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Hlc presentation isu edited version

  1. 1. Making Your Strategic Plan Work: A Case Analysis of Indiana State University North Central Association- HLC Conference Chicago, IL April 9 – 12, 2011 Karl E. Burgher, Ph.D., P.E.Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning Webster Thompson President
  2. 2. Benchmarks – Goal 1
  3. 3. Event Management Define the Events and Deliverables – Where do we want to be When? Step 1. We wrote a Work Plan and TaskStream Population Manual ( 25 pages or so … an Excellent Read  ) Step 2. Team to Write Work-Plans (Tactical/Operational Plans) that align with the Strategic Plan and Metrics … Step 3. We then use those work plans to populate TaskStream Step 4. Review (Internal) and Audit (External) the “Work” Step 5. Published all Documentation – Work Plans & Status Step 6. April 27th Stakeholders Conference (March 31 – 2011)The Primary Deliverable/Event is the Stakeholders Conference ! ?
  4. 4. The TaskStream Manual… Work Plan Development, TaskStream Structure, and Timelines 1.0 Introduction/Purpose This document provides a template for effectively and efficiently utilizing TaskStream as part of the strategic plan implementation. Specifically, it outlines a procedure for developing Initiative and Action work plans; for TaskStream data population, utilization and documentation; for quarterly reporting (including schedules); and for annual reporting, presentation, and conferencing. Its purpose is to allow for consistent across-campus deliverable execution and presentation of initiative (and other) work.
  5. 5. Important Realization A comprehensive strategic plan is not about what ishappening in addition to everything else at the University, It is “What Is” Happening !
  6. 6. Active Start Management Help teams focus – have sessions … Help folks write their work plans – do not just wait Multiple touches – over-communicate – friend-raising Dollars help tremendously – allocate $$ ! Must know where you are going (Metrics Again) … speak to this often Always speak to the endpoint(s) – us humans need to see the end … Population of TaskStream is one vehicle to get to an endpoint Do what you say you are going to do !! Celebrate along the way – Micro-Deliverables/Micro-Celebrations - Food
  7. 7. How did we realize success? Step 3 Strategic Transitioning Managing Celebrating Planning to Working the Work Success
  8. 8. Managing the Work& TaskStream Workflow Management & Reporting A Strategic Plan has now been turned into a “Work Plan(s)”.That Work Plan must include budgets, schedules, benchmarks, measures, assessment plans, audit reports, and then is re-worked if necessary. Initiative Success is Good … Benchmark Metric (ISU) Success … Mandatory
  9. 9. Resource Docs – For All Teams
  10. 10. Total Transparency
  11. 11. Typical Work Plan – All Need Work Plans!1. Introduction/Background – What?2. Proposal/Purpose/Justification – Why?3. Work Plan – Action Steps – Process – How?4. Reporting and Deliverable Schedule – When?5. Budget – How Much?6. Stakeholders and Management Plan – Who?7. Outcome Assessment (Metric Based) – How Well? The process of writing about work – also makes for better work.
  12. 12. Work Plans in TaskStream (Initiative Level)
  13. 13. Work Plan Statuses
  14. 14. Our Review, Auditing and Report-Out Process Initiative chair submits work to goal chair for review Goal chair approves (or sends back for revision) - repeat Strategic Planning office prints approved work Audit team reviews printed reports – iterate … Goal / Audit Chair Report Out Annual Stakeholder Conference Stakeholder Commenting !
  15. 15. Auditing Results and Conferences Docs at GoalLevel
  16. 16. How did we realize success? Step 4 Strategic Transitioning Managing Celebrating Planning to Working the Work Success Time to Celebrate! Conference Party 
  17. 17. In Summary - Work Perspective 300+ Actions (separable work plans) created in a hosted solution Executive Summaries of Goal Reviews and External Audits All Budgets and Conference Power Points at hand Supplemental documentation Each with FY ’10 work status and FY ’11 first quarter status 7 books – Published Work Plans for all Initiatives/Actions & Tasks We created a definable, transparent process for writing about work, doing work, tracking work, measuring work, reviewingwork, externally auditing work, and publishing the results of the work uniformly – using common project management terms and processes with robust metrics.
  18. 18. Success Snapshot – Again Enrollment up 1000 students to 11,500 - Freshman Class by 30% Contract and Grant Awards are up 20% Regional and National Awards to faculty and staff are up Community Engagement – Terre Haute Community of the Year Enhanced Infrastructure Work – 10 Constructions Projects Alumni Participation and Capital Campaign - $85,000,000 $3,000,000 allocated to Strategic Plan to date - up to $10,000,000 by ’14 $5,000,000 reallocated for Programs of Distinction FY 11 ($25 M Total) Extensive Co-Curricular Record (transcript) project underway One Stop Shop Opened – Sycamore Express It is simple. It is complex (management challenge) Know your work – Do your work – Adjust – Be successful
  19. 19. More University Progress … Parents and Family Initiative, New Web Site, New Programs Alumni in Indy Initiative Student Success – Map-Works, Early Alerts Systems, and Assessment Opportunity Hire Project – Minority Recruitment Freshman Faculty Program – 10 work plans … Day Care Feasibility (finally – 10 yrs) Numerous New Degree Programs, BS, MS, & PhD Distance Ed – New Dean of Continuing Ed … Foundational Studies Update Capital Campaign – Coming to a close … to then open another … Alumni Center – New Downtown Book Store – Alumni/Foundation Offices Riverscape Development – 93 miles, 2000 acres, + Environmental Center Master Facilities Plan The Planning and the Working …. Works. TaskStream helped us know where we were all the time.
  20. 20. ? Football: From: 1~30 – 3 yrs To: 7-5 – 2nd place Knowing where you are going with robust metric development helps all move - 812-237-8449 TaskStream -