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Leaf Medium


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Leaf Medium

  1. 1. Who We Are? Leaf Medium makes it easy to open an online store, get customers and get paid.Our mission is to help people have the best looking and most optimal websites on the block. Our long term vision is to become the leading, one-stopshop in providing everything that a small to medium-sized business needs to succeed globally.
  2. 2. Problem - It’s Hard to Build a Website It’s hard to get started. You need intimate knowledge of how the web works to have a successful website. You can hire a developer but it is expensive. There are so many obsolete tools out that are hard to use and doesn’t ful ll clients’ needs.
  3. 3. Our Fix - Make it SimpleOur product is so easy to use that even a child can create a store in a matter of minutes.We took the Apple approach. Our design is clean, sexy, and straightforward. Our clients know exactly what is going on with their business and how to get more customers. We make it easy to get online and get paid.
  4. 4. Get analytics Insert block into pages Edit multiple websites Edit di erent pages Switch themes Aa Change TITLE colorsApps Bar Instant noti cations See who’s online
  5. 5. Pick from free and premium themesTHEMES sort by lter by categories searchName of Themeby Author Name of Theme by Author Name of Theme by Author Aa Name of Theme by Author Name of Theme by Author Name of Theme by Author CLOSE TITLE
  6. 6. E-commerce is HugeGlobal sales in 2011 are about $1 trillion and is to grow to $1.4 trillion in 2015 growing at 19% anually. An average online shopper spends $128 per transaction. In the US alone, there are about 200 million online shoppers and make up sales of $279 billion. This number is to grow exponentially as there are almost 1 billion users on Facebook and hundreds of millions ofsmartphones and tablets are being sold since the release of the rst iPhone.
  7. 7. Show Me the Money $$$ Monthly subscription of $30 per month. Transaction fee of 3.5% for credit card and ACH processing. Advertising revenue from Website Directory.10% of all revenue from 3rd party developers in our Apps Shop.
  8. 8. The Secret Sauce Tech + Killer Team + Simple Design + Viral Integrations = $$$ Our no-fail, automated, and scalable hosting backups and addnew servers by itself based on servers load. We can scale in nitely on planet Earth. Our seasoned engineering team have worked on some of the largest projects known to mankind. Our sales team pratically wrote the book on sales. Strategic partnerships with key industry leaders in China. And nally, we have balls. Lots of it.
  9. 9. Competitors Web Publishing Squarespace Series A $38.5M WixWebs Accquired by VistaPrint for $120M E-commerce Shopify Series B $22M Volusion Over $2B in transactions Intuit Yahoo
  10. 10. Our Competitors are Obsolete and BrokenIntuit product doesn’t even work Same goes for Volusion.and hasn’t been updated since 1998. Yahoo is outdated and their interface makes no sense. Images don’t load. Slow website. Ugly design. Can’t signup. Obvious bugs everywhere. Our competitors don’t help you scale. During Black Friday, Best Buy and Walmart got caught with their pants down when their site failed due to high tra c and bad inventory management.
  11. 11. Marketing No-spam email.Take full use of social network and public online forums.Built in social media sharing in product. Have users work for free for us. Monthly contests with awesome prizes. Media outreach. Guerrilla tactics in areas of high foot/car tra c such as tourist spots, conferences and etc.
  12. 12. Team William Tran - Founder and engineerAaron Landis - Sales, Finance, operations, and recruitment Ben Lew - Sales and community outreach
  13. 13. Financing Currently bootstrapped and is already breaking even. Seeking $300K - $1M Seed funding Use of Proceeds $200-500K: hire 2-3 engineers, marketing team, and customer support $100-500K: marketing campaigns and user accquisitions Goals and Roadmap25K clients by the end of 2012 = $1M in revenue per month Penetrate the Chinese and Indian market before 2012 More premium apps from Leaf Medium