Planning and organising


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Planning and organising

  1. 1. PLANNING & ORGANISATION By Kiechelle DegaleKiE Leadership Training & Development Ltd
  2. 2. Planning & Organising• Why is it important?• How can it benefit you?• When do you need it ?• Examples of planning & organising ..
  3. 3. To consider …• The plan, the roles• Researching• Prioritising• Record keeping• Time management• The ability to multi-task• Interpersonal skills• Health & Safety• Risk management• Initiative and decision making• Achieving set targets and goals• Evaluation
  4. 4. Making Sense of the PlanWhat do you want to achieve? Who’s involved? Deciding on roles and responsibilities
  5. 5. Prioritising Efficiency and effectiveness are not the same. Someone who works hard and is well organised but spends all their time onunimportant tasks may be efficient but not effective. To beeffective, you need to decide whattasks are urgent and important and to focus on these. This is called prioritising.
  6. 6. Plan & Organise [pick one]1. Award Ceremony2. Sports event3. Fundraising event
  7. 7. Safety Procedures Risk AssessmentWhen things go wrong!
  8. 8. Enjoy the event!This is where yourhard work pays of! End 