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E portfolios presentation


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Eportfolio presentation 2010.

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E portfolios presentation

  1. 1. Tamara MalloffTech Integration Support Teacher Mt. Sentinel Secondary School December 2010
  2. 2. Why an E-Portfolio? •Flexible format •You choose and control the content •Reflects the “whole you” •Growth and Product •Portable •Trend in employment/college •Potential to connect!
  3. 3. How do we use one? •Goal setting, meta-cognition, reflection •Formative & summative assessment •Individual education plan •Student-centered ownership & responsibility for learning •Connect to PLOs
  4. 4. What Goes into It? You. •Photos (tasteful) Music, •Scanned assignments photos, artwork •Scanned artwork •Links to mp3 files •Links to blog •Embedded video •Brief bio of you •Goals and career exploration Interests, Passions, Projects
  5. 5. What Tools Can I Use? •Glogster (interactive poster) •Youtube (have a channel?) •Blogger (got a blog?) •Slide (make a slideshow) •Picnik (photo edit online) • (avatar)
  6. 6. Sample Eportfolio #1
  7. 7. Sample Eportfolio #2
  8. 8. Parting Notes. Start with a clear goal or focus. Ie/ formative? Summative? Involve all stakeholders meaningfully. Carve out time for eportfolio as learning.“...your eportfolio is personalized to suit your styleand growth both in school and out...”