Engaged vs Disengaged Employees [Infographic]


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Let’s take a look at a comparison of two types of coworkers and how enterprise social networking boosts employee engagement overall. - See more at: http://www.tibbr.com/blog/#sthash.w7n1aepd.dpuf

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Engaged vs Disengaged Employees [Infographic]

  1. 1. ARE DISENGAGED AT WORK 7 OUT OF 10 PEOPLE checks cellphone every 10 minutes checks Facebook every 60 minutes complains about the company spends his time looking for a new job feels she can talk with any manager easily collaborates with other teams feels a sense of community at work feels she can make a difference at her work This is Jake This is Kate Just like Jake of companies use social media as part of their internal communication initiative to build community. 56% experience difficulty communicating between team members. of the work week is lost to communication inefficiencies. No wonder Jake’s fed up! saw improving employee collaboration as very important. boost in productivity by the impact of social collaboration. Kate’s boss is pleased. Presented by the social network for work. Like Kate’s company Reasons they are frustrated... Reasons they use social at work... Why? the disengaged coworkerthe disengaged coworker Jake is not alone... the engaged coworkerthe engaged coworker Kate is unusual... of employees feel their managers focus on their weakness more than their strengths. 55% com·mu·ni·ty A sense that employees and leaders are in it together, and sharing both the challenges and rewards of work. That’s why Jake looks like this... That’s why Kate looks like this... experience work delays while waiting for information from others they’ve attempted to reach. 68% rated facilitating cross-department and team collaboration as very important. 59% 40% 25% 53% So? 68%