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Project Management 2011


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Project Management 2011

  1. 1. PROJECT MANAGEMENT James Dale Vice President, College Pro – Western Canada
  2. 2. Purpose To introduce SIFE teams to the key concepts of Project Management. To share some tools to help plan and execute successful projects. To increase the skill of Project Management with SIFE teams.
  3. 3. Project Management & SIFE
  4. 4. Why is Project ManagementImportant?  To ensure project needs/goals are hit.  To incorporate all stakeholders.  To foster sustainability through team involvement and engagement.
  5. 5. Key Project ManagementConcepts The 3 Ps of Project Management:
  6. 6. (1) PRODUCTProject Planning starts with the GOAL/NEED/OUTCOME Identify the Goals/Needs or your project Know your timeline to hit the goals Determine how success will be measured Decide how you will capture learning and improvements to carry forward.SIFE Goal – Develop projects to hit the needs of your communities.
  7. 7. (2) PLANEffective Project Management requires a good Project Plan.Your plan needs to: Be time phased Considers other priorities  School  Social  Job  Sports Take stock of What Ifs ‘Big Rocks’ first
  8. 8. How to build the PLAN1) Break out the Categories & Components Participants Venue Budget Who Find Space Print Materials Invitations Space booked Travel Logistics Space set-up Refreshments Transportation A/V equipment *Brain Dump Exercise6) Backward Scheduling a. Define milestones/key deadlines that are unmovable b. Prioritize Components and schedule sequentially c. Big/Major items first7) Schedule it in8) Check back & Update the plan ongoing
  9. 9. PLANNING - ToolsNote: Make sure the tool(s) workfor you, and use them consistently.
  10. 10. PLANNING - Pitfalls Team leader does it all (“god complex”)  Think about output: 7 people @ 70% > 1 person @ 100% Too many planning tools are used, none well Plan is back heavy – I’m looking at you procrastinators Delegated tasks not followed-up on
  11. 11. (3) PEOPLE ..............Stakeholders – Project Stakeholder –A person, group or organization with an interest in a project OR who affects and can be affected by a team’s actions. 2Stakeholders: Who are they?  Brain Dump What is their role in the overall project?
  12. 12. (3) PEOPLE ..........................DelegationDelegation: Relies on Skill/Experience Who “owns” what? Agree on responsibilities and timelines for delegated tasks Follow-up*Once Delegated – you’ve given over responsibility... Avoid stepping in.Think About:Sustainability – How can you get members of your team engaged in leading parts of the project? How could this impact their role next year on the SIFE team?
  13. 13. (3) PEOPLE ........................Alignment – Alignment – The integration or of goals, practices, etc. within a group.Alignment: Stakeholders are clear on goals/needs of project Share key plan & timelines  Meeting  Conference Call  Web Share Get agreement with stakeholders on plan and deadlines
  14. 14. (3) PEOPLE ...............Accountability – Accountability –An individual or teams responsibility to someone or for some activity. Accountability:  Follow-up on delegated items  Know key dates and deadlines  Address hit & missed commitments  Recognize commitments that are hit  Have a Conflict around missed commitments  Skill or Commitment
  15. 15. Meeting Management Agenda – send out prior to meeting  Items to cover  Time allotment/item Drivers – who will lead? Outcomes – identified @ meeting start  Desired work product  Decisions to be made *An effective meeting arrives at decisions being made and actionable steps to follow-up on.
  16. 16. Summary PRODUCT Start with the Goal PLAN Schedule it out – Big to small PEOPLEKnow your key people – hold them to their tasks
  17. 17. College Pro Support Our MissionTo provide exceptional management and leadership training to you entrepreneurs through real-world business experience.  We want to support individual SIFE teams. We can offer skill, advisory and/or financial support.  We want to connect with students who share the entrepreneurial spirit. so... If you think there’s a good fit for College Pro and your team/project, email Erin at