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Breakout media online_business_start_up


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Breakout Media's Start Your Business Online slide show (18-02-2011)

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Breakout media online_business_start_up

  1. 1. An introduction toBreakout Media and Online Business Start-Up
  2. 2. Summary of today1. An overview of Breakout Media2. What we aim to achieve and how we’ll succeed3. Business Start-Up4. Social Media
  3. 3. Online Business Start-up• Internet Business Basics• Making Money Online• Designing to Sell• Creating and Connecting Multiple Web Sites• Creating Exceptional Copy That Sell• Encouraging Communication
  5. 5. Breakout MediaBreakout Media is a social enterprise that trainspeople to become professionals in the digital mediaindustry.• Internet marketing techniques and strategies• Social media and online content creation• E-Business Model Development and Consultancy• Starting their own Online Business
  6. 6. What is a Social Enterprise?It’s a business that that focuses on the support of theenvironment or community.Most famous Social Enterprises in the UK are:
  7. 7. The CourseWhat will be the outcome for you? •The Great Opportunity. Value Add= Recession Proof Business Have a clear purpose for your website •Focus on your customers and visitors •Develop regular content • Create a good user experience – Over time • Be seen – SEO, PPC, Email, Offline • Build a good team for your web project • Your business model – Now and the future • Monitor trends – keep up or keep out • Give people what they want – Put yourself in their shoes
  8. 8. So You Want To Start An Online Business ? Matthew Barrett
  11. 11. NOW IS THE TIME
  15. 15. What is marketing?Marketing enables organizations to influence how multiple people think, feel and behave
  16. 16. WEBSITES
  20. 20. Social Media
  22. 22. What is a brand?
  23. 23. What is a brand?The brand is all that is communicated visuallyand otherwise to portray the personality ofthe organisation, its products and services.And, as such, strong brands are enormouslypowerful business tools.It is not simply a logo. An organisation’s logostands as an emblem for all that their brandencompasses.
  24. 24. P+I=B• Product (what you make in the factory)• + Image (what you make in the mind)• = Brand (what people think about it)
  25. 25. • A Brand is an experience. . . . Keep it simple
  26. 26. Disney (P + I = B)• Product (magic, family entertainment)• + Image (colour, fun, trust) =
  27. 27. Brand Exploration Logo Imagery Look & Feel StationeryColours Fonts Values, aspirations, customer experience, quality, preferences, feedback, sympathy, value for money, service, attitudes, reliability, social responsibility, dependability A logo is just the tip of the iceberg
  28. 28. A Stronger Brand • A strong brand influences buying decisions • Branding creates trust and an attachment to your product or organisation • A strong brand can command a premium price • A solid branding strategy communicates a strong, consistent message • Branding builds recognition for your organisation.
  29. 29. What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is the promotion of brands using all forms of digitaladvertising. This now includes Television, Radio, Internet, Mobile and any other form of digital media.
  30. 30. The ENGLAND FA: How do theymarket the team using Digital?
  33. 33. TWITTER - ENGAGE
  34. 34. YOUTUBE - WATCH
  37. 37. Let’s Have a Break
  38. 38. Getting Your Business Online
  39. 39. WEBSITE - WHAT TYPE DO YOU NEED?  Broker,  Advertising Google, Facebook,Yahoo!  Merchant Amazon, iTunes  Manufacturer Dell, BMW, LaSenza  Affiliate Money Supermarket, Kelkoo  Community Facebook, MySpace  Subscription Financial Times, Britannica Online
  40. 40. DOMAIN NAMES  Purchase all TLD’s (Top Level Domains) to protect your brand e.g.,,, and (the new TLD .co)  Only the is available? Consider choosing another domain name.  Will your business grow? Domain too specific to one area of expertise?  Simple - Keep your domain name short, simple and memorable.  Company interest not description - Name should represent brand. e.g. not
  41. 41. DOMAIN NAMES  Only contain letters, numbers, and dashes. No spaces and symbols, not case sensitive.  Choose a reputable company which provides a user interface so you can manually edit your domain name details  Lots of domains? Try to register them with one domain name company  Ensure your domain name is not a commonly known brand name or trademark. E.g. "" would not be a good choice!  Up-to-date contact information. Renewal is your responsibility.
  43. 43. PROTECT YOUR BRAND NAME ON THE WEB • You won’t be able to update all of your social profiles, as well as keep track of pictures, profile information, groups, etc • Join the largest social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) as well as those networks in your industry. • Reserve your full name on as many of the popular social networks as possible (use don’t get locked out for life by a name sake. demo
  44. 44. HOSTING REQUIREMENTS  Reliability – 99% uptime is too low, 99.5%, Refund should be provided  Traffic/Bandwidth - “Unlimited bandwidth“? Most new sites use less than 3 GB of bandwidth per month.  Disk space - Most sites need less than 10 MB of web space.  Technical support - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year around incl. weekends or public holidays.  Server support - FTP, PHP, Perl, SSL, .htaccess, telnet, SSH, MySQL
  45. 45. HOSTING REQUIREMENTS  SSL (secure server) - Shopping Cart package additional charges  Email - Auto responders, POP3, Mail Forwarding  Control Panel - Allow you to manage your web account yourself  Price - You often get what you pay for  Resellers – Lack of technical info, salesmen. Poor response times
  46. 46. WEBSITE – DIY VS PROFESSIONAL D.I.Y Professional  Do I have to learn HTML – No  Good market entry – Stay Competitive  But I’m not creative – 100’s templates  Quicker - You don’t have to learn a new skill  Cost – Save £’000’s  Concentrate on your core business  Accountability – Changes, Updates  Security – No school boy errors  Valuable skill – Growth & Expansion  Value – Lots of web designers to chose from
  47. 47. Start Trading OnlineWEBSITE – DIY – S PROFESSIONALStep by Step V Getting Your Business OnlineWebsite Design - Do’s and Don’ts Do Don’t  Clear call to action  Page Counters  Consistent navigation  Blinking or flashing text  Clean design, focussed on user  Lots of bold or italics  Keep webpages < 60kb  Chat rooms  Image tags for all graphics  Flash intros  Black text on white background  Under construction  Follow conventions – web links, logo home  Background music button, contact us, about us  Overuse of flash  Titles on your web page  Cheap stock images  HTML not flash, JavaScript etc
  48. 48. WEBSITE – ECOMMERCE  Sell from the homepage  Allow visitors to buy in 3 clicks or less – even 1 click!  Clear product info incl. o Clear images, zoom feature o Good thorough descriptions o Various images, 3d rotate  Easy returns & refunds  Free Delivery  Clear contact details – Show phone number  Ratings, send to friend, reviews  “Buy together” options  Online only offers  Keep the customer informed
  49. 49. SMALL BUSINESS WEBSITE WITH WORDPRESS WordPress also has the advantage of being open source Thousands of themes to choose from massive community of developers and users working to improve it. WordPress is released under the GNU General Public License, and you can deploy it at no cost Plus hosting costs of course. The most popular open source CMS youll find paid support for WordPress youll have no trouble finding
  51. 51. WEBSITE – CONTENT IS KING  Its All About You o Amazon, informal style, use the word you frequently. o Me and a huge bookstore? No, me and the nice person at Amazon! o What are they doing? Creating a personal connection with me  KISS - Keep It Short & Simple o Lose 50% of your copy, and then another 50% and you’re there o We don’t read we skim – link, titles, images, calls to actions o If it’s worth saying, its worth saying again, Repetition is your friend
  52. 52. WEBSITE – CONTENT IS KING  Get to the point – Quick! o People are short of time - Youre not the only one vying for it. o Get to the point. And make sure its crystal-clear. o Make it lively, make it memorable o Make an impression. Itll help you make the sale.  Stand Out o What makes your product or service different? o Dare to be different o Everybody claims to be faster, cheaper, better? o Find it, then sell it.
  53. 53. Start Trading OnlineStep by Step – Getting Your Business OnlineWebsite Visibility – Search Engine Optimisation  Fresh new content  Unique page titles, page descriptions  Submit site map to Google  Link to other websites  Clean code and html  Blogs  Videos  Forums  No tricks  Value to users not search engines
  54. 54. SEO RAPPER
  55. 55. Start Trading OnlineStep by Step – Getting Your Business OnlineWebsite Visibility – Pay Per Click  Google Adwords, Yahoo!, MSN, Facebook  Research your market & competition thoroughly  Keyword research  Set your budget. Measure CPA and ROI  Vary ad copy, keywords and landing pages  Test, test, test – More than 1 landing page  Monitor best performing ads and keywords  Control your budget and track daily  Quality score – Relevance  Google analytics – Sales funnels and goals
  56. 56. Start Trading OnlineStep by Step – Getting Your Business OnlineWebsite Visibility – Email  Capture emails – Give them a reason  Build your list – Online and offline  Regular communication – Twice a month  Information Lead Vs Sales Lead  Best time to send and email?  Segment mailing list  Test your subject line  Image and text version  Unsubscribe options  Specialised landing pages
  57. 57. Start Trading OnlineStep by Step – Getting Your Business OnlineWebsite – Keeping Track  Unique Visitors  Total Visitors – Repeat visitors  Bounce Rates  Keyword traffic  Search engine and third party traffic  Entry pages  Exit Pages  Geographic visits  Error pages – Friendly 404’s  Traffic times
  58. 58. Start Trading OnlineStep by Step – Getting Your Business OnlineTakeaways  Great Opportunity. Value Add = Recession Proof  Have a clear purpose for your website.  Focus on your customers and visitors  Develop regular content  Create a good user experience – Over time  Be seen – SEO, PPC, Email, Offline  Build a good team for your web project  Your business model - Now and the future  Monitor trends – Keep up or keep out  Give people what they want – Put yourself in their shoes
  59. 59. Understanding Social Media
  60. 60. Social media, what’s it all about?
  61. 61. Social media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities thatintegrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words,pictures, videos and audio.
  62. 62. “Live Streams” People are using social media for what theydo, buy, think, watch and learnCreating more and more information . . .
  63. 63. Social Media builds communities
  64. 64. What is Socialnomics? The ability of social media to generate exponential returns for individuals andbusinesses. A subset of this is that in the future we will no longer search for products and services, rather they will find us via social media.
  65. 65. It’s about building relationships
  66. 66. The key is Constant Engagement• Position yourself as an expert.• Be really proactive about what you want• Reach out to the decision makers• Follow the companies blogs, websites, and social media campaigns• Be helpful share suggestions and constructive information.• Support their work• Impress them, they’ll find a spot for you
  67. 67. It’s easy to get thesimple things wrong
  68. 68. Social Media has no gatekeepers
  69. 69. You can’t control it!!!
  70. 70. 16 basic desires that drive human behaviourAcceptance - the need for approval Physical activity - the need forCuriosity - the need to learn exerciseEating - the need for food Power - the need for influence ofFamily - the need to raise children willHonour - the need to be loyal to the Romance - the need for sextraditional values of ones Saving - the need to collectclan/ethnic group Social contact - the need for friendsIdealism - the need for social justice Status - the need for social standingIndependence - the need for and importanceindividuality Tranquillity - the need to be safeOrder - the need for organized, Vengeance - the need to strike backstable, predictable environments and to win
  71. 71. Motivation comes from two sources: oneself, andother people. These two sources are called intrinsicmotivation and extrinsic motivation
  72. 72. Intrinsic motivation refers to motivation that is driven by aninterest or enjoyment in the task itself
  73. 73. Extrinsic motivation comes from outside of the individual.Common extrinsic motivations are rewards like money, bettergrades and competition.
  74. 74. How we motivate users• Good planning• Promote good and prevent bad decisions• Influence opinion and behaviour• Raise awareness on issues that are important to you, incentivise and reward• Use sound skills and arguments
  75. 75. Thank you!