Social in the Flow - Transforming Processes and Sharing Knowledge


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Social in the Flow - Transforming Processes and Sharing Knowledge

  1. 1. Presented November 28, 2012 Social in the Flow – Transforming Processes and Sharing KnowledgeIn association with: Presented by:
  2. 2. About AIIM AIIM is the Global Community of Information Professionals We provide the education, research, and certification that information professionals need to manage and share information assets in an era of mobile, social, cloud, and big data. Learn more about AIIM at www.aiim.orgIn association with: Presented by:
  3. 3. About AIIM Visit AIIM’s video library at With more than 100 Research/Industry watch snapshots on all things Information Management Check out your professional member benefitsIn association with: Presented by:
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  6. 6. Thank You to the Underwriters of this Event TIBBR – IronMountain – Provides information storage and management services that help lower the costs, risks and inefficiencies of managing physical and digital data. Records Management, Data Backup and Recovery, Document Imaging and Information Destruction.In association with: Presented by:
  7. 7. AIIM Presents: Social in the Flow – Transforming Processes and Sharing Knowledge Host: Theresa Resek – Director, AIIM Webinars Laurence Hart – CIO, AIIM Ryan Harmon – VP WW Sales & Alliances, TibbrIn association with: Presented by:
  8. 8. Introducing our Featured Speaker Laurence Hart CIO AIIMIn association with: Presented by:
  9. 9. What is Social? The goal of Social is Communication Social helps to remove serendipity from the equationIn association with: Presented by:
  10. 10. Intellipedia [We] are seasoned enough to know this isn’t just a piece of software – this could change the way we’re doing business - Intelligence AnalystIn association with: Presented by:
  11. 11. Who Did We Talk To? 383 Participants 57% from the United States 25% from EuropeIn association with: Presented by:
  12. 12. Benefits of Social Increased Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing are seen as the biggest benefits of integrating social into processes 32% looked to Social to Improve Customer SatisfactionIn association with: Presented by:
  13. 13. Social Integration Support Managers favor integrating social into process by 2:1 CFOs oppose social 8:1 Records Managers and Compliance Departments oppose social 4:1In association with: Presented by:
  14. 14. Integration is Lacking 64% of organizations are using Social but have no integration to their business processes 21% are beginning to integrate social into some processesIn association with: Presented by:
  15. 15. Integration Variation 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Do not use Only just starting to use Using but not integrated to business processes Some processes integrated Integrated into many business processes Business to Business (B2B) Business to Consumer (B2C) Government to Citizen (G2C) Government to Business (G2B)In association with: Presented by:
  16. 16. The Governance Question 76% of organizations are not recording any social content as records 35% feel that social content should always be stored Only 6% have an automated approachIn association with: Presented by:
  17. 17. Mobile Connectivity 50% view Mobile as either valuable or important 24% don’t know how mobile ties into plans for socialIn association with: Presented by:
  18. 18. Remember  Foundation of collaboration required  Integrate into your process to achieve maximum benefit  Governance is critical, integration makes it easier More Questions? Reach out to me on Twitter: @piewords Check-out AIIM’s Social Media Governance Course association with: Presented by:
  19. 19. Introducing our Sponsor Ryan Harmon VP WW Sales & Alliances TibbrIn association with: Presented by:
  20. 20. Ryan HarmonVP of Sales, tibbr
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  23. 23. © Copyright 2000-2012 TIBCO Software Inc. All rights reserved. TIBCO Confidential & Proprietary Information.
  24. 24. Social Networking within the Enterprise MUST be Different© Copyright 2000-2012 TIBCO Software Inc. All rights reserved. TIBCO Confidential & Proprietary Information.
  25. 25. Who knows Whom?Who knows What?What is Where?
  27. 27. Consumer EnterpriseYou follow friends You follow people, processes, Information & applications
  28. 28. Consumer EnterpriseYou listen to music You listen for changes in a PO or pricing document
  29. 29. Consumer EnterpriseYou share a laugh and send a smile You act on a status update
  33. 33. Enterprise Social Graph People Dept Files Applications Subjects
  34. 34. Contact UsRyan Harmonrharmon@tibco.com650.846.5714
  35. 35. Questions?In association with: Presented by:
  36. 36. AIIM Resources For the full research discussed today, download the new Industry Watch Social In the Flow association with: Presented by:
  37. 37. Survey This survey will open in a new window. (or click here) Tell us how we did today, and offer suggestions for topics of future events.In association with: Presented by:
  38. 38. Upcoming Webinars November 29th Business Process Management and Case Management Systems – Are They Really Different? December 5th Information Security for the Modern Enterprise Register Today at View our library of Webinars OnDemand association with: Presented by: