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Inquiry reflection


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Published in: Education
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Inquiry reflection

  1. 1. Student-Directed Inquiry: Week 3, Day 2 Spedding Grade 5 PYP The International School of Monterey Name __________________________________ Date _______________________ What is the question/s that are driving your inquiry today? Be very specific. How is this inquiry connected to what you accomplished last week? (REMEMBER: The ideal for your four-week inquiry is to follow a line of inquiry, with each week building on the week prior.) How will you document your learning? (HINT: Be inspired by the work of Ruksheen, Aidan & Alex last week!)
  2. 2. * * * Self-Assessment 1 2 3 Timemanagement: on-task, avoid distraction Goal setting: set specific goals; work toward those goals Product: Summarizing what I accomplished; something we can see Next steps in your inquiry: what would you like to focus on in your next session? 4 5