Gas Chamber              Seabees attached to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5 par-              ticipated in a...
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March 2011 Buzzword
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March 2011 Buzzword


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Seabees attached to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5 conclude the 2nd Annual Vietnam-6 Memorial Super Squad Competition!

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March 2011 Buzzword

  1. 1. Gas Chamber Seabees attached to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5 par- ticipated in a gas mask training exercise at the Naval Construction Training Center’s (NCTC) confidence chamber at Port Hueneme, Calif. February 24, 2011. NMCB 5 is preparing for a battalion Field Training Exercise (FTX) in April. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ace Rheaume)
  2. 2. CO’s Note Chaps Note NAVAL MOBILE CONSTRUCTION BATTALION FIVE Naval Base Ventura County To the Professionals of Five! A couple thoughts from Oorah Professionals! It’s hard to believe we are Chaps... already four months into homeport. You have done a fantastic job transitioning from high optempo deploy- The Super Squad competition was ment operations to the extremely busy homeport train- amazing. The enthusiasm the battalion ing cycle. Despite the pace you have accomplished much, while still maintaining a keen focus on safety and oozed throughout the super squad events Caring for one another. You continue to lead the NCF was “show stopper” spectacular. The unity with the best military bearing and conduct. Your strong of each squad, the support and constant Character and discipline shows and is worthy of Honor. Phenomenal small units leaders have jumped right barrage of encouraging words for team- into executing several critical military training evolu- mates made us all proud that we are part tions in preparation for the Field Training Exercise, of NMCB 5. “Stay focused,” “Keep your including three command post exercises, two embarka- eyes on me,” “You can do this,” “Don’t tion exercises, squad leaders’ field exercise, khaki field exercise, and a very demanding convoy security element give up,” “You’re almost there,” so many training pipeline. In addition to the military training, phrases that revealed a deep commitment to several construction projects have begun to enhance endurance, perseverance, and running the our technical skills while benefiting the supported race well. Please know that these are the commands and building Competence. The Strength of your Commitment and Courage has shone through as same words we desire to express to you our you have responded to the challenge, and continue to family and friends, hang tough, persevere, impress me every single day. and be noble with us as we prepare for our Homeport will climax with the 2nd Annual Viet- nam-6 Super Squad Finals (24/25 March), and then a deployment. May we run this Seabee race great FTX. “Vietnam-6” recognizes the astonishing 6 well, together, one team – one fight, proudly tours NMCB FIVE conducted in Vietnam; more than honoring the call “whatever-whenever.” any other battalion. I know training has some challeng- Blessings in your journey this spring, thanks ing and fun events lined up for the finals (think AirSof.) After FTX we will roll into summer with a few home- for your positive thoughts and passionate CDR Scot T. Sanders port projects, a lighter class load, and a pre-deployment LT Greg Uvila prayers as we complete FTX 2011. Commanding Officer, NMCB 5 standdown. NMCB 5 Chaplain Strength and Honor Your positive Attitude has been, and is conta- Strength and Honor gious, and sets you up for future successes. I have no doubt “The Professionals” will keep the full court press on through the remainder of the homeport and on into deployment in both Europe and Africa. Thank you all for your Leadership, your continued proud service and the outstanding Team effort. Semper Five!CO’s Note Strength and Honor, Chaps Note S. T. Sanders Commanding Officer NMCB 5 I The Professionals 3 NMCB 5 I The Professionals 4
  3. 3. Seabee Ball Equipment Operator 3rd Class Brandon Welence, a Seabee attached to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5, proposes to his girl- friend Tashel during the Seabee Ball. Gutierrez stated that he is unsure where he will be stationed after Construction Mechanic “A” School, but he will be looking forward to the chal- lenge. “I like being a Seabee a lot,” said Gutierrez. “I wouldn’t choose any other job.” 31st Seabee Readiness Group’s (SRG) Commodore Captain John W. Korka (Right) and Command Master Chief Shortly after, Seabees welcomed their guest Ray Dickey present Marine Corps Brigadier General Lawrence D. Nicholson, the Senior Military Assistant to speaker onto the stage, a Marine Corps Brigadier the Deputy Secretary of Defense an “Honorary Seabee” plaque at the Seabee ball in honor of the Seabees 69th General Lawrence D. Nicholson. birthday March 5, 2011 at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library in Simi Valley, Calif. “As a Marine, the first Navy personnel other than our corpsman who I’ve worked with are the Sea- Happy Birthday! bees,” said Nicholson, a Senior Military Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense and guest of honor By MC2(SCW) Ace Rheaume for the Seabee ball. “I have proudly [served and] cer- Lieutenant Commander Russell C. Rang (Left), On the evening of March 5, 2011, Seabees celebrated their 69th birthday at the tainly enjoyed my time serving with Seabees across the Executive Officer at the Civil Engineer Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library in Simi Valley, Calif. More than 31 years.” Corps Officer School (CECOS) interviews Con- 1,000 Seabees, family, and friends from Los Angeles area gathered around to represent As a token of appreciation, Nicholson was struction Mechanic Constructionman Apprentice pride, build camaraderie, and to share their unique history. presented with a handmade cigar humidifier and was Seberiano Gutierrez at the Seabee Ball. “You can enjoy friendship, see veterans, and talk with people you’ve served with named an Honorary Seabee for his strong leadership then and now,” said Lieutenant Commander Russell C. Rang, the Executive Officer of and support for the Seabees. the Civil Engineer Corps Officer School (CECOS) and Master of Ceremonies (MC)for Overall, the event was a dazzling success, many the event. “It means a lot.” thanks to our leadership from all units base-wide The event kicked off with a cocktail hour followed by a well catered meal. As a who planned and arranged the evening. “The tradi- tradition, cake cutting ceremony was held where the youngest and the oldest Seabees tion rolls on,” said Rang. “I think we get better each of the year first cut the cake; this year’s Seabee ball recognized Construction Mechanic and every year and the venue of the Ronald Reagan Constructionman Apprentice Seberiano Gutierrez as the youngest Seabee and Utilities Library is superb.” Constructionman Master Chief Jim Lampman as the oldest Seabee at the event. “It was a great honor to cut the cake with the oldest Seabee with all his experience and rank,” said Gutierrez. “I was surprised I was the youngest Seabee.” NMCB 5 I The Professionals 5 NMCB 5 I The Professionals 6
  4. 4. Super Squad 2011 Bravo Company Seabees attached to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5 carry ammo cans through a four-pit run obstacle during the 2nd Annual Vietnam-6 Memorial Super Squad Competition on March 25, 2011 at Port Hueneme, Calif. This team building event was a tribute to NMCB-5’s six time deployments to Vietnam during Vietnam War and tested squads on all aspects of administration, military tactics and physical readiness. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ace Rheaume)
  5. 5. Super Squad 2011 Alfa Company Seabees attached to Naval Equipment Opera- Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) tor 3rd Class Dallas 5 react after being announced the 2nd Miller, a Headquar- Annual Vietnam-6 Memorial Super Squad ters Company Seabee Competition on March 25, 2011 at Port attached to Naval Hueneme, Calif. Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5, traverses on a rope during the 2nd Annual Vietnam-6 Memorial Super Squad Compe- tition on March 25, 2011 at Port Huen- eme, Calif. Super Squad 2011 By MC2(SCW) Ace Rheaume The Seabees of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ment faced each other in a series of friendly yet physically (NMCB) 5 concluded the 2nd Annual Vietnam-6 Memorial Super and mentally grueling competitions. Squad Competition on March 25, 2011 at Naval Base Ventura “We took our training seriously,” said Builder Con- County, Port Hueneme, CA. The final event of this three month structionman Apprentice Alton Rollins, a Seabee from 2nd long team building competition was conducted as a tribute to Platoon, 4th squad in Charlie Company. “It took lots of NMCB 5’s six deployments to Vietnam during the Vietnam War, training.” of encouragement from fellow Seabees on the sidelines helped honing tactical skills, increasing mission readiness, and devel- Each company spent countless hours preparing for to motivate each squad members to push themselves further. oping outstanding small unit leaders. The final event was the Super Squad. Teamwork was vital to carry out each task “It was very exhausting and a lot harder than I was ex- climax to three months of all round squad competitions, includ- efficiently. pecting,” said Construction Mechanic 1st Class (SCW) James ing various military tactics, physical training, uniform and room “We’ve done quite a bit of team camaraderie kind Gongas, the squad leader of 2nd platoon, 2nd squad in Alfa inspections, drill competitions, completion of admin requirements of stuff,” said Builder Constructionman Apprentice Nathan Company. “My squad did awesome, they all stepped up to the (PDHA, ISO Preps, DTS, etc…), safety exams, and Seabee his- Manning, also a member of 4th squad in Charlie Company. challenge and they did a great job. I’m proud of all of them.” tory exams. Coincidently, the final event was held on a holiday “We came together as a team and learned information that Alfa Company came from third place after day one of dedicated to the first Medal of Honor recipients in 1863, known will help us out with SCWs, FTX and deployment.” Man- the two day final competition to out gain Charlie Co by only as National Medal of Honor day. ning has been in the battalion for five months and is cur- 4 minutes to become the winner of the overall competition From 1965 to 1972, NMCB FIVE made six consecutive rently working on getting his warfare pin. Manning added this year. Commander Scot Sanders, the Commanding Officer deployments to Vietnam. In 1972, the battalion moved its entire that the training has been beneficial and will help him later of NMCB 5 stated, “Five company winners came out here complement of troops and equipment to Thailand. This giant in his military career. and really put their hearts on the line.” He continued, “They operation resulted in the erection of the Nam Phong Air Base “If I decide to go into special warfare or something [showed] tremendous effort. I saw a lot of heart and dedication complex for the U.S. Marines in record time. For their efforts in like that after battalion, the training I’ve gained [here] will out there and I’m very impressed. The teamwork, dedication, Air Detachment Company Seabees attached to both Vietnam and Thailand during 1972, NMCB FIVE earned help me,” said Manning. “This is like a foundation, you’re leadership, and amazing will to succeed that I witnessed was Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) the Pacific Naval Construction Force “Best of Type” award. building up to something bigger and better and I’m all for inspirational. From the training staff planning, organizing, and executing the events, to the crews setting up the cook-out, 5 low crawl during the 2nd Annual Vietnam-6 NMCB 5 also received the 1972 Peltier Award from the Society it.” of American Military Engineers as the most outstanding Seabee Squad leaders played an essential role in shaping and taking photos and video, and providing safety oversight, and Memorial Super Squad Competition on March battalion in the country. This feat was repeated recently as FIVE teaching their junior troops. “It’s what my job is as a first ultimately to the competing squads, this event was an incred- 25, 2011 at Port Hueneme, Calif. earned back to back “Best of Type” and Peltier awards for 2008 class,” said Builder 1st Class (SCW/EXW) Kirk Johnson, ible success.” and 2009, and most recently completed their 2nd consecutive full the squad leader of 2nd platoon, 4th squad in Charlie Com- CMDCM(SCW) Del Terrell summed up the competi- Afghanistan deployment, more than any other NMCB. pany. “I think the best part of my job is teaching troops.” tion, stating “We want to actually build small unit leaders in Over the course of this homeport, all squads conducted “Most of my squad is junior servicemembers with FIVE and give them an opportunity to grow and shine; that’s training in all aspects of being a well rounded sailor and seabee to less than a year in the military,” continued Johnson. “Every- been the secret to our phenomenal success the last few years. include land navigation, patrols, military bearing inspections and thing they do is fresh or new for them and they easily adapt. Our First Class Petty Officers-Squad Leaders are the best in drills, fire plan sketches, Naval history, administrative require- I’ve been pretty fortunate, these guys are quick and they’ve the NCF. Most folks talk about small unit leadership every day, ments, military tactics, and physical readiness. Each squad earn- picked up on it pretty fast.” but few commands actually live it and breathe it.” ing more than 80% of the allotted points through these events had The Super Squad events were physically and mentally This goes to show that when Seabees and Sailors of the opportunity to earn the title super squad. Overall, 13 squads demanding. The crowd was large and each company moti- different rates work together as a team, anything is possible. achieved the prestigious level of Super Squad, and the top squad vated each other with one goal in mind--gaining The NMCB When it comes to teamwork, unity of effort, and sharing a from each company competed in the final events, a complex pa- 5 Super Squad title! Some of the team building events common goal, two plus two can equal FIVE! trol and very challenging Leaders’ React Course to determine the included hasty bridging, a stretcher obstacle run, low crawl, Ultimate Super Squad. The best organic squads from Headquar- a double dozer rope traverse and more. Screams and shouts ters, Alfa, Bravo, and Charlie Companies, and the Air Detach- NMCB 5 I The Professionals 9 NMCB 5 I The Professionals 10
  6. 6. Headquarters Company Bravo Company Bravo Company Seabees attached to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5 practice Super Squad Training in Port Hueneme, Calif. March 14, 2011. “The Difficult We Do at Once, The Impossible We Do Together” By UTCA Kristina Costabile Bravo Company has truly been immersed in the to ensure their combat readiness for the upcoming “Can Do” spirit this past month. With FTX rearing its deployment. head, preparedness at every level is paramount. Through Prior to their FTX, CSE spent numerous weeks the use of Unit Driven Training and Team Building exer- improving their marksmanship, as well as partaking cises on a daily basis, individuals in Bravo Company have in various staged scenarios that they may encounter in come to the realization that working as a cohesive unit the field. During their FTX, the security element was Headquarters Company Seabees attached to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5 pose for a photo is necessary to succeed. With the Super Squad evolution split into two separate teams and was tasked to go out before the start of the 2nd Annual Vietnam-6 Memorial Super Squad Competition on March 25, 2011 at Port nearing its culmination, members of Bravo participated in on two convoys a day for the whole week. Hueneme, Calif. the penultimate team building exercise. Each day CSE would receive a warning order, On March 14, the squads of first and second platoon a heads up for an upcoming mission. Following the HQ Pride, AC Inside! completed a seven-station obstacle course. The schedule of events included everything from an ammo can relay to warning order, the team set out to stage the scenario as per the instructor’s direction. While undergoing in- By YNSN(SCW) Joseph Pollema a MTVR tire flip across the football field. dividual missions, scenarios ensued. The simulations The physically taxing activities were “no sweat” for included the breaking down of vehicles, IED strikes, For HQ, the month of March was definitely one of the busiest months since returning from deployment in November. HQ is working hard providing support for advancement exams, super squad, and gearing up toward the highly motivated Seabees of Bravo Company. They and enduring casualties. With their sharpened combat FTX in April. In preparation for Super Squad 2011, NMCB 5 Administrative Office drafted Navy and Marine worked seamlessly as teams to ensure that their individual skills in tow, the CSE team promptly and correctly Corps Achievement Medal (NAM) certificates and got medals ready for presentation. squads came out on top. One specific event that really responded to each scenario. During the Super Squad competition, admin department showed support and encouragement throughout the tested the theory of teamwork was the log carry. The realistic nature of the simulations gave event. YN1 Nevens cheered on her fellow Seabees and served food at the First Class Association barbeque. Upon In this round of activity, teams were asked to a carry members of the CSE team an eye-opening view of completion, YN3 Long and YNSN Pollema aided the CO, XO, and CMDCM in the awards ceremony for the Super log downfield, stop in between to perform thirty squad sit- what an actual mission would entail. As current CSE Squad winners. Congratulations Alfa Company! ups, and then proceed back downfield with the same log. member, CECN Howington stated, “Talking about go- In addition to demonstrating battalion spirit, the HQ company is working diligently to complete all tasks that As members of the squad became fatigued, their ing on convoys is one thing, but to actually experience are due in April prior to NMCB 5 leaving for a month long Field Training Exercise. PS1 Caballero and PS2 Bolos verbal encouragement toward one another gave each it is a whole other beast. Now that I have completed have been working on every member’s page two and emergency data attentively for the entire command. E5 peri- person the motivation to finish strongly as one. The our FTX, I am more confident that we will succeed as odic evals along with transfer and separation evaluations are looked over by YN2 Smith and YN3 Kivett to ensure implementation and repetition of UDT gives the troops the result of our extensive training.” that all of the dates are correct. The EA shop consolidated consumables required for the FTX and prepared project binders for Dets while CM3 Stevens, HQ adjutant, prepared the muster report, kill data, and other essential reports confidence to complete upcoming FTX tasks effortlessly. As NMCB 5 nears FTX, and with deployment for accountability during FTX. Last but not least, RPSN Blair has been busy getting the altar ready for Catholic Another integral piece of Bravo Company is CSE, an not far out of sight, Bravo continues to strive for mass during FTX for 300 plus personnel. The chapel will hold four services on Wednesdays and Sundays through- entity that has had eventful month as well. excellence. Relentless training and morale boosting out FTX. Combat ready, ready to roll...out on a mission that exercises solidify Bravo Company as a crucial asset to Meticulous gear inspections held by the company have assured that everyone is ready to load up and mount is. The Convoy Security Element recently completed their the future success of the command. out for FTX! For those without their SCW pin, FTX will be an excellent opportunity to learn how certain func- Field Training Exercise at the beginning of the month. The tions work. OORAH! We are ready for 2011 Field Training Exercise! “CAN DO! ” CSE unit has been tirelessly training during this homeport NMCB 5 I The Professionals 11 NMCB 5 I The Professionals 12
  7. 7. Charlie Company Charlie Company Seabees attached to Na- val Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5 wait before the start of a patrol during the 2nd Annual Vietnam-6 Memorial Super Squad Competition on March 24, 2011 at Naval Air Station Point Mugu, Calif. Charlie Company Super Squad Finishes Second in Battalion Events By BU2(SCW) Sarah J Hedge On March 24th and 25th, the Company level Super The day’s events put Charlie Co.’s super squad in Squads competed for the coveted title of NMCB Five’s Bat- second place by a mere four points. So the rest of the talion Super Squad. evening the squad pumped themselves up with chants On Thursday the 24th, the Squads performed their well stating that four points meant nothing. prepared patrol briefs and executed their missions. Their On Friday, the Company super squads, as well performances were graded by several criteria including tac- as their cheering companies, met at Dozer field for this Builder Constructionman Andrew Tuggle, a Charlie Company Seabee attached to Naval Mobile Construc- tics, briefing, and planning abilities. homeport’s final Super Squad event. The field was tion Battalion (NMCB) 5, conducts a low crawl through an obstacle during the 2nd Annual Vietnam-6 Me- The first squad to patrol was Charlie Company, 2Nd built into an intense obstacle course. The course was morial Super Squad Competition on March 25, 2011 at Port Hueneme, Calif. Platoon, 4th Squad, with BU1 Johnson as the squad leader. designed to test the knowledge and physical and mental The squad delivered an excellent briefing and continued to capabilities of every person in the squad. Throughout carry out an outstanding patrol. With BUCN Rollins as the the stations the squads were asked a series of questions Builder 1st Class (SCW/EXW) point man, the squad had excellent communication through involving chain of command and military knowledge. Kirk Johnson, a Charlie Com- hand signals to warn of danger crossings or enemy activity. When it came time for Charlie’s Super Squad to pany Seabee attached to Naval Johnson also led his troops through a village where the squad step up to the plate, they ran to the course yelling to Mobile Construction Battal- acquired a high value target without incident. The high pump themselves up for the event. This is what they ion (NMCB) 5, crosses a rope value target was delivered to an extraction sight and picked had been training for throughout the homeport. They obstacle with a sandbag during up by friendly forces. tore through the obstacles, soaking wet from the water the 2nd Annual Vietnam-6 Me- The unit was also confronted by a group of angry pits and mud crawling, physically fatigued and pushing morial Super Squad Competi- farmers with barking dogs, showing unyielding military every fiber of their being to finish, and finish well. tion on March 25, 2011 at Port bearing and self control the squad pushed through the sce- The final task was to cross a rope pulled tight over nario without harming any locals or putting themselves in a large pit filled with almost four feet of cold water. It Hueneme, Calif. excessive danger. was the most challenging task so far, yet the members Sadly, after being assaulted while patrolling past a pushed through and finished, cold and wet, embracing mosque, the team was hit with sniper fire and an IED, se- each other for a huge accomplishment. verely wounding several members of the patrol. The remain- Charlie Company came in second for Battal- ing Seabees took out the snipers and performed first aid tech- ion Super Squad, reaching a high class of admiration niques critical to saving the lives of their wounded brethren. throughout the battalion. Charlie Company succeeded The hurt Seabees were then taken to casualty collection point in building themselves up through teamwork and dedica- where the squad notionally requested and landed MEDEVAC tion, showing heart and, most of all, strength and honor. for the fallen Seabees. NMCB 5 I The Professionals 13 NMCB 5 I The Professionals 14
  8. 8. Charlie Company When she’s not deployed and back on base during the homeport months, Renfroe hits the Oxnard Police Activities League gym 4-5 days a week for about an hour or two twice a day! Constructionman Ren- froe definitely trains like she fights. She also likes to hit the gym before a tournament or fight, keeping the adrenaline rush flowing and fist pumping is vital. Although trying to balance her life between work and boxing, Renfroe still overcomes her highest expectations especially during deployments. She stays conditioned by jump roping, running, and hitting the bag. If the gym has a speed bag, she’s on it! Not being able to receive the one-on-one or ring experience during deployments limits her training but that does not ever bring her strength and motivation down. Her main goal is staying focused, determined and always believing in herself. At the end of the day, it’s im- portant for her to look back on what she has accomplished and to know that win or lose; she is becoming a better fighter every day. Ladies and Gentlemen, this “can do” spirit of a gal is not only a patriotic Seabee but an aspiring boxer representing the United States. Her love for boxing is just as big as her devotion as a Builder. Let’s all con- gratulate BUCN Renfroe on a job well done for always keeping her head down in the ring yet her head and pride up outside the ring. CONSTRUCTING THE FRONT OFFICE PROJECT BUCN Crystal Renfroe of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5 is declared the winner over MASN Rhon- WITH A CAN DO ATTITUDE! da McGee during the only women’s boxing event of the evening. NMCB 5 came out en masse to support By BU3 Linda Meale their fellow Seabee, and Renfroe credited that hometown advantage with helping her win the match. After four months of returning from Afghanistan, In addition to personnel from Charlie Company, NMCB Five has already started on a few homeport projects. a few Bravo types such as the CE’s and UT’s, are also LET’S GET READY TO RUUMMBBLLEE!!!! One of the construction projects that we have had the privi- lege to take ownership of is the office located in the Navy a part of this project. Recently, they have started on a rough electrical activity which includes installing con- Gateway Inn located just outside of the Bard gate, on NBVC duit and panel boxes. They also had an opportunity to By BU3 Linda Meale Port Hueneme. work within the builder rate, (the best rate there is and Currently under construction, project supervisor, BU1 the backbone of the Seabees, of course). This is what BUCN (SCW) Renfroe of NMCB Five’s Charlie (SCW/EXW) Johnson is determined that his crew will go As the project Safety Supervisor, BU3 (SCW) Company has to offer! So much rumblin’, she keeps her opponents above and beyond in completing the project on time and top Davis ensures that crewmembers are in compliance with tumblin’! Constructionman Renfroe is an astonishing and remarkable quality construction. For BU1, it’s not a surprise to see how safety rules and regulations. Safety is paramount in all boxer as well as a motivated- high flying Seabee. She has been box- much has been completed after starting the project in early aspects so she is always on top of her game to ensure ing for over two years and has won numerous “blood, sweat, and tears” February, “Given the rigorous time line to plan and execute crewmembers have on their hard hat, safety glasses, and kind of fights. the project, the crew has been able to overcome material a motivated “CAN DO!” attitude to accomplish their Determined. Focused. Motivated. These are some qualities delays and manning issues and perform at a top notch level.” daily tasks in a SAFE manner. that drive Renfroe. One day she dreams to be the Southern California Petty officer Johnson has been guiding his crew to the best of Construction of the front office is expected to last District champion, to be a Golden Gloves champion, and to compete in his leadership ability to work hard yet have fun at the same until July 2011. Due to the busy nature of homeport, i.e, the Nationals and conquer the National Championship title. Ultimately, time. classes, UDT, and Super Squad training, the project crew her biggest ambition is to be afforded the opportunity to compete in the An exhausted BUCN Crystal Best of the best, crew leaders BU2 (SCW) Luna and often rotates personnel in order to stay up with current 2016 World Olympics! Renfroe celebrates with her BU2 (SCW) Clark makes sure materials are on site, project progress goals. This rotation cycle allows different trophy after defeating MASN information is updated and reflected upon completion of an personnel to take part of the project and get an actual Besides these future winning endeavors, Constructionman Ren- Rhonda McGee during the sev- activity, and ensure the crew is properly trained and well- “hands-on” experience instead of the usual homeport froe would also like to be a positive role model for other female fight- maintained. BU2 Luna is in the process of transferring out training and classes. ers. The word needs to get out that for the first time in the history of enth bout of the All-Navy Box- Off on Saturday, Jan. 29, in the of the command, so he has delegated his duties to BU2 Clark Participating in a homeport project provides crew- the Olympic Games, women are allowed to compete!!! Her positive and BU3 Devincentis. They have done a tremendous job in members with a chance to experience on the job training. outlook on boxing enables female fighters to get out there, challenge Warfield Gym. training personnel and briefing crewmembers on what activi- This kind of training enhances their rating skills as well themselves and make things happen! This fighter’s role model is Lucia ties need to be completed. as the opportunity to work alongside others and learn Rijker, aka Billie Blue Jean from the 2004 movie, Million Dollar Baby As a crewmember on the front office project, I have something new. A “CAN DO!” spirit is well enabled played by actress Hilary Swank. Rijker holds many titles and is known had the opportunity to work within my rate as a Builder. throughout our daily tasking and within ourselves. for winning by KO’S in most of her boxing matches. She was also the From working with steel studs, installing insulation and put- first female boxer inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. Renfroe’s ting up drywall, my hands-on experience has provided me the ability to learn different techniques. Personally I’m not desire to achieve these goals, like her role model is definitely on course! that efficient on mudding a wall, however, BU2 Clark helped me to improve my skills. NMCB 5 I The Professionals 15 NMCB 5 I The Professionals 16
  9. 9. Alfa Company Quarterly Recognitions Alfa Company Quarterly By EO3 Lacey Nelson It’s not hard to see whether or not ALFA Recognitions Company is stepping up to the plate this homeport. Our leadership is making sure that we are stay- ing on track, staying focused, and keeping open Blue Jacket of the Quarter (BJOQ) lines of communication. Not one person in ALFA EACN(SCW) Ashley Cox is willing to let the other fail; teamwork is the foundation that we are built on. One Team...One Fight...One Family. There has been, and likely al- ways will be, some good-natured ribbing between the EOs and CMs. But let someone from outside the yard mess with anyone of the ALFA Dogs inside the yard, and see what happens! Staying motivated and teaching our troops the importance of ALFA Company to the battalion’s mission is something that we pride ourselves on. Currently, the EOs are getting ready to Junior Sailor of the Quarter (JSOQ) conduct the B.E.E.P and turn over the CESE to CM2(SCW/AW) Carl Gayton NMCB-23. The conclusion of the B.E.E.P will be carried out during FTX 2011. The EOs have been conducting non-stop line hauls to Fort Hunter Liggett in support of our CSE FTX, organizing the picking up of NMCB-40’s Air Det and Advanced Party at Point Mugu, training new troops on equip- ment to be ready for the field exercise, pressing forward on the two projects at Point Mugu. Fur- thermore, they have been helping out Supply, Medical, and the S6 shop in the preparation, load- ing, and transportation of their connex boxes for Senior Sailor of the Quarter (SSOQ) EO1(SCW) Mario Perez the FTX evolution. On the shop side of the ALFA house the CMs are working hard in completing all the PMS checks on 40 pieces of CESE to ensure it is operating at maximum capability before it is turned over to NMCB-23. CESE availability is improving every day. That means that the Battalion’s mission readi- ness and ability to move our Seabees where they need to be is improving every day. ALFA PRIDE! ROLL ON! NMCB 5 I The Professionals 17
  10. 10. Air DetachmentNMCB-FIVE AIR-DET A Scraper is loaded on the back of a globe trailer at Naval Air Station (NAS) Point Mugu Air Field February 2, 2011 during ETX. 48 Hours or less... When asked about the lessons learned from the exercise, CMCN Meyer stated, “You have to do the Construction Mechanic 3rd Class (SCW) Matthew Stell and Equip- job 100% right the first time to eliminate re-work.” ment Operator 3rd Class Joseph By CM2(SCW/AW) Carl Gayton During the exercise the weather played a major factor. Flint measure the distance from The Seabees from NMCB Five’s Air-Det experienced the front of the Medium Tacti- On Wednesday, Feb 2nd and 3rd, Naval discrepancies found were verified and corrected working in the cold weather as well as in the rain. cal Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) Mobile Construction Battalion Five was engaged on the spot by the Construction Mechanics and the CMCN Guerrero said, “This was the best way to train Cargo truck to teh rear axle for in a 32 hour Embark training exercise (ETX). The Equipment Operators. for the worst case scenario.” The exercise was a suc- weight and balancing purposes. exercise consisted of preparing 28 pieces of gear The equipment was then weighed, balanced cess and NMCB-Five Air-Det is “trained to go” and to deploy within 48 hours from receiving the frag and marked. The (CESE) and the gear that was not fully ready to deploy within 48 hrs. order. mobile was loaded up, secured and transported to A total of 125 personnel were involved in the C.B.C. Base Port Hueneme where it was cleaned, Steelworker 2nd Class exercise with 69 members in Air-Det. that were re-inspected, and staged for a “notional” load on to (SCW) Andrew Buchholtz specifically assigned to weigh, balance, mark and a C-130. The members of the 31st SRG evaluation and Utilitiesman 2nd Class secure the gear and Civil Engineering Support team inspected the loads and markings, ensuring (SCW) David Yost secure Equipment (CESE). The exercise started at N.A.S. that everything was compliant with the stringent the cargo straps of a load Point Magu flight line, where the vehicles and gear regulations enforced by the U.S. Air Force prior to sitting on a 463-L pallet. were inspected for Hazmat leaks and levels. Any loading them on to an aircraft. NMCB 5 I The Professionals 19 NMCB 5 I The Professionals 20