get you prepared in case you separate. Many Sailors have completed their Bachelors Degree without even using their GI Bill. Save up your GI Bill by using your TA benefits. •Attend a TAP Class – If you are undecided and unsure if the Navy is the right career for you. • Prepare yourself for the job of the leader at the next higher rank, volunteer to take on challenging tasks and be open to learning. •Develop a Financial Plan. If you have a poor financial health, it affects your job and ability to focus in your work. Setup a budget or talk to your Command Financial Specialist. •Be Involved with your Community, this will expand your horizon and get you time-off, away from military obligations and have that self-fulfillment that you really have Veterans Health Care contributed something to the society. It’s an added bullet for your evaluations too. •Train yourself in other Jobs. With PTS New rules make health care available for more requirements some of you may be forced to veterans. You could qualify for low-cost, high-quality convert to another rate, so be prepared. health care. Apply now! k_Eligibility_Check/index.asp Talk to your Career Counselors to get more successful Navy career ideas. t ounselor abou Talk to your C g ts of Reenlistin the Many Benefi
  6. 6. LATEST MUS T READ DMIN. NAVA perlink Hy ENLIST Clic k the ED C L I C: CNO’s Latest Information on Career •Message # Subject Date •007/10 2009 USS BAINBRIDGE AWARD WINNER 01/07/2010 •006/10 SELECTIVE REENLISTMENT BONUS PROGRAM STATUS 01/07/2010 •005/10 VICE ADMIRAL BATCHELDER AWARD 01/06/2010 •004/10 FY-10 INCENTIVE SPECIAL PAY FOR SPECIALTY NURSES 01/06/2010 •003/10 JANUARY-MARCH 2010 AWARD OPPORTUNITIES IN SUPPORT OF BUILDING A TOP 50 NAVY 01/04/2010 •002/10 2010 DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. HOLIDAY OBSERVANCE 01/04/201 •0001/10 2010 DECENNIAL CENSUS NAVGRAM #2/ REF/A/DOC/OPNAVINST 5314.1/22DEC2008 •375/09 CALENDAR FOR AMERICA 201012/30/2009 •374/09 NAVY WORKING UNIFORM TYPE II AND III12/29/2009 Enlisted Learning and Development • The Enlisted Learning and Development Strategy (ELDS) Team has created a Learning and Development Roadmap (LaDR – pronounced LADDER) for Sailors in all Navy Ratings to use. The LaDRs are located on NKO under the Career Management Tab. • Each LaDR gives Sailors a checklist to see where they are, and where they need to go for personal and professional success. • The LaDR should not be something that is looked at once and forgotten. It should be used throughout a Sailor’s career to help guide him on to the path of success. • ELDs includes a wide variety of programs including rate training, various advanced education initiatives such as TA, NCPACE and scholarships, Professional Military Education, as well as certifications and licenses supported through Navy COOL. To verify your rating LaDR, go to and click on LaDR NAVY BENEFITS: The Best. Three Facts: The average 401K retirement plan balance of a US worker is $86K. The average retirement plan value of an E-7 retiring with 20 years at age 38 is $1.02M. (Employee Benefit Research Institute and 2009 Basic Pay Tables) Here’s to the Heroes provides a single day’s free admission to any one SeaWorld or Busch The average annual cost for health insurance for a family Gardens park, Sesame Place, Adventure of four in corporate America is $3,618. The average cost of Island or Water Country USA for the service a military family’s health insurance if using Tricare Prime is member and as many as three of his or her $0. (Kaiser Foundation & Tricare Manual 2009) direct dependents. Any active duty, active reserve, ready reserve is entitled to free admission under the program. He or she The average vacation benefit for a corporate employee with five years of service is 14 days. ThatCVW-11 Career 2010 February same vacation Wise only register, either in the entrance need or online at 6 benefit for a Navy E-5 or 0-3 (five years of service) is 30 plaza of a participating park, and show a days. (SHRM 2008 Benefits Survey) Department of Defense photo ID.
  7. 7. 20+ Navy r To ols Tools Onlin aree d box ll C ade da h eed Rea reen S u succ eer e r in G elp yo vy Ca to h ur Na o in y Bookmark Them in Your Favorites 1. Electronic Service Record (ESR) •The ESR is an online version of your service record & replaces the paper record used in the past. Recommended Actions •Review ESR pages, then work with your personnel office to ensure data accurately reflects your personal and professional achievements. •Take all necessary actions to ensure your ESR is current, accurate and complete. •If necessary, establish your ESR account via the following steps: •Using CAC and CAC-enabled computer, navigate to •Click New Users (ESR Self Service). Enter your SSN. Your name should be filled in. Use the “Tab” key to navigate the form and fill in your email address (.mil or .gov only) and phone number. •Enter your own user ID or click on the “lightening bolt” graphic to have one generated for you. The user ID is case sensitive. Enter your password and confirm it. The password is case sensitive. •Click Validate and Create Self Service Account. •Once your account is created, scroll to the top of the page and look for a message announcing that your account was successfully created. Return to the NSIPS login page and log in to your ESR. Contact the NSIPS help desk Call 877-589-5991, Option 2 or DSN 647-5442, Option 2 Send email to CCC Only: Annual Symposium 2. Career Management The Navy Counselors Association (NCA) 22nd Annual Professional Development System/Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID) and Training Symposium will be held at the Marriott Norfolk Waterside Hotel, in Norfolk, Va., June 27-July 1, 2010. During •CMS/ID provides you the ability to explore Navy job the Symposium, the NCA will select opportunities, identify career-enhancing jobs that meet your three career counselors of the year. professional and personal goals, identify the specific skills and Nomination packages must be received abilities required to perform the jobs you desire, and submit job no later than June 1, 2010 after routing applications when ready. through the respective TYCOM. For Recommended Actions more information, including hotel reservation information, visit the National •Review personnel data. 18 months prior to your Projected Navy Counselors Association website. Rotation Date (PRD), review information displayed on the CMS/ID Personnel tab and on the Sailor History page. (Prospective commands will see this information when reviewing your job application, and Detailers will use this information to determine UPDATED whether or not you are detailed to the job you desire.) Take all NOVEMBER 2009 Vol. 40: SPECIAL EDITION necessary actions to ensure your personnel and career data is POST 9-11 GI BILL EDITION 9- current, accurate and complete. Stipulation: This unauthorized guide is a simplification of Post-911 GI Bill for Active duty AIRWING personnel . •Use your CCC, chain of command, and mentors for career W- advice prior to submitting job applications. Every single Sailors have different entitlements towards this benefit and it is recommended that they contact How To V the VA directly for their actual entitlements. – NCC(AW/SCW) Astro, CVW-11, Command Career Counselor Requirement for Entitlements f C Start op idyo e •Dates and service status for each period of military service is •Do your homework, read this entire guide (use index page below) & visit or click all the BLUE suggested links. •Submit PTS applications 15 months prior to PRD and/or EAOS to dC used to determine your percentage of entitlement. •Read the entire Navy Instruction on GI Bill starting with u the NAVADMIN (See Page 2): receive first look at 12 months. Active Component Sailors in Zones vise I Bill G •The Post-9/11 GI Bill benefit level is based on your aggregate qualifying active duty service, which is total A899-40F7-A116-1399A740258F/0/NAV09187.txt e service, including separate periods. e R 911 G •Register & submit your specific questions to verify your A, B and C must submit a PTS request, regardless of reenlistment record based on your Social Security number at: th st- Active Duty Completed after Percentage of (See Page 3) September 10, 2001 for Maximum Amount Register & login yourself to verify your entitlements at: Payable (See Page 4) o Ask 11 P intentions. Your CCC will provide career information and At least 36 months •If you are planning to transfer your benefits, register on 100% this site (See Page 5) At least 30 continuous days on 100% onsent?continueToUrl=%2FTEB%2F active duty and discharged due to counseling, then submit your application. service-connected disability •For questions dealing on Navy GI Bill benefits read the Latest NAVADMIN & BUPERSINST: 30 months to 36 months 90% DC2E-41B9-836B-B893E5F6E6C6/0/17801A.pdf 24 months to 30 months 80% C C C PO C (A ir W in g ) 23 18 months to 24 months 70% C o m p a ris o n 8, 13 E x te nsio n 10- 12 12 months to 18 months 60% G I Bill We b site 4 Index / Page Guide 6 months to 12 months 50% M ax im ize G I B ill 14, 16 M o n tg o m e ry G I B ill ( B e tt e r) 8 90 days to 6 months 40% N AV AD M I N 17- 22 N PC W e bsite 2 Have Already Used GI Bill O b lise rv e 10- 12 P ay m e n t / Ho w M u c h ? 1, 7, 16 •If you have used benefits under one or more VA education P ho ne o r C o nt ac t 18 “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is programs, you may be entitled to additional benefits under A pp lic atio n ( Po s t 9 -1 1 ) 5 another program. R e fe re n c e s 16, 19 •For example, an individual who has remaining entitlement R e q u ire m e n ts (N a v y ) 1, 17- 22 under the Montgomery GI Bill can exhaust that entitlement Sc h o o l A p p lic atio n 15 progress; working together is success.” --Henry Ford and may still receive up to an additional 12 months under St at e ( Lo c a tio n ) R ate s 9, 16 the Post-9/11 GI Bill. See Page 4 to find out how much you got left. V A W e b si te 4- 5 Ye llo w R ib b o n 15
  8. 8. ou Can Use Now Education Tools Y Bookmark Them in Your Favorites 3. ETA: Electronic Tuition Assistance 5. Sailor/Marine Online Academic Advisor (SMOLAA) •Log in to SMART at On the Welcome page, click Degree Shop / SMOLAA. The Tuition Assistance (TA) program operated by •Alternately, log in to NKO at Navy College is going digital. By Jan. 1, 2010 Sailors On the LEARNING tab, click will be required to create and submit an application SMART Transcripts. Log in to SMART. On the Welcome for Web Electronic Tuition Assistance (Web ETA). After page, click Degree Shop / SMOLAA. Sailors fill out an application request online and their •SMOLAA is an online tool that works in conjunction command approves the application, an electronic with SMART to help you explore options for earning a copy will be sent to the servicing Navy College college degree. •Using SMOLAA, you can access your academic Office. Once an account is created, Sailors can track history – as recorded in SMART – and then apply all the money they spend and how many classes they applicable college and military courses to degree take, which gives them responsibility and control in plans offered by various colleges and universities. pursuit of a higher education. •Depending on the college degree plan selected, SMOLAA will indicate the total credit hours you must complete to earn that degree. 4. Sailor/Marine American Council on Recommended Actions Education Registry Transcript (SMART) •Use SMOLAA to identify all rating-related degree plans available to you and to determine credits that may be earned through Academic Testing Programs. •SMART documents college courses, degrees and certifications completed on active duty through Tuition Assistance or the Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE), and all other college courses completed at institutions accredited by a regional, national or professional accrediting agency recommended by the U.S. Department of Education. •SMART provides recommended college credit for your military occupational experience and training. Recommendations are made by the American Council on Education (ACE). Recommended Actions •Review your SMART to verify data accurately reflects your training and education. •Take all necessary actions to ensure your SMART is current, Get Training Guide & PQS at CSS via NKO: accurate and complete. •Use correction procedures identified on the SMART Welcome page (see SMART Correction Procedures (Navy)). •Use your SMART to facilitate degree planning. centerforservicesupport FREE Online Tutor help 24/7 WHERE: Once you sign in to Navy Knowledge Online, look for links in the following sections under the REFERENCE tab. WHO: All U.S. Navy active duty members, Navy Reservists on active duty, Navy Retirees, their families have free DoD Civilians, unlimited access to HOW: Access is through Navy Knowledge Online [NKO]; once the family member account is established [DEERS is the verification source]. 2010 February CVW-11 Career Wise 8 “Old habits can’t be thrown out the upstairs window. They have to be coaxed down the stairs one step at a time.” --Mark Twain
  9. 9. LD USE YOU SHOU OOLS CAR EE R T Bookmark Them in Your Favorites 4. Web Enabled 5. Navy Credentialing Record Review Opportunities On-Line: (WERR) Click • Navy COOL explains how you can meet civilian Web Enabled Record Review. certification and licensure requirements related to your •WERR allows review of documents in rating, job, designator and occupation. Navy COOL your official military personnel file provides the ability to accomplish the following: (OMPF). These are the same documents Get background information about civilian licensure and reviewed by selection board members certification. Learn how to fill gaps between Navy when considering candidates for training and experience and civilian credentialing advancement and special programs. requirements. Learn about resources available that can •WERR also provides the ability to help you gain civilian job credentials. download and print service-record •Identify resources available to fund for credentialing documents for personal and exams, such as the Navy-funded credentialing program, professional use. GI Bill, and DANTES. Recommended Actions Recommended Actions •Review WERR to verify your personnel •Identify and earn national certification, and/or federal file is accurate and complete. and state licensure. •Ensure WERR does not include •Identify apprenticeship trades related to your rating, documents that belong to someone. then enroll in USMAP to earn a nationally recognized Take all necessary actions to correct “Certificate of Completion” from the U.S. Department of and/or update your files. Labor. For help contact the Global Distance Support •Use correction procedures identified Center: 877-418-6824, Option 3, Option 0 via the WERR FAQ hyperlink. •DSN 510-428-6824, Option 3, Option 0 or send email to •Send requests for corrective actions or contact the Credentialing and authoritative documents to Program Office at 850-452-6683 or DSN 922-6683 Send • email to 6. United Services Military Apprenticeship Program •USMAP is a formal military training program that provides you the opportunity to improve your job skills and to complete your civilian apprenticeship requirements while on active duty. •USMAP is free, requires no off-duty hours and can grant up to one half of the required on-the-job training hours for military experience. •Upon completion of the program, you become a registered apprentice with the U.S. Department of Labor. Recommended Actions •Identify and earn national certification, and/or federal and state licensure. •Identify apprenticeship trades related to your rating and earn a nationally recognized “Certificate of Completion” from the U.S. Department of Labor. •Verify certificates and achievements are documented in your ETJ, ESR, SMART, and WERR. 2010 February CVW-11 Career Wise 9 Our first energies should go to our own character development, which is often invisible to others, like the roots that sustain great trees. As we cultivate the roots, we will begin to see the fruits. —Stephen R. Covey
  10. 10. PRT & Awards Tools Bookmark Them in Your Favorites 7. Physical Readiness Information Management System (PRIMS) •Log in to BUPERS OnLine (BOL) at Click PRIMS 2008. •PRIMS allows you to view current and historical results of your semi-annual Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). Recommended Actions •Verify PRIMS data, which is reviewed as part of the advancement, promotion, and detailing process. •See your Command Fitness Leader to update PRIMS data. •Contact the NPC Customer Service Center: Call 866-827-5672 or DSN 882-5672 or Send email to Contact the PRIMS help desk: Call 901-874-2229, Option 2 (commercial) •DSN 882-2229, Option 2 or Send email to or Contact the BUPERS Online help desk Call 800-951-NAVY, Option 3 or Send email to Visit Air-Wing NO COMPUTER? Intraweb to get J-DIAL US: 6368 more & latest (MENU on your Information dial pad) We Are Now Open Online on Navy Business Hours Cvn68auebnasall_air_wing_shareAIRWING_CAREER_COUNSELORINTRAWEB.htm 8. Navy Department Awards Web Service (NDAWS) Click Out the New CCC AIRWING INTRAWEB •NDAWS provides online access to Navy awards information and help. The web site is divided into four separate sections, Home, Personal, Unit, and Veteran Awards. Recommended Actions •Conduct Personal Awards Query to verify all your awards are present. Conduct Unit Awards Query to identify unit awards you may have received. •Take all necessary actions to ensure NDAWS is current, accurate and complete. •Use correction procedures provided. Go to NDAWS. Under REFERENCE ITEMS heading, click Updating Personal Awards. 9. Electronic Training Jacket The Chief of Naval Personnel launched a new webpage to serve as an additional resource for the Navy Total Force and their families. The new webpage •The ETJ provides a view of career information documented in Navy personnel databases, such as at features news stories, training and education (including Navy eLearning, podcasts and videos to update the force on the latest NECs and college courses), qualifications and in personnel programs, policies and other areas. The certifications, career history, advancement status, page features links of interest for families, active duty and awards. Sailors, Navy civilians and Reservists. Topics range from Recommended Actions health care and financial preparedness to education Take all necessary actions to ensure your ETJ is current, resources for families. Also found on the new accurate and complete. Click Problems With Your leadership page is information on CNP's top priorities Data? (at the bottom of ETJ pages) for resources and points of contact that will help you correct to include training, manpower and diversity outreach discrepancies in the information displayed. policies and programs.
  11. 11. Bookmark Them in Your Favorites Advancement, Education & Certifications The Navy Advancement Center (NAC) has engaged 10. NAVY COOL: Credentialing social media through Facebook and Twitter. Please let Online all your Sailors know. This would be a great place to get answers to your advancement questions and much more. NAC will post the most up to date information and any changes on advancement issues. Find civilian credentials related to your rating, FB @Navy-Advancement-Center job, or occupation; Understand what it takes to obtain the credentials, and see if there are Twitter @NAC_Exams available programs that will help pay Become a fan today to ensure that you or your Sailors credentialing, including the examination, fees are prepared for upcoming advancement examinations. 12. USMAP: Apprenticeship 11. POST 9-11 GI BILL: Election & A training system by which active duty service Transfer members can earn certification for skills learned through documented work experience (On-The- Job-Training) and related technical instruction. The USMAP allows for registered certification of the service member's military training and work Whether you are transferring your benefits to your experience to achieve recognition equal to his / dependents, using it for TOP-UP or just want to verify your her civilian counterpart. eligibility towards this benefit of over $50,000 worth of college entitlements, check out this website to guide you on when, where & how to start the process. 13. Navy College: 14. CANTRAC: Navy School Listing The Navy College provides Sailors with opportunities to earn college degrees through a variety of options. The program's mission is to Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC) The Catalog of provide continual academic support to Sailors Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC) contains information on all while they pursue a technical or college degree, formal Navy Schools. regardless of their location or duty station. 15. Non-Resident Courses: Advancement Study •This is the original site to do many Navy Courses and it still exists to provide rating courses that may not be available via e-Learning on NKO. This site provides student registrar functions to include enrollment, grading, reporting, and distribution of Nonresident Training Courses to Active Duty, Reserve, and Retired members of the U.S. Navy, USMC, and U.S. Coast Guard, and DoN Civilians. Although NRTCs are NOT added to your Sailor/Marine ACE Registry Transcript (SMART) it helps you for your advancement. To verify your Bibliography go to: 16. STAYNAVY: One Stop for all the Tools The StayNAVY website is a career resource provided by the Navy Personnel Command's Center for Career Development (CCD). Information and hands-on tools are available to assist you with your career planning and development.February 2010 This site contains content relevant to activeCareer Wise family members. On the left-hand side CVW-11 duty, reservists, and 11 you will find links to StayNAVY's various career resources. For personalized career information select the Career Tools link.
  12. 12. Transitioning & Must have Tools: NPC & NKO Bookmark Them in Your Favorites 16. TURBOTAP: One Source for 18. Fleet & Family Support Transitioning Personnel The Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP) Visit for 24/7 access to helpful pre-separation and transition provides unified, customer-focused, guides, employment, education, relocation and benefits consistent, and efficient FFSP programs and checklists and more. Establish your TurboTAP life-long account services to support sustained mission and Navy today so you can access your online personalized transition readiness. Here you get information on assistance planning tool and receive update alerts when support programs and benefits change. Sponsorship, TAP Class, Spouse assistance, relocation & other family assistance. Your Only Two EVERDAY Career Tools ONLINE, Make it a Habit: 19. BUPERS: Your Connection to Your Detailers The Navy Personnel Command Website. Your Official Navy Career Website where you can find most of the links or websites mentioned: Career Tool Box, Perform to Serve, Rating Managers, Officer Programs, Advancement Boards and official Navy Directives. This is the AUTHORITY of all. 20. NKO: Navy Knowledge Online The official one stop portal where you can access CMS-ID, BOL, e-Learning and other career enhancing tools that will set you up for success. Make this your regular website. More Transitioning Resources to all Separating Personnel ACCESS TO DD-214. Your Key Document to get your Veteran Benefits (Upon Discharge). The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) has provided the following website for veterans to gain access to their DD-214s online: This may be particularly helpful when a veteran needs a copy of his DD-214 for employment purposes. NPRC is working to make it easier for veterans with computers and Internet access to obtain copies of documents from their military files. Military veterans and the next of kin of deceased former military members may now use a new online military personnel records system to request documents. Other individuals with a need for documents must still complete the Standard Form 180, which can be downloaded from the online web site. Visit the Navy League Hiring Center, a centralized online location to post your resume for employers specifically seeking your skills. Thanks to the Navy League of the United States, all of the forms within the TAP Workshop participant manual have gone digital via the internet. No more pencil and paper, now just enter your valuable career information here and use it everywhere. Visit:
  13. 13. CREO 1 E-1 to E4 CREO 1 for E5 PCS CMS-Interactive Detailing, PCS CMS-Interactive Detailing, CREO & Perform To Serve AWO AWS AWO CREO & Perform To Serve CTI AWS Negotiation Negotiation Want to take a break from CTM CTI Begins With Ends On Last your rate for your next duty, If PRD Month First Day Of Day Of Try Special Programs. Under CTN CTM Is: CMS/ID Cycle CMS/ID Cycle rate, locate community CTR In: In (NEC) on CMS-ID CTN CTT CTR •2186 Career Recruiter ELT_NUC_SS January April July CTT •2514 Flag Writers ELT_NUC_SW ELT_NUC_SS February May August •9508 Recruit Division EM_NUC_SS Commander EM_NUC_SW ELT_NUC_SW March June September •9515 Equal Opportunity EOD EM_NUC_SS Program Specialist ET EM_NUC_SW April July October •9517 3-M Coordinator ET_NUC_SS ET_NUC_SS •9518 Naval Leadership ET_NUC_SW ET_NUC_SW May August November (NAVLEAD) Instructor ET_SS_NAV IS •9519 Navy Drug and Alcohol ET_SS_RF Counselor LN June September December FC •9522 Navy Drug and Alcohol FT MM_NUC_SS Counselor Intern July October January HM MM_NUC_SW •9545 Security Guard IS AWF August November February •9575 Brig Duty IT AWV •9580 Command Master Chief LN September December March MC •9585 Navy Recruiter For latest & Canvasser MM_NUC_SS October January April complete MM_NUC_SW CREO For Complete Special listing November February May CREO as Program details on CMS-ID contact contact Airwing CCC HQ @ of your CCC @ December March June 03-175-1 Q December J-6368 16, 2009 For complete listing of Career Job Openings for the Navy go to PTS and access Opportunity MATRIX: FEBRUARY 2010 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 2 3 4 1530 1630 5 6 (CST) (CST) 0000 0000 1700 1800 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 (CST) (CST) (CST) (CST) 14 HOLIDAY 15 16 17 18 19 20 0500 0500 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 (CST) (CST) 28 Start & last day in seeing your Career Counselor encircled. APPLICATION RESULTS ARE AVAILABLE BEGINNING AT 1630 (CST) ON THE DAY THE DETAILER SELECTION ENDS AND REMAINS POSTED UNTIL THE NEXT MONTHS REQUISITION SCRUB CMS-ID DOWN FOR REQ LOAD CMS-ID REQUISITION SCRUB CMS-ID DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE 2010 February CVW-11 Career Wise 13 CMS-ID AVAILABLE FOR APPLICATIONS DETAILERS MAKE SELECTIONS CMS-ID COMMAND COMMENTS ONLY (No Applications allowed)
  14. 14. Book Summary #9 Courage to be Rich by Suze Orman Chapter 1. The Courage To Look Within The way we think and feel about money can affect how much we have, some thought patterns can be internal obstacles. Fear of investment, shame of having debts, and anger at not having what we want are common toxic emotions people have with money. We are not getting rich by feeling afraid, ashamed or angry. Forgive the past & present. Replace thoughts of powerlessness to thoughts of “I can”. Chapter 2. The Courage To Have More & Be More Thoughts of ‘I can’t’ are thoughts of poverty. Such thoughts of defeat, if not corrected, can pass down for generations. Think of thoughts as actors in our mind, we are the director, we are the one in control of where they’ll be and when they speak. We must use words of abundance, wealth and bounty. Words of poverty: I can’t, I’ll never, I don’t know how, I wish I had. Words of power: I can, I always, I am learning how, I will have Chapter 3. The Courage to Make Room for More Money Unopened bills, statements are financial clutters. Bank & credit card statements that you don’t understand are costing us and blocking us. Chapter 4. The Courage to Value Money Law of money: People First. Then Money. Then Things. Careless spending on luxury designer items, and items that are seldom used could turn into substantial savings. Chapter 5. Defining Value & Worth Our self worth must rise along with our net worth. Law of money: When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are. Ask more of yourself and of others. We should not feel guilty about wanting more money, the same way we shouldn’t feel guilty for loving our family. Chapter 6. The Courage to Face The Unknown When we are in credit card debt, our self worth are in a kind of free fall. Having excessive credit card debt often means that we are living a lie, owning things we can’t afford and being dishonest about our future. Overspending to satisfy desire for traveling, eating out and entertainment are the most dishonorable kind of debt. We can get free credit report within 30 days if we have been denied credit. It is recommended that we review this report regularly to check for incorrect and out of date information. Apply for reinvestigation if needed. Remember you are more than your negative balance. The less self esteem we have, the more debt we have. Face your credit card debt problem by telling others about it. We must pay more than minimum. Chapter 7. Rich Thoughts Rich thoughts about children: Be forthright about money to children, the sooner we have a saving or investment plan that pays for college, the less anxious we and our children are. Rich thoughts about cars: Buy a reliable model, pay it off in 5 years, and own it for 8-10 years. Rich thoughts about taxes: Learn to use tax software or hire a tax preparer. Rich thoughts about tomorrow, today: Scaling back on luxuries can free up a lot of money to save. Chapter 8. The Courage to Open Your Heart, The Courage to Open Your Hands Couples need to assess how compatible they are in terms of: Investment style: Aggressive or conservative? Bills: Who will pay what? Prenuptial agreement: Do you want one? Child rearing: Private schools or public schools? Any past issues such as debts? We are, in most cases, not liable for debts incurred by our spouses before marriage. But we are liable for debts incurred after our marriage even if it’s only in our spouse’s name. Even when your spouse, or ex-spouse files for bankruptcy, you may still be liable. Chapter 9. The Business of Love Do the unconventional: Plan for what-ifs while you are still totally in love. Draw up prenuptial agreements or cohabitation / property agreement. Even we may not have assets right now, we may one day have assets that’s why we need an agreement. For Complete Navy Reading list go to: 2010 February CVW-11 Career Wise 14 Talk to your Command Financial Specialist for specific financial advice
  15. 15. Navy Reading Book Summary #10 Leadership by Rudy Giuliani Everyone's Accountable, All the Time Giuliani had a two-word sign on his desk, which said simply: I'M RESPONSIBLE. He argues that leaders need to accept the blame if things go wrong - and expect similar standards all the way down the chain. In the book, the former mayor discusses at length the accountability systems he put in place to focus the minds of police and bureaucrats on crime. He describes the importance of ensuring that staff members bought into their new responsibilities. Staff who were not willing to accept their new responsibilities suffered clear consequences: "Anyone above the rank of captain could be demoted: not only a knock to morale, but to the pension". Giuliani was prepared to use tough tactics to get what he wanted from staff: "A (non-performing) police officer who lived in Westchester might find himself stationed in Staten Island." Under promise and Over deliver "A leader must manage not only results but expectations.“ Giuliani argues that a key way to manage expectations is to "avoid mentioning what you've done until you've actually accomplished something". Press releases trumpeting Initiative X are a sign of weakness if Initiative X doesn't actually have any runs on the board. Such statements create little real PR value and can have serious negative consequences if they are not delivered upon. Market credibility and staff morale are just two areas that can take a hit if grand initiatives are announced but not executed. For Giuliani, the answer is simple: announce initiatives once you know they are working. Under promising is also highly effective in focusing the internal team. Giuliani uses the example of the annual budgeting process in New York. He would generally project that revenues in the coming year would fall by 1-2%. The strategy allowed Giuliani to "forcefully argue against unnecessary expenditures and maintain a frugal culture, even during flush times." And if revenues were stronger than expected, the City held onto a handy surplus. Develop and Communicate Strong Beliefs Giuliani hits on one of the greatest sources of leadership power: belief. Most people, he argues, do not develop strong beliefs during their working life. Constrained by the day-to-day realities of office politics, pragmatism and fear, people do things "because that's the way they're done", not because that is the way they should be done. Giuliani asserts that "those who look to you for answers … have a right to know how you see the world.“ It is an observation that accords with common sense. If we think of the inspirational leaders we have known and worked with, they are generally people who know what they believe in. One of the few characteristics common to all leaders is that they have firm views and stick to them: they do not flap in the breeze, moving with the current fashion. It is hard to be lead someone if you do not know where you are leading them to. Organize Around a Purpose This is one of the most interesting ideas in the book, and a theme which runs throughout its 400 pages. It is worth discussing in some detail. Giuliani argues that most organizations are structured in such a way that they do not actually focus on a valid purpose. He argues that most organizations start off well, but over time lose focus on their real reason for existence. An example he gives in the book is the New York Education Department. Like most public sector education systems, the Teachers' Unions exercised an extremely large amount of power. Decisions about the allocation of funding, where to open certain schools, how to promote teachers, and so on, were made based on bureaucratic convenience and the views of the unions. The underlying purpose for which the Department was supposed to exist - educating children - was not at the centre of the decision making process. Funerals Mandatory Giuliani devotes an entire chapter of the book to the importance of attending funerals and other difficult events in the lives of staff and colleagues. His argument is that "funerals are difficult. That's why one's needed, and why it means more when one shows up. When the chips are down - when someone you care about is struggling for answers or burying a loved one - that's when the measure of a leader is taken.“ A little corny, perhaps, but true. In difficult situations, weak links break. In all of our business experiences, there are people we know will be around when times are difficult. There are just as many - and probably more - who we know won't contribute in these times. Implicitly, we ascribe a greater value to people who are there at difficult times. We know that there is something to them, that they are made of substance. We will be much more likely to follow their advice than someone who goes missing when it counts. Continue to Next Page 2010 February CVW-11 Career Wise 15 Read a Book? Would you like to share & send a summary to
  16. 16. Reflect, Then Decide Giuliani makes an interesting point about decision making: don't rush. Faced with any important decision, I always envision how each alternative will play out before I make it. During this process, I'm not afraid to change my mind a few times. Many are tempted to decide an issue simply to end the discomfort of indecision. However, the longer you have to make a decision, the more mature and well reasoned that decision should be. “ Simple enough advice. But think about its implications if carried out properly. The point that many people are tempted to simply close off discussion on an issue is a key observation. How often have you chaired a meeting and made a decision on a matter simply to move things along? If employee X is saying the number is 10 and employee Y is saying it is 20, the temptation is always to call it 15 and move on to the next issue. If you could review all of those decisions over the years, how would the outcomes compare to more considered decisions? And what has really been gained by the quick call? Perhaps an odd awkward silence or two has been avoided, but that's all. Leadership is an elusive quality that marks the difference between good managers and great business builders. As we noted above, it is hard to define, and neat descriptions should be treated with skepticism. We are particularly impressed with Rudy Giuliani's book on the topic because of its practicality, its broad application, and its common sense. In this brief summary we have tried to tease out some the book's key ideas. We highly commend Leadership to any senior manager looking to build upon their skills in this area. Have your read any book from the: Special Note on POST 9-11 GI Bill Many of our personnel and their families have taken advantage of the educational benefits provided by the Post 9-11 GI Bill. As you know, several factors created initial difficulties for military personnel attempting to use these benefits. It now appears that Post 9-11 GI Bill payments will not automatically carry over into a new semester. Without intervention, there may be delays in the receipt of tuition, fees, and stipends next year. Would you like to share & send a summary to Students using the Post-9/11 GI Bill who continue their enrollment will not have to resubmit the VA Form 22- 1990E (Application for Family Member to use Transferred Benefits). However, these students must speak with their Answer to college/university VA representative or counselor at the Wise-Puzzle start of each school semester to ensure the school on Page 2 verifies enrollment and sends a Certificate of Enrollment to the VA. The VA estimates that verified enrollments submitted should receive payment in approximately 30 days. Additionally, some schools may elect to wait until after the add/drop period to verify accurate enrollment. Many colleges and universities have processes in place to expedite payments, but some educational institutions might not be aware of their role in the VA re-verification process. Your family member must be proactive in ensuring this step is completed at the start of each semester. If you have any problems, please contact Ms. Ann Hunter or her office at or 931- 535-3167 or Ask for the CVW-11 Post 9-11 GI Bill Handbook @ Rates for dental premiums will change effective with the January 2010 premium deductions (February 2010 coverage). The rate for single premium rate will increase from $12.12 to $12.69 per month and the family premium rate will increase from $30.29 to $31.72. Career Wise Credits, Contributors & Counselors: 2010 February CVW-11 Career Wise Linda Maclean, CVW-11 Counselors: NCCM Kevin Sullivan, NCCM 16 NCC Tony Astro, NC1 Buquo, NC1 Craig, NC1 Jordan, NC1 Lewis, NC1 Nicholson, MA1 Robbins, NC1 Wilson
  17. 17. ONLY IN THE NAVY: ONLY ONBOARD USS NIMITZ New Career Information From Airwing Intraweb January 3-21, 2010: Hyperlink is only accessible by Airwing Personnel RIVER CITY Got You Down? Go NIAPS For ALL Hands: •CNO_REENLIST (Photos: CNO’s Reenlistment with CLICK THIS LINK Staff, Airwing & Nimitz Sailor with MCPON) (Note: 2 http://cvn68usv01/Communities/MPTE/default.aspx folders) Shipboard Resident Content (Afloat) •OVERMANNED RATINGS_30DEC09_WEB_9JAN10A.XLS (Latest Overmanned rating) •Navy Knowledge Online at Sea: Go to NKO at Sea to access: Navy SAILORTOOLBOXINFORMATIONSHEET.PDF (Must have E-Learning, Electronic Training Jacket, Navy COOL, tool guide for 12 Online Resources from CMS-ID to ESR) •PTS ZONE C FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS R2.DOC •NOTE: NIAPS CMS-ID starting this January 2010 will no (More details on recent PTS Zone C & how it works) longer be active •TRAINING SCHEDULE ALL HANDS AIRWING.xls (Sign up for the upcoming Pre-Sep and HELP decide if: Stay •Navy Career Tools Training Informational web tutorial of Navy Career Navy or prepare to Separate.) Tool offerings. • MILITARY SAVES EVENT FLYER FOR 2010 FINAL.PDF •Navy E-Learning "Available Catalog Items" A listing of all (Financial Readiness training in San Diego) courses currently available on your ship's Navy E-Learning (NEL) Afloat •ACTIVE DUTY CVW11 PAYTABLE_2010.PDF (Active system select the "Available Catalog Items" Duty 2010 pay chart) •TRAINING SCHEDULE ALL HANDS AIRWING.XLS (There will be a PRE-SEP training on the 8th for all our Undecided, Retiring or Separating Sailors – Ideal class for those who are within 12 months of EAOS. Required class prior to separating. Sign up via your CCC) •SIZE PREDICTION CHART NWU.DOC (NWU Uniform Guide – Before you buy) also check: NWU FIT GUIDE.JPG •CLEP LIST (List of official CLEP / College credits you can take for free through Navy College – Sorry, it is no longer offered onboard ships, but contact ESO/CCC to get a study guide) •SAN-DIEGO-TROOPS TO TEACH -1-2010.JPG (For San Diego dependents who are interested in Teaching) •NAVY EXPERTS ANSWER YOUR QUESTION ON THE POST 911 GI BILL.TXT (Watch the video series on GI Bill at: Post_9_11.htm For Career Counselors only: •NAVADMIN - NAVY WORKING UNIFORM TYPE II AND •NPC_REENLISTMENTRQSTFORM.DOC (Updated NPC III.TXT Reenlistment Form accepted by PSD) •PAYMENT OF ACCRUED LEAVE.doc (Sailor can be •MUC.pdf (Recent Unit Award citation for USS Nimitz) paid or sell his leave in advance of 90 days prior to •PQS 43247 Personnel Specialist.pdf (Updated PS rating PQS) EAOS) •SUMMARY - NAVADMIN 197_09 - FLEET RIDE REGA.doc (For all For ESO, CPOs and Mentors: your Non-Designated Sailors) ••CPO_EXAM_SEAT_CHART_2010.xls (Upcoming •REGA Report as of 100111.xls (More on REGA) seating chart for CVW11, VAQ135, VAW117 and •·PRE-SCRNG QUESTIONNAIRE.DOC (Updated screening: VFA97 CPO candidates on 21 January Exam)ENLISTED Presidential Duty): PRESIDENTIAL DUTY PRE-SCRNG LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT TALKING POINTS 5 JAN QUESTIONNAIRE.DOCTUTORIAL ON HOW TO DUPLICATE NRMS 10 (2).DOC (The Learning & Development Roadmap QUERIES TO NEW ANALYSIS SERVER ENVIRONMENT.DOC or LaDR has been updated via (Update on How To Use the New NRMS) Check out what requirements & tools your Sailors FOR MORE DIRECT ACCESS TO NEW INFORMATION VISIT OUR need to know) AIRWING INTRAWEB, THEN CLICK LATEST INFORMATION @: •2010 CPO SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE.doc (For CPO dependents) Cvn68auebnasall_air_wing_shareAIRWING _CAREER_COUNSELORINTRAWEB.htm 2010 February CVW-11 Career Wise 17
  18. 18. SHIPMATE, TIME FLIES. JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 2010 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 29 30 31 MAY APRIL M T W T F S S M T W T F S S 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 26 27 28 29 30 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 USE IT WISELY. 2010 February CVW-11 Career Wise Wise. Be Career Wise. 18 Send your inputs, corrections or suggestions on CAREER WISE to