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Social Commerce


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Social Commerce

  1. 1. Social Commerce Social Network + E-commerce
  2. 2. Index Inspiration Brand Product Business model (target audience, workflow) Financials Communication strategy Conclusion
  3. 3. WE
  4. 4. What do we want? To be UNIQUE
  5. 5. Personalize YOUR LIFE
  6. 6. Create unique style of your Apple gadget
  7. 7. Customize your i-phone, i-pod and laptop with STICKERS with a unique design by designers and artists from all around the world
  8. 8. Material Easy On... Easy Off No Scratches Best Materials Patented 3M, easy to apply. You can defend your device The advanced 3M adhesive The adhesive allows you to reposition the with a durable anti-scratch. contains patented micro-channels skin so you can easily get a perfect fit. that prevent air bubbles from forming and allow for easy application.
  9. 9. Map of e-commerce models an e-auctions site a retailer a brand e-portal an online hypermarket a wholesale portal Taking advantage of users' social networks to sell products online Social commerce is the next generation of e-commerce The viral effect is broader in this model
  10. 10. Business model Designers Customers Young graphic designers and artists Creative people, Apple fans, who from all around the globe to create want to be unique images for and customize their personalization of Apple’s gadget your Apple gadget Designers create original design and upload it to our site and quote a price. When their Delivery by Post design is bought by the client, we produce and deliver the The cost of postal services order. Designers get their is not included in the price Production money according to the of the goods and depends Printing stick following scheme: quoted price on the customer's location. – 30% (our comission) Quick and easy way to print unique design on 3M’s material.
  11. 11. Market Pricing for E-Commerce Project Item Description Cost Strategy Design $25,000‐50,000 Setup (one time) Setup Hosted solution, Moderation Hosting, Services, $15,000 ‐25,000 Content & Programming, Salary & Rent (month) Salary & Rent offices Our banners $5,000 Advertising published on other (month) blogs & websites $265,000‐ 410,000 TOTAL COST (annual)
  12. 12. Revenues Cost Average Price Revenues Projected sales Laptop’s stick 1,000 / month Produce – $3 $35 $12 Design - $20 12,000 / year I-phone’s stick 3,000 / month Produce – $2 $25 $8 Design - $15 36,000 / year I-pod’s stick 2,000 / month Produce – $2 $25 $8 Design - $15 24,000 / year TOTAL $624,000 annual
  13. 13. Importance of Ratings and Reviews to Consumers How important Would reviews Do you find are consumer impact the ratings and reviews when likelihood that reviews helpful making a you buy from when making a purchasing that site? decision? purchase? 61% 55% 63% extremely or very “Would be more Yes important likely to buy” Source: UK Consumers, The customer can communicate with the Designer promoting design of his own designer, through social networks, to discuss design, give opinions, to associate in groups.
  14. 14. Promotion through Social networks We use this way as virus effect Social Experience Is Composed of Millions of Micro Interactions People use all types of social networks to self-publish, share, connect, reconnect and establish an array of communities. This happens both in professional and personal ways.
  15. 15. viral effect
  16. 16. OVERVIEW OF SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS OnLime blog + E-mail newsletter Blog about: internal news / promotions, new design, theme concepts, user feedback / engagement, competitions, industry / related news E-mailing about: monthly newsletters consisting of highlights from the blog (sometimes includes exclusive content) “Mainstream” Networks Raising personal / individual profile = value to OnLime marketing activities Blogging, and “Micro blogging” Tweeting about: promotion of blog posts, Blogspecific competitions, Asking users short questions and answering their questions in return. Use Twitter Search to monitor any mentions of OnLime: ability to respond / market
  17. 17. Example: Design Contest Act quick! Make your own design and WIN free stickers for your i-phone, i-pod & laptop! OnLime Design contest promotion Re-Tweet comments Tweets link back to ONLIME 250+ mentions of ONLIME in an Hour Free & Viral Marketing
  18. 18. Users engagement INVOLVE USERS OnLime Support Forum Feedback on design concepts ACKNOWLEDGE USERS OnLime Showcase = View great user’s design Re-Tweets on Twitter Engagement via blog comments LOVE USERS Everyone loves competitions Add value constantly (buy 1 – get 2) Reward users
  19. 19. All channels mentioned are just channels, not a marketing strategy. The Strategy = Social Media User Engagement & Community Building Social Media is not (only) technology
  20. 20. Andrey Menshikov