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In this webinar, we'll outline how best to prepare and execute a successful SharePoint implementation; improve how you're currently using SharePoint; and offer tips to take fullest advantage of what SharePoint has to offer. We'll also discuss ways to recognize when (and how) an add-on solution can enhance what you're doing to keep your business functioning at its very best.

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Using SharePoint Well

  1. 1. Presented February 27, 2013 Using SharePoint Well – And How to Recognize When You Need More Listen to the replay: Click here now.In association Presented by: with:
  2. 2. About AIIM AIIM is the Global Community of Information Professionals We provide the education, research, and certification that information professionals need to manage and share information assets in an era of mobile, social, cloud, and big data. Learn more about AIIM at www.aiim.orgIn association Presented by: with:
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  4. 4. Secure Your Success Become a Demonstrate your ability to address and manage today’s information challenges
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  6. 6. Thank You to the Underwriters of this Event – Connect™ delivers full-featured access to SharePoint and Office 365 from the desktop, mobile and cloud. Adlib – IBM – Leading expert in document-to-PDF We help companies unlock the value of content for transformation and is seamlessly integrated with better insight and outcomes by putting content in Microsoft SharePoint to ensure compliance with motion: capturing, activating, socializing, analyzing regulatory agencies and reduce IT costs. and governing it. CoSign by ARX – Iron Mountain – CoSign® by ARX, the leading standard digital Provides information storage and management signature solution, is used globally by millions of services that help lower the costs, risks and signers at security-minded businesses and inefficiencies of managing physical and digital data. governments. Uniquely bridge the gap of managing physical and electronic information. Bamboo Solutions Knowledge Lake – KnowledgeLake develops document imaging related Bamboo Solutions is a leading provider of products and solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. enterprise class software applications and KnowledgeLake extends the ECM capabilities of solutions to extend the Microsoft SharePoint SharePoint. platform.In association Presented by: with:
  7. 7. AIIM Presents: Using SharePoint Well – And How to Recognize When You Need More Host: Theresa Resek – Director, AIIM Webinars Greg Clark – Principal, C3 Associates David Lavenda – VP Product Strategy, Harmon.ieIn association Presented by: with:
  8. 8. Introducing our Featured Speaker Greg Clark Principal C3 AssociatesIn association Presented by: with:
  9. 9. A Brief History of ECM and Microsoft’s ApproachIn association Presented by: with: © 2013 C3 Associates Inc.
  10. 10. The Enterprise Information Challenge Information Locked In Silos Information Overload Inefficient Business Processes Lost Opportunity Wasted Time Increased Costs Legal / Regulatory Risk Some content courtesy OpenTextIn association Presented by: with:
  11. 11. Business Drivers Operational Culture Regulatory Litigation Risk Efficiency Compliance • Support • Internal Organizational Management Culture • Documents • Information is Systems needed in support retained as long • Promote of regulatory as needed but not • Business/ knowledge sharing requirements are longer (global Operational and employee engagement efficiently and retention documents globally globally managed schedule) stored and retrieved • Embed Good efficiently Information • Content Management duplication is • Streamlined processes through Practices reduced improved access to reliable content Efficiency / Control / Risk People Focus FocusIn association Presented by: with:
  12. 12. The Social Network Source: McKinsey, “Six Ways to Make Web 2.0 Work”In association Presented by: with: © 2013 C3 Associates Inc.
  13. 13. Consumerization of IT If I can do it at home, why can’t I do it at work?  IT feels the need to respond to business demand  Cost pressures, infrastructure pressures, compliance pressures Adapted by AIIM International from “Schoolboy” c. 1881 by Samuel Albrecht AnkerIn association Presented by: with:
  14. 14. In association Presented by: with: Source: John Mancini, AIIM 2012 Keynote
  15. 15. A Brief History of Microsoft SharePointIn association Presented by: with: © 2013 C3 Associates Inc.
  16. 16. What is SharePoint?  Collaborative web-based tool for creating, storing and sharing documents and information across teams  Microsoft positioning: ad hoc collaboration, project-based information exchange  Development platform  Basic records management / compliance tools  End user / collaboration focus “…SharePoint introduces new ways to share your work and work with others, organize your projects and teams and discover people and information.” -  2013: Social / Mobile / CloudIn association Presented by: with: © 2013 C3 Associates Inc.
  17. 17. Microsoft SharePointIn association Presented by: with: © 2013 C3 Associates Inc.
  18. 18. The Evolution of SharePoint  Originally released in 2001, significant ECM upgrades in 2007 and 2010  Team collaboration focus  Managed metadata  Records center  Tight MS Office integration  SharePoint 2013 focused on Social, Mobile, and Cloud  Drag and drop to SkyDrive Pro, site mailboxes  Tagging and community sites  Individual My Site document libraries  App Store  FAST search part of base productIn association Presented by: with: © 2013 C3 Associates Inc.
  19. 19. TWO BIG QUESTIONSIn association Presented by: with:
  20. 20. 1. Can SharePoint meet all of my ECM needs?In association Presented by: with:
  21. 21. Probably.In association Presented by: with:
  22. 22. But...In association Presented by: with:
  23. 23. 2. Should I use SharePoint for everything?In association Presented by: with:
  24. 24. Probably not.In association Presented by: with:
  25. 25. How Does SharePoint Stack Up?In association Presented by: with: © 2013 C3 Associates Inc.
  26. 26. Use Cases Basic / Intermediate Document Alternatives Management • All other ECM platforms offer SharePoint Grade: A+ good document management • Functionality varies but users • Very good workgroup-level often push back against document management (perceived?) complexity • Sites, libraries, and lists a good • Cost prohibitive if only use alternative to network drives case is basic document • Can scale enterprise-wide with management proper planning and governance • Low barriers to entry, users pick up SharePoint quickly • Can be cost effective, especially in the cloudIn association Presented by: with:
  27. 27. Use Cases Advanced Document Management Alternatives SharePoint Grade: C+ • Major ECM vendors have industry-specific vertical • RM, email management, vertical solutions business process support, extensive • Robust native metadata, use of metadata, advanced reporting, reporting and RM / high volume DM, etc., not well compliance capabilities supported out of the box • Highly scalable systems, long • SharePoint can do many of these track record of success things but 3rd party modules required • Widely available consulting • Even then, often combining multiple expertise tools from multiple vendors and writing custom code • Consulting expertise limitedIn association Presented by: with:
  28. 28. Use Cases Collaboration / Social / Mobile Alternatives SharePoint Grade: A • Major ECM vendors also have social, cloud, and • SharePoint 2013 is a big step forward mobile offerings in new ways of working but with • Can be effective if your familiar tools (MS Office) organization already • Tagging, microblogging, expertise extensively uses these tools location • Opportunity to use • SkyDrive Pro offers good, cloud- SharePoint social / based basic document management collaboration capabilities with (but poor metadata management) strong ECM back end of • Mobility enhancements in SP2013 major ECM vendors • SharePoint 2010 also a good collaboration platformIn association Presented by: with:
  29. 29. Use Cases Workflow / Business Process Alternatives Management • Major ECM vendors offer SharePoint Grade: B- strong Enterprise Information Management tools • SharePoint’s native workflow • Often integrative across and capabilities meet basic review / between various platforms approve requirements • Development / customization • 3rd party modules or custom often required but more development required for more flexibility, scalability, and advanced functionality depth • Good dashboarding / BI capabilities but not best-of-breedIn association Presented by: with:
  30. 30. Use Cases Line of Business Integration Alternatives SharePoint Grade: B • Major ECM vendors offer more established, modular • SharePoint’s API allows for integrations with common integration with other line of business platforms (e.g., SAP) applications • More flexibility to create • Limited unique document ID, query-based integrations metadata model constrains advanced (metadata or document ID) integrationIn association Presented by: with:
  31. 31. Use Cases Portal / Intranet Alternatives SharePoint Grade: B+ • Many organizations choose a hybrid or best-of-breed • Native web content management and approach user experience design relatively • Major ECM vendors all have robust and flexible portal solutions; most not as • Good choice if already using other well integrated with document SharePoint capabilities (team management capabilities as workspaces, My Sites, or user SharePoint profiles, social features, etc.) • Opportunity to overlay SharePoint portal over existing ECM systems, surface content in user friendly wayIn association Presented by: with:
  32. 32. A Word About CostIn association Presented by: with: © 2013 C3 Associates Inc.
  33. 33. Cost • Perception that SharePoint is free • It isn’t • Perception that SharePoint is cheaper than traditional ECM • It isn’t • Total cost of ownership to achieve like-for-like enterprise information management capabilities with SharePoint is not significantly different • Costs go beyond licensing • 3rd party modules • Customization • Infrastructure • Design, implementation, maintenanceIn association Presented by: with:
  34. 34. How is SharePoint Deployed?In association Presented by: with: © 2013 C3 Associates Inc.
  35. 35. Why Deploy SharePoint? Source: AIIM SharePoint Survey - 2012In association Presented by: with: © 2013 C3 Associates Inc.
  36. 36. Conclusion • Like the British say: Horses for Courses • SharePoint is great at social, collaboration, mobile, and basic / intermediate document management • SharePoint not best suited to advanced use cases like high-volume document processing, email management, vertical business processes, or heavy legal / compliance requirements • Consider integrating SharePoint with your existing ECM system • Surface ECM documents / data in user-friendly SharePoint interface • Most vendors offer integration modules • Focus on Business Value • Identify your business problem • Align ECM strategy with organization strategy • Build the business case • Then, and only then, select your softwareIn association Presented by: with:
  37. 37. Thank You! Greg Clark Principal – C3 Associates Inc. @GregClarkC3 (403) 863-5998In association Presented by: with:
  38. 38. Introducing our Sponsor David Lavenda VP Product Strategy harmon.ieIn association Presented by: with:
  39. 39. Make It Easy To Do The Right Thing •The Key to a Successful SharePoint Business Initiative David Lavenda, VP Product Strategy February 2013© 2013 by All rights reserved 40
  40. 40. to realize business value, SharePoint projects need to gobeyond plain document management Records Knowledge Enterprise SharePoint Management Management Content Social Management © 2013 by All rights reserved 41
  41. 41. • How Do You Make It Easy To Do The Right Thing? © 2013 by All rights reserved 42
  42. 42. Make It Easy To Do The Right Thing• Make it easy to access SharePoint• Make it easy to classify documents (with metadata)• Make it easy to ‘stay in context’• Make it easy to find what you are looking for 43
  43. 43. to gobeyond plain document management the key isclassification of all documents using metadata © 2013 by All rights reserved 44
  44. 44. Because…without metadatayou will never find anything © 2013 by All rights reserved 45
  45. 45. Context-PreservationSaving a document attachment and sending it as a link to a colleague
  46. 46. Context-PreservationSaving a document attachment and sending it as a link to a colleague
  47. 47. Context-PreservationSaving a document attachment and sending it as a link to a colleague
  48. 48. Mobile SharePointClassifyingDocumentsThroughMetadata © 2013 by All rights reserved 49
  49. 49. Mobile SharePointClassifyingDocumentsThroughMetadata © 2013 by All rights reserved 50
  50. 50. case study records managementOperational challenges: Solution1. Record Management solution 1. SharePoint 2010 with for over 100,000 employees Record CenterProject goals 2. harmon.ie1. Meet document compliance Critical Success Factors: requirements2. Reduce litigation risks 1. Easy upload of documents and messages3. Respond quickly to discovery requests 2. Enforced Classification upon upload/check-in4. Protect intellectual property 3. Tag/metadata search available5. Encourage collaboration from email client © 2013 by All rights reserved 51
  51. 51. case study Knowledge managementCompany Overview• A global, multi-industry manufacturing provider innovative Solution products and technologies• Operations in more than 35 countries 1. SharePoint 2010• Over $5 billion in annual revenue 2. Operational challenges: 1. Huge number of projects Critical Success Factors: 2. Multiple business units 3. Many geographies 1. Easy upload of documents and messages Project goals 2. Partial automation of the 1. Get documents into SharePoint document classification upon upload /check-in 2. Correct classification of documents and email 3. Tag/metadata search available messages so their contents can from email client be mined © 2013 by All rights reserved 52
  52. 52. 12 October 2012Ecosystem Partners That Can Help You Mind Six Gaps in SharePointGavin Tay, Hanns Koehler-Kruener, Mark R. Gilbert, “Leverage what works well in SharePoint and fill in functional gaps with third-party tools.”Supplement social networking and social sharingfeatures with smart third-party products © 2013 by All rights reserved 53
  53. 53. Learn more about… → Records management → Case Study → Knowledge management → Case Study → Enterprise Content Management → SharePoint Social Initiative → → Contact 54
  54. 54. David LavendaContactEmail: davidl@harmon.ieTwitter: @dlavendaUS: (845)913-7240Intl: +972.54.223.9006LinkedIn: 55
  55. 55. Questions?In association Presented by: with:
  56. 56. AIIM Resources Download free studies association Presented by: with:
  57. 57. Survey This survey will open in a new window. (or click here) Tell us how we did today, and offer suggestions for topics of future events.In association Presented by: with:
  58. 58. Thanks to our sponsors
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