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Pyp gutz labmouth 1.29


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Pyp gutz labmouth 1.29

  1. 1. PYPGutz Lab NOTES: The Digestive System 1 1.29 Spedding Grade 5 PYP The International School of Monterey 1. Pooping Corn Experiment What is the purpose of the experiment? Time in: _______________________________________________ Predict day/time out: ___________________________________________________________ * * * * * * 2. THE MOUTH: Specialization of Teeth What did we do? What did you discover? 3. THE MOUTH: The Purpose of Saliva What did we do? What did you discover?
  2. 2. * * * * * * 4. THE ESOPHAGUS: Eating In The Horizontal What did we do? What did you learn? 5. STOMACH & THE SMALL INTESTINE (by table group) INSTRUCTIONS 1. Add food to the stomach a. ADD 3 bananas to the stomach (yummy!) b. ADD 1 cup of stomach acid c. d. ADD fruit cocktail (yummy!) e. f. Begin peristalsis Continue peristalsis ADD instant oatmeal (YUMMY!) g. Continue peristalsis 2. Open the pyloric sphincter (allowing the food to pass into the small intestine) 3. Squeeze food from the stomach through the pyloric sphincter into the small intestine 4. Apply peristalsis to move food through the small intestine and into the large intestine
  3. 3. What did you learn from this activity (that you didn’t know before)? 6. Bill Nye DIGESTION Record notes below: