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Thinking critically second session

Critical thinking by john chaffee

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Thinking critically second session

  1. 1. Thinking Critically 2nd Session  Thinking Critically  Thinking Activity  Achieving Short Term Goals  Methods of Achieving Short Term Goals Course Facilitator: Ms. Qazi Safia Hussain
  2. 2. Thinking Critically  A research study by scientists shows that our brain observe changes in blood flow. It shows which part of the brain are most active when a person is engaged in different mental process.
  3. 3. Thinking Activity!  Analyzing a goal that you achieved 1. Describe an important goal that you recently achieved. 2. Identify the steps you had to take to achieve this goal in the order in which they were taken, and estimate the amount of time each step took. 3. Describe how you felt when you achieved your goal.
  4. 4. Achieving Short Term Goals!  With the results of Thinking Activity, you can see that thinking  effectively plays a crucial role in helping you to achieve your goals by enabling you to perform two distinct, interrelated activities: 1. Identifying the appropriate goals 2. Devising effective plans and strategies to achieve your goals
  5. 5. Achieving Short Term Goals  Identify five short-term goals you would like to achieve in the next week.  Now rank these goals in order of importance, ranging from the goals that are most essential for you to achieve to those that are less significant.  Once this process of identifying and ranking your goals is complete, you can then focus on devising effective plans and strategies to achieve your goals.
  6. 6. Achieving Short Term Goals  Let us check an example of Achieving a short term goal. Goal: Prepare for biology quiz in 2 days Steps to be Taken Time Involved Schedule 1. Photocopy the notes for the class that was missed 20 minutes After next class 2. Review reading Assignments and Notes 2 Hours Tonight 3. Make a Summary Review 1 Hour Tomorrow Night 4. Study the review sheet 30 minutes Right Before Quiz
  7. 7. Achieving Short Term Goals Common thinking errors in seeking our goals include the following:  We neglect to explicitly identify important goals.  We concentrate on less important goals first, leaving insufficient time to work on more important goals.  We don’t identify all of the steps required to achieve our goals, or we approach them in the wrong order.  We underestimate the time each step will take and/or fail to plan the steps in our schedule.
  8. 8. Method for Achieving Short- Term Goals Step 1:  Identify the short-term goals.  Rank the goals in order of importance.  Select the most important goal(s) to focus on.
  9. 9. Method for Achieving Short- Term Goals Step 2  Devise effective plans to achieve your goals.  List all of the steps in the order in which they should be taken.  Estimate how much time each step will take.  Plan the steps in your daily/weekly schedule.